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Jan Rousseaux is the designer wife of John Ramsey, the popular dad of a slain daughter, Jon Benet. The couple, Jan Rousseaux and John Ramsey has been married since the early 2010s and have been living a wonderful married life.

It has been almost 25 years since the brutal killing of a six-year-old daughter of John Ramsey rocked the nation; an issue that is yet to be solved. John Ramsey and his family tolerated quite a lot from losing their six-year-old daughter to being suspects in the murder.

The moving on evidently hasn’t been easy for any of John Ramsey’s family. Jon Benet’s dad, though, is now in a long-time coalition with an innovator whom John Ramsey met after the demise of his wife, Patsy. So know who is John Ramsey’s recent partner, Jan Rousseaux; how the two are maintaining their professional life, her life before meeting John Ramsey, and personal business.

Jan Rousseaux, wife of John Ramsey Spent Her Early Childhood In East Africa

Jan Rousseaux was born around in the year 1958. Rousseaux has rather unique roots in East Africa where Rousseaux stayed as a child of missionary parents. While residency in Ethiopia during the ’60s and the ’70s, Rousseaux had limited resources in Ethiopia which directed her to understand to repurpose costume on a treadle sewing gadget. And when Rousseaux was eleven years old Rousseaux made a set of boxer shorts cut from a pillowcase for an Ethiopian deaf person.

Jan Rousseaux studied in a couple of schools in areas including Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, before matriculating at Baptist Bible College. Although it is yet to be verified, Rousseaux might have also attended a school in Germany and she may also have been a graduate of Missouri State University.

Jan Rousseaux, wife of John Ramsey Career Highlights

Jan Rousseaux started her business by designing for Leather Gallery in Miamisburg, Ohio, it was for the motorcycle and Western industry for offshore exhibition. In the year 1995, Jan Rousseaux organized her shop, House Of Rousseaux in Springfield, Missouri. After Two years, Rousseaux would undertake her own business, Jan Rousseaux LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada.

From the mid to late 2000s, Rousseaux handled sales and designing for Silver State Industries. Then in the year 2011, Rousseaux became the president of Yellow Kat Marketing, an image wear conference, and costumes for the hospitality business. Rousseaux has also designed Petite Follies gift boots.

Additionally, in December of 2015, Rousseaux sketched and created a storefront in downtown Moab for Redtail Air, Jan Rousseaux’s husband, John Ramsey’s company.

What Motivated Jan Rousseaux To Become A Designer?

At eighteen Jan Rousseaux shifted to Springfield, Missouri. There Rousseaux started to sharpen her skills — studying clothing construction. Rousseaux ultimately got a task to design and generate couture for entertainers, celebrities, and anyone who is snatching center stage in close Branson.

Over the subsequent fifteen years, Branson turned into a living nation music capital of the U.S, and with that millions began to attend the place each year.

The now identical supplier originally helped with most of the shows on the strip. Rousseaux later started to design and create over-the-top closets for nationally well-known celebrities — particularly for red carpets and all.

Rousseaux roamed from New York to Los Angeles to Hong Kong pursuing remarkable fabrics to bring her designs to life. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C has exhibited one of Jan Rousseaux’s designs.

How Jan Rousseaux Became A Hospitality Designer?

Ms. Jan Ramsey shifted to Las Vegas in the year 2004. One day when Jan Rousseaux was having breakfast at a restaurant, Rousseaux discovered that the waiters were wearing very improper costumes that didn’t fit with the climate of the place. Rousseaux thus went to the sketching board and penciled a line of aprons that suit the identity of the little restaurant. And thus began Rousseaux’s curiosity in building for the hospitality industry.


Jan Rousseaux Married The Late Jon Benet’s dad, John Ramsey

Designer John Rousseaux was wedded with John Ramsey in Charlevoix, Michigan on the 21st of July in 2011. The marriage happened in Charlevoix, at Castle Farms, where 70 visitors comprising Mr. John Ramsey’s other grown-up children were present. It was the exact city where John Ramsey’s late daughter, Jon Benet had received the Little Miss Charlevoix crown in the year 1994.

Jan Rousseaux
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Rousseaux allegedly confronted her husband John Ramsey at a colleague’s wedding in Denver two years earlier.

“Jan Rousseaux was lively and cute and she said me that she liked The Office. That was huge. She loved The Office, “John Ramsey said of Jan Rousseaux to People in 2012. Both Jan Rousseaux and John Ramsey are very religious. Together, they are also the holder of a promotional transaction company in Las Vegas.

The hospitality dresses maker, Jan Rousseaux’s recent spouse has run twice, unsuccessfully, for civil office in Charlevoix.

Beginning of John Ramsey and wife Jan Rousseaux Relationship:

Jan Rousseaux once mentioned that it wasn’t until June of 2009 that Jan Rousseaux texted Mr. John Ramsey explaining how she was thinking of him, after which their romance flourished.

The designer, Jan Rousseaux said, John Ramsey then instantly interrogated if he could come to see her just as companions. Afterward, the couple, Jan Rousseaux and John Ramsey attempted a long-distance relationship. Never quarreled and the action got her interest.

Jan Rousseaux Got Engaged On Valentine’s Day:

Jan Rousseaux disclosed how John Ramsey used to make almost the seven-hour trip from Moab (Utah) to Vegas just to see Rousseaux every weekend after that. The clothing expert, Rousseaux disclosed her husband, John Ramsey. Father of the late Jon Benet, John Ramsey proposed to Rousseaux at a hotel in Vero Beach, Florida on Valentine’s Day in 2010.

John Ramsey said that he proposed Rousseaux during breakfast. John Ramsey had told Jan Rousseaux that he had something for her and then he proposed to her with a single diamond ring.

Both Of John Ramsey and Jan Rousseaux Had Married In The Past:

Before John Ramsey, Rousseaux was wedded twice and she also has many grown children of her own.

Likewise, for John Ramsey, the marriage with Rousseaux came almost five years after the demise of his dear wife Patsy. Patsy, wife of John Ramsey died from ovarian cancer in the year 2006, aged 49. Patsy, wife of John Ramsey was the second time for whom John Ramsey had walked the aisle.

John Ramsey had four kids from his first and second marriage. John Ramsey had lost one daughter in a car tragedy just five years before the demise of his second girl, Jon Benet. Though, the two of his sons, Burke Ramsey and John Andrew Ramsey are still alive.


After the demise of his second wife, Patsy, John Ramsey briefly proposed Beth Twitty, mom of Natalee Holloway, who disappeared in Aruba in 2005. They later broke up with Jan Rousseaux’s husband, John Ramsey citing “Beth Twitty was behind me in phrases of the sorrow cycle.”

Jan Rousseaux Had Gone Bankrupt With Her ex-Husband

Five years before her marriage to John Ramsey, Rousseaux was going through a hard time in terms of her finances. Rousseaux reportedly had only $100 to her name and was $230,000 in deficit, according to her 2005 default documenting.

What’s more, in an earlier, 2003 default documenting, Rousseaux and then-husband Bobby Joe Mays said that they had only $38 in the bank.

What Is the net worth of Jan Rousseaux?

For someone like Rousseaux who has been in the style industry since her childhood, it’s only reliable that Rousseaux must have had ups and downs in numerous aspects; be it finances or the career itself. As discussed earlier, it wasn’t at all wealth and sparkle for the now 63-year-old innovator with bankruptcy and a couple of pushbacks.

Jan Rousseaux
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However, it all appears fine for Rousseaux with all her investments and status as a respected fashion entrepreneur. There, nonetheless, is however little to no conversation of her economic standings or net worth. Still, assessing her considerably long career span, Jan Rousseaux could very well be worth maybe in millions if not some utterly rich business ladies.

How Wealthy Is John Ramsey, Husband of Jan Rousseaux?

As of 1st of May in 1996, John Ramsey’s net worth was noted as $6.4 million before the Jon Benet massacre.

In the year 2015, in an exclusive interview with Barbara Walters, John Ramsey said that the demise of Jon Benet and the process of inquiry and case command him the entire family wealth.

At the same time, Rousseaux has attained fame as a Hospitality designer after the wedding of John Ramsey.

Rousseaux reportedly had only $100 to her name and was $230,000 in deficit, according to Rousseaux’s 2005 default filing.

Before the 2003 default documenting, Rousseaux and then-husband Bobby Joe Mays said that they had just $38 in the bank.


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