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Scott Kolanach (Scott Michael Kolanach) is a theater as well as lighting director called for his work on The Groundlings. It was a skit as well as improv troupe that counts Will Ferrell, Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, as well as Lisa Kudrow in its alumni.

He is also well known as the spouse of the actress as well as comedian Stephanie Courtney. Scott Kolanach’s wife, Courtney is best popular for playing the advertising character Flo on television.
She was popular in radio upbeat commercials for Progressive Auto Insurance. While Flo girl has been synonymous with Progressive Insurance, she has not revealed much about her private life.

Especially about the man with whom she shares a family and connection, Scott Kolanach. Is he as well known just like his wife? has he had any significant prestige in the entertainment industry? Or is he completely just another ghost celebrity in the industry? We know all of you are crazy to know all these and we are going to discuss all these in the article below.

Scott Kolanach Is A New Yorker

Scott Kolanach was born on December 2 in the year 1974. His birthplace is Stony Point, which is in New York, USA. Scott kolanach’s father-in-law is a high school history teacher and his mother, named Martin Snytsheuvel, is a singer.
He is the brother-in-law of the actress as well as writer, Jennifer Courtney (Dexter), and actor husband, Guy Stevenson (Balls Of Fury). The theater director has also worked for the year 2012 film named Janeane From Des Moines.

Scott Kolanach’s last recorded public appearance was in March in the year 2017. The director was wandering alongside his wife sporting a New York Yankees hat as well as sunglasses.

Scott Kolanach
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Body Measurements

Unluckily, Scott kolanach hasn’t revealed his body measurement detail including height, weight, as well as vital stats in the media. Well, talking about his physical appearance, he has a tall as well as fit body type with a charismatic identity. Likewise, he has fair skin with light brown pair of eyes and she has brown hair color.

Scott Kolanach Met His Wife Stephanie Courtney

Scott kolach, a Saggitarius, met his wife for the first time, Courtney at the set of The Groundlings. They married on November 25, in the year 2008. Together, they are blessed to share a son. The bride was 35 years old at the time.
Stephanie had just shifted to Los Angeles from New York. She was living in a flat with her sister as well as a fellow aspiring actress named Jennifer. The two wrote a sketch show called “Those Courtney Girls,” which they completed in L.A. Courtney also assembled the improv comedy troupe called The Groundlings. And at that time she met her husband, Scott Kolanach.

Relationship Status

Regarding his relationship status, Scott is straight as well as in a marital relationship. He married American Stephanie Courtney 25th of November in the year 2008. Likewise, they first met when he and Courtney were working on the movie named The Groundings. Likewise, while he was working as a theater’s lighting director.

Scott Kolanach
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For many years, their relationship took place. However, to the present, this couple does not share any children to date. They have been together for more than a decade and also share a strong bonding. Furthermore, they have been together for years. They have a strong bonding without any rumor of an extramarital affair or separation.

Scott Kolanach’s Wife Has Been The Face Of Progressive Insurance For around A Decade

After her graduation, Kolanach’s wife named Courtney shifted to NYC and attained small roles in Blades of Glory, Mad Men, Fred: The Movie, The Heartbreak Kid, House, and The United States of Tara.
Then in the year 2008, she got her career-defining role of Flo in the Progressive commercials. And she’s been depicting the perky character with the blue headband ever since. While doing so, she has also developed a cult following of her own. Although values in a few series, she’s been mostly, Flo.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, she told that she had reserved an audition for Flo and gave a shot for it in late December of the year 2007. Ms. Kolanach said the studio liked it and began airing it in January in the year 2008. Not extended after, it became a constant job and Courtney would stop all of her other day jobs. As of the year 2021, Courtney has done over 200 commercials for the Progressive Corporation.

Scott Kolanach’s Wife Earns around $1 Million A Year

While Scott Kolanach’s net worth is yet to be examined as per reports. His wife is often named as one of the highest-paid commercial actors with her prosperity allegedly sitting at around millions. As per Sources Scott’s spouse, Courtney earns more than $1 million per year playing the woman with the red lipstick in the Progressive commercials. And her career earnings have amassed more than  $6 million.

Scott Kolanach
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Analysts believe the figure is because of her long span with the Insurance company. Reports also suggest she is amid the veterans who have that negotiation power with the brand which is outside of the typical SAG-AFTRA union pay scales.

If such sayings are to be believed, she very really gets a pay lump for being the official spokesperson, has residuals for present commercial airings, as well as an exclusivity buyout that precludes her from taking other jobs. Therefore, when these all sum up, someone like Ms. Kolanach likely earns around  $2 million per year.

Scott Spoke Against United Airlines’ Public Disaster

Back in April in the year 2017, people crashed America’s third-biggest carrier for violently pulling a passenger – a then 69-year-old Asian man believed to be a doctor – off an overbooked flight. Among those who were embarrassed was Courtney’s theater director-husband named Scott Kolanach.


Scott, who wants to go by the name Elelegante10 over Twitter as well as Instagram posted then updated-logo of the Airlines. The caption on this Twitter imaging read as United Airlines modified their logo today to more accurately indicate their aggressive customer service policies.

Scott Kolanach Is A Friend Of Mitch Silpa

As it appears, the advertisement star’s husband, Scott Kolanach is a good confidant of an actor named Mitch Silpa. Silpa is best called on the Internet for his David Blaine street magic parodies. In these satires, Mitch poses as a deliberately low-quality likeness of the world-renowned magician.

Kolanach’s friend named Mitch Sipa has had small roles in sitcoms such as 2 Broke Girls, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Silpa has also been featured in television shows that are for a younger audience such as I’m In the Band on Disney XD and iCarly on Nickelodeon. He has also played more critical roles such as the character Deputy Everhardt in the television drama, In Plain Sight.

Scott Kolanach
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Scott and Sipa have often been sighted chilling together be it a night out or enjoying a baseball game.  However, it’s the latter where they are repeated by each other’s side. Silpa also seems to have a sympathetic relationship with Scott’s wife, named Stephanie.


Scott kolanach Net worth

Talking about his net worth as well as earnings, Scott has been earning Formerly through his career as a lighting director. Similarly, according to sources, he has an estimated net worth of around $1 million.


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