Jayda Wayda bio

Jayda Wayda bio, born Jayda ‘Wayda’ Cheaves, is an entrepreneur.Jayda Wayda bio is a great Instagram star, as well as model who rose to prominence with her relationship with an American rapper named Lil Baby.

The former pair were together for regarding six years. Though the former couple is no more together, Jayda gathered enough fame as well as scrutiny owing to the rapper’s celebrity status. So, where is she presently? Is she dating a new boyfriend or already wedded?

Here, we will talk more about her childhood, family, and current boyfriend, as well as others. Moreover, we will also find out about Jayda Wayda’s business, and social media presence, as well as more.

Chaves owns a clothing line called Waydamin as well as Amour Jayda. The social media personality has over around 7.5M followers on IG, 562.2k on Twitter, as well as over 350k on YouTube.

As of the year 2022, Jayda is living a wonderful life running her business in LA. Here, we will talk more about her childhood, family, and recent boyfriend, as well as others. Also, find out why Jayda as well as Lil Baby parted ways.

Jayda Wayda Was Born as well as Raised In Savannah

The Instagram star Jayda Chaves was born on 25th September of the year 1997 in Savannah, GA. She was born under the great birth sign Libra to her mother Tricia Chaves. She will turn 25 years old in September of the year 2022.

American Instagram star named Jayda Wayda and sister named Ameerah

Jayda alongside her younger sister named Ameerah back when they were just teens

Wayda was raised in Savannah alongside her brother Len as well as her sister named Ameerah. She went to Windsor Forest High School and graduated in the year 2015. While following Windsor Forest, she was a part of the cheerleading group.

Jayda Wayda bio Started Her Career As A Influencer Soon After Her Graduation
After graduating high school, Jayda began her journey as an influencer on Instagram. As of Aug of the year 2022, she has around 7.5 million on that strategy with an average of around 310k likes on her each post.

Looking through her IG profile, she mostly posts trendy outfit inspo, brand endorsements, as well as travel/vacation posts. Also, she promotes her brand WAYDAMIN via Insta where she sells bikinis, pants, jumpsuits, accessories, tops, shorts, leggings, as well as more.

Jayda Wayda bio Is An American Media Personality

Jayda currently runs her clothing brand named Waydamin

Similarly, the price of her products ranges from around $30 to as high as $120. Her website is currently having a sale of up to 50% off on everything making the tax drop to as low as around $20.

Furthermore, she has around 127k followers on Twitter where she doesn’t follow anyone. Her great official TikTok account has over around 3.6 million followers.

Jayda Wayda bio Also Does YouTube

With her successful start on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, Wayda began her YouTube journey on 4th August of the year 2018 with her self-titled channel. Presently, she has over 350k subscribers with 10 million+ total views on her 24 videos.

Her first video ‘Jayda’s First Vlog’ was posted on 17th Dec of the year 2018 and presently has around 465k views. In the video, we can see her hanging out, shopping, as well as more with her friends. She even did her baby’s gender disclose via Youtube.Jayda Wayda bio

One of her most-watched videos ‘Happy Father’s Day’ features her baby-daddy rapper named Lil Baby. The video is from the year 2020 and has over around 1.2 million total views.

According to Sources, her channel earns around $12-$199 per month to around $149-$2.4k yearly.

Jayda Wayda bio Was In Connection With Lil Baby

The model as well as businesswoman Jayda became associated with singer-rapper Lil Baby back in the year 2016. Furthermore, their romance was one of the talked hot topics as Lil Baby was trying to smash into the music world.

Nonetheless, the girlfriend and boyfriend parted ways in the year 2018 due to personal reasons after dating for about two years. But the couple found their way back into each other after discovering that Jayda was pregnant.Jayda Wayda bio

American social media star named Jayda Wayda bio and her son Loyal

Jay shares her three-year-old son Loyal Armani with a rapper named Lil Baby
Hence, they reconciled and greeted their son Loyal Armani in February of the year 2019. After that, the family of three lived a happy life together in their LA home before they segregated again in the year 2020.

Jayda Wayda bio Separated From Her Former Boyfriend Because Of His Infidelity

And while all appeared to go well in the former couple’s life, Dominique a.k.a. Lill Baby deceived Cheaves with an adult star named Ms. London. Yes, you read it right.

The great rapper reportedly paid London around $6000 for a one-night stand back in Dec of the year 2020 while he was still together with Jayda. The news was substantiated by London herself in one of her now-deleted tweets.


Lil Baby Cheated on his girlfriend named Jayda With MS. London; a screenshot of the alleged conversation between the two.Jayda Wayda bio

In one of her tweets, she remembered Jayda Wayda bio Cheaves but refused to mention Lil’s name. With that being said, fans automatically comprehended the drama and substantiated that Baby cheated on Jayda.

After the news went viral on the internet, Jayda Wayda bio declared openly her break-up with the rapper with an Instagram story where she wrote ‘I’m finally standing up. Everything comes to a verge’.

Jayda Wayda bio further expanded,

I’m willing to cut anyone out for my great happiness as well as peace. I always post my hot tea so I can clown myself before I get clowned. Cuz shredded it’s cold out here. Ion knows how this sh*t gon go. Have a gorgeous day everyone.”

How Did Dominique React To The News?

In his security, Baby said that London took his name for clout. He cheeped, “Say Baby name get clout Y’all need to stop the unhappy s**t.”

However, London shut him down immediately by posting an alleged DM traded between them.

Furthermore, Jayda Wayda bio also tweeted, “I’m so tired of this shit.” which indirectly substantiated the alleged infidelity scandal.Jayda Wayda bio

Presently, Jayda Wayda bio and Baby are co-parenting their son, named Loyal. Besides that, they are not associated in any way although rumors of their reconciliation have hit the internet a few moments.


Is Jayda Wayda bio Dating Anyone in the year 2022?

The 25-year-old business owner is reportedly single as of the year 2022. Subsequent to her breakup with Lil Baby, Wayda is not pertained to anyone romantically.

As open and not-so-private as Jayda Wayda bio is, she hasn’t inaugurated any man as her beau in two years. Hence, we can say that she is living as well as thriving solo.

How Rich Is Instagram Star Jayda Wayda bio?

The 25-year-old Jayda Wayda bio has a net worth of around $2 million in the year 2022. Her business line, photoshoots, as well as her endorsement deals, bring thousands of dollars.

Also, Jayda Wayda bio owns a boutique called AmourJayda. Likewise, talking regarding her IG earnings, Jayda reportedly makes around $15,039 to around $25,065 per sponsored post from the platform.



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