Jeremy Lee Renner bio: He was born on the 7th of January in the year, 1971 (Capricorn) in Modesto California in The United States of America.

Jeremy Lee Renner is an American actor who is very popular for his roles in films like the independent movies Neo Ned’ and ‘Dahmer.’ He has also got featured in many big-budgeted movies, for example, ‘S.W.A.T.,’ ‘28 Weeks Later, ‘The Town’ and ‘The Hurt Locker’.

His role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films whose titles are ‘The Avengers, ‘Thor,’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War was much enjoyed by the reviewers. The actor, Jeremy Renner had a chaotic childhood as his mom and dad got separated when he was just a teenager. He was emotionally influenced by his mom and dad’s divorce eventually he managed to withstand this tough stage by concentrating on the favorable elements of his life.

He followed Beyer High School and completed his graduation from Modesto Junior College. He studied a mixture of subjects comprising computer science, criminology, and psychology before studying drama. Jeremy Renner’s courage as an actor arises from his ability to completely exemplify the roles he performs. His emotional eyes develop to the deep of his character description. Jeremy Renner retains a sense of gratitude and modesty despite being highly profitable in the Hollywood industry. Hardworking and talented, he has won several awards for his roles.

The career of Jeremy Lee Renner


Jeremy Lee Renner made his movie debut with the film whose title is ‘National Lampoon’s Senior Trip’ released in the year, 1995. After this, he got on to make guest roles in Television programs whose titles are ‘Deadly Games and ‘Strange Luck’. In the following few years, Jeremy Renner had guest roles in the shows that are Duncan, Zoe, ‘Time of Your Life’, Jack & Jane’, ‘Angel ’‘The Net’, and ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’.

During the initial days of his career, Jeremy Lee Renner also toiled as a makeup artist. In the year, 2002, he performed the role of a serial murderer name Jeffrey Dahmer in the movie, ‘Dahmer’. The next year, he got featured in Pink’s music video for the music with title “Trouble”. In the same year, the actor, Jeremy Renner also did a film titled ‘S.W.A.T.’.

Soon after this, he was selected to play in the drama movie whose title is ‘The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. Then in the year, in 2005, he got featured in ‘Little Trip to Heaven’ and also played in the films like ‘North Country’, ‘12 and Holding’, ‘Neo Ned,’ and ‘Lords of Dog town’. He got featured alongside Ginnifer Goodwin in the movie with the title ‘Love Comes to the Executioner’ in the year, 2006.

Jeremy Lee Renner next got featured in a supporting role in the movie, ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford’ the next year. He got starred in the movie titles are, ‘Take’ in 2007’ and‘28 Weeks Later. In the year, 2008, he got featured in an episode of the series, ‘The Oaks’. In the same year, he also attained vital gratitude for his role as a bomb disposal professional, Sergeant William James in the war film with the name ‘The Hurt Locker’.


The actor played the role of Detective Jason Walsh in the Television series ‘The Unusuals’ released in the year, 2009. He got starred in a supporting role in the movie, ‘The Town’ alongside Blake Lively and Jon Hamm released in the year, 2010. Then in the year, in 2012, he got featured as Hawkeye in the movie, ‘The Avengers. In the same year, Jeremy Renner also got featured in the fourth film in the “Bourne” franchise named ‘The Bourne Legacy. He starred in the films with the titles, ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, ‘The Immigrant’, and ‘American Hustle’ released in the year, 2013. In October of the year, 2014, he co-produced and played the role of reporter Gary Webb in the movie, ‘Kill the Messenger.

In December of the same year, he assisted as an administrative producer for the film ‘The Throwaways’. Soon after, he duplicated his role as Hawkeye in the movie, ‘The Avengers series named ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. In July of the year, 2015, Jeremy Lee Renner was featured in ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. In the next year, he got starred in ‘Captain America: Civil War and ‘Arrival’.


In the year, 2017, the actor, Jeremy Renner played the role of Cory Lambert in the murder mystery whose title is ‘Wind River and had a cameo part as Tommy Papoulis in the comedy film in the movie, ‘The House. He then got featured in the film ‘Tag’ in the year, 2018. Jeremy Lee Renner was born on 7tj January in the year, 1971 in Modesto in California in the United States of America to Valerie Cearley and Lee Renner. Jeremy Renner has six brothers and sisters.


He is of varied German, English, Swedish, Scottish, Irish and Panamanian descent. He first studied at Fred C. Beyer High School and later completed his graduation in computer science and criminology from Modesto Junior College. If we talk about Jeremy Lee Renner’s love life, he tied the knot with a Canadian model whose name is Sonni Pacheco in January of the year, 2014.

Nonetheless, in December of the same year, Pacheco documented the separation from the actor, Sonni Pacheco citing irreconcilable disparities. The duo has a daughter whose name is Ava Berlin, whose custody they both share. The actor also operates a house-renovating corporation along with a male actor and best friend named Kristoffer Winters. Jeremy Renner is educated in Arnis (Filipino martial arts) and Muay Thai military arts.

The net worth of Jeremy Lee Renner

The world’s best American actor whose name is “Jeremy Renner” has a net worth of 80 Million dollars. As per several online resources that are Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, the most famous American actor Jeremy Renner approximated a net worth of around 80 Million dollars.

The world glimpsed him on screen for the first time in 1995 when he played the role in National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. After this, he proceeded to work in short roles in movies for the following 10 years and from time to time he played a few roles in 1-2 episodes in any Television series.


JEREMY LEE RENNERHe did many movies in which analysts appreciated his role. After gaining the hearts of analysts, he planned to gain the box office and went on to play the role of Hawk-Eye in the Marvel Universe’s Avenger films.

Jeremy Lee Renner was married to a Canadian model name Sonni Pacheco. The duo got wedded on the 13th of January in the year, 2014 and have a daughter whose name is Ava Berlin. Nonetheless, in the same year, the duo got separated on the 30th of December in the year, 2014.

TV Career of Jeremy Lee Renner

Jeremy Renner made his acting debut on television with the Television show whose title is Deadly Games in 1995 and the following few years he got featured in various Television series such as Zoe, A Friend`s Betrayal released in the year, 1996, Duncan, Angel released in the year, 2000, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation released in the year, 2001 and Jack & Jane released in the year, 1999.

Jeremy Renner’s youngest brother was born in the year 2011, making Jeremy Lee Renner a new big brother when he was 40 years old.


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