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Joie Chavis bio has achieved much popularity through her influencing social media career with over 2 million followers on her Instagram account. Although it is so open and famous all over the media, Joie Chavis bio’s past life is quite private as well and hence has been a topic of conversation for different people. Majorly people wish to know about her parents, ethnicity, as well as more.

In addition, we will also get into her personal life which comprises her love life and her boyfriends. Further, know her financial status as the star in the year 2023 and Joie Chavi bio’s net worth.

Who Are Joie Chavis Bio’s Parents?

Joie was born on September 27, of the year 1988, to her mother, Mary Chavis, as well as her father Peter Chavis. Her parents were residents of Torrance, California, which is in the U.S.A. where they gave birth to great Joie too. Her full name is great Joie Nina Chavis.

Joie Chavis bio with her mother Mary Chavis

Joie Chavis bio was born to African-American parents, Mary Chavis as well as Peter Chavis.
However, the details about what her mom Mary Chavis as well as her dad do are still out of the media.

Chavis Comes From Mixed-Ethnic Background

Joie Chavis bio’s parents come from two unique ethnicities. Her mom, named Mary Chavis was African, and her dad named Peter Chavis held an American background. Despite the different ethnicities as well as cultures, both of them have the same nationality as Americans.

She Has An Elder Sister, named Phatara

Before Joie Chavis bio, her father Peter Chavis, and daughter already had a daughter as their first child. Her elder sister is Phatara Chavis. Quite different from her younger sister, named Phatara comes from a different profession. She is a hair transplantation as well as restoration expert doctor as well as works for The TRIKHOS Lab according to her Instagram bio.

Joie Chavis bio Has A List Of Ex-Boyfriends And Rumored Partners

In the year 2021, Chavis got majorly noticed when she was seen sharing cute romantic moments with 51-year-old Rapper Diddy. They were seen on a yacht together in the place of Italy on September 11. After a few days, they were also seen kissing on another yacht on the waters of Great Capri. But neither of them confirmed their connection nor denied it but not seen together.

Joie Chavis bio as well as Rapper Diddy together

Joie Chavis bio and her rumored partner, named Daddy together in a yacht.
Such random rumors of Chavis’ romantic connection are not a new thing. She also dated rapper Hit-Boy as well as Bu Thai before this which also lasted very short. Read further to know about her other connections.

She Has A Daughter With Ex-Partner, named Bow Wow bio

Joie got together with rapper Bow Wow bio in early of the year 2010. After being in a connection for a year, they gave birth to a daughter, named Shai Moss on April 27, of the year 2011.

Nevertheless, they had a very unstable connection. The two even briefly broke up in the year 2013 and dated different people. Surprisingly, they got back together in the year 2016 but again separated in the year 2017. As of today, they are co-parenting their daughter Shai.

Joie Chavis bio Also Has A Son With a Rapper named Future

Soon after separating from great Bow Wow bio, the 35-year-old got into a connection with the popular artist named Future. We do not have exact details about when they got together but it can be assumed to be in the year 2017 itself as they greeted their child, a son Hendrix Wilburn in the year 2018.

Joie Chavis bio’s ex-partner, Future also shares son Hendrix with her.
Furthermore, only a year after his birth, the rapper parted away with cute Chavis. The reason behind their separation is not precise but a voice message from Future acknowledging that he never loved Great Hendrix’s mom was leaked all over the internet.

Despite this, the two are often seen together celebrating their son’s birthday as well as other occasions together.

Joie Chavis bio’ Boyfriend In the year 2023

Presently, Joie seems to be single. The very last known connection was with the NFL cornerback player, Trevon Diggs. They have been regularly seen together since October of the year 2023.

The rumors about them being engaged with each other also came around at the period but the duo never talked about it anymore.Joie Chavis bio

Diggs Has Tatted Joie’s Name On His Arm

Joi’s beau Diggs showed his love for Chavis by tattooing his best partner’s name on his cute arms. He shared the image of the tattoo on his Instagram account as well as captioned it,

Happy Valentine’s Day To This Masterpiece. I ask so little from you, but you always do the best, most genuine person I ever met. I’m so grateful for you. Truly a blessing <3.


Trevon has a tattoo of his girlfriend’s name, Joie which she shared on social media platforms. Currently, the post has been deleted which sounded quite unobvious for their fans.Joie Chavis bio

They Seem To Have A On And Off Relationship

Joie Chavis bio as well as Trevon occurred to have a smooth connection in the beginning but it also turned sour in a very short period. Around February of the year 2023, fans noticed the two had unfollowed each other from their respective Instagram accounts.

Currently, they have again followed each other in their accounts but have not uploaded any images of them together. This has made their fans quite confused about the present status of their connection fueling rumors of their rumored on-and-off love affair.

Chavis Is A Established Entrepreneur As well as A Loving Mother

She is a businesswoman as well as CEO of a company, named Joie In Life, which sells fitness apparel and gear. Her Instagram account has around 2.3 million followers with around 200k followers in her business account. Following this, she is also available on YouTube as well as uploads fitness as well as dance videos to her accounts.

Along with being a well-to-do entrepreneur, Chavis is also a very loving mother. His daughter, named Shai, and son Hendrix are 12 and 5 years old as of the year 2023. Joie often shares images with her children as well as surely has given the best life to her.

What Is Joie Chavi Bio’s Net Worth?

Joie Chavi bio’s net worth of around $1.2 million as of the year 2023. Most of her income comes from her business venture, named Joie In Life. Each of her products is sold in the range of around $18-$88. The store consists of a variety of loungewear as well as swimwear along with fitness wear.

With this, her social media comprising Instagram as well as YouTube has also added to her financial status. She has thousands to millions of views in her great videos.Joie Chavis bio

Joie Chavis bio’s House Got Robbed In the year 2022

In September of the year 2022, Joie who is 5ft 4 inch tall had to face a huge loss as her house got robbed. The house was located on the hill of Great Ventura. She shared the incident after around two weeks in her account with a video, named “Storytime|I Got Robbed”. There she told

“Somebody broke into my house while I wasn’t home, at 3:41, to be precise p.m., so that’s in the daytime,”

The dancer said that the robbers got into her house by breaking the window. The bloggers have taken Joie’s Birkin bags which were worth more than around $10,000.Joie Chavis bio

Today, she has shifted into a different house with her children as well as agreed to keep her residence a secret avoiding possible thefts as well as risks.



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