Joseph Herbert Jr.
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Joseph Herbert Jr. is well-known among us all as Jo Koy’s son. Joseph Herbert Jr.’s dad, Jo Koy is also known as Joseph Herbert Sr. is a Filipino-American humourist who first attained media superiority after Joseph Herbert Sr. did stand-up in Jay Leno‘s event.

When you are a celebrity then it is only natural that all of your relatives will also become popular. Likewise, Jo Koy’s son Joseph Herbert Jr. is a subject of interest among his millions of lovers.

Today in this article, let’s take a close glance at the life of Joseph Herbert Jr. and find some unknown facts about him. Also, we’re going to find out who is Joseph Herbert Jr.’s mother?

Who is Joseph Herbert Jr.’s biological mom?

Joseph Herbert Jr. was Born on the 21st of April in 2003, in the United States. Joseph Herbert Jr. is the only child between Jo Koy and his ex-girlfriend, whose name is Angie King.

Now if we talk about Joseph Herbert Jr.’s ethnicity, well Joseph Herbert has Caucasian and Filipino heritage from both of his parents, Jo Koy and Angie King sides. Interestingly, Jo Koy’s mom is a Filipino while his father is a Caucasian, and similar is the case for Joseph Herbert Jr.’s mom.

Joseph Herbert Jr. lives in California with his dad, Jo Koy, and was brought up in the same state. As Joy Koy and Angie King had been divorced, they co-parented him as per the custody agreement.

Detail on Joseph Herbert Jr’s parents’ marriage:

Joseph Herbert Jr.
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Jo Koy and Angie King relished marital happiness for a few years before they finally agreed to get separated for good. The prior sweethearts reportedly broke up amicably. Besides, there is not much information about the initial phase of their relationship. What we know now is that they had begun dating somewhere around the early 2000s.

The single reason behind not having much information is that Jo Koy doesn’t like to talk about his private life. Jo Koy has made his attitude on privacy clear in many exclusive interviews. Jo Koy just doesn’t like the media outlets or even his lovers stalking him into his life.

On the other hand, Joseph Herbert Jr’s mother, Angie King, like his father, Jo Koy hasn’t revealed anything about her relationship with Jo Koy either.

Joseph Herbert Jr’s mother, Angie King, and father, Jo Koy despite the breakup, are still close friends.

If there’s any duo who is a true example of ex-duo goals, then Jo Koy and Angie King are it. Not only did they stay connected with each other over the years for the sake of their son, Joseph Herbert Jr. they still have very much respect for each other.

In many cases, Ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend tend to have this bitterness amongst one another but not this one. The most outstanding part of Jo Koy and Angie King’s relationship is that they still chill like they are a duo. Heck, they even spent the whole 2020 quarantine together at Jo Koy’s cottage.

When the media spread the news of them spending time jointly with their son, Joseph Herbert Jr. in the same cottage, people came out and thought that they got back together. But on the contrary, the couple agreed to live under the same shelter just because they don’t want their son, Joseph Herbert Jr. to travel from Jo Koy’s house to Angie King’s house and so on at the beginning of a raging epidemic.


In 2020, when Jo Koy arrived in a segment of Windy City Live, Jo Koy revealed that he and his wife, Angie King are staying at his house together. Moreover, Jo Koy’s ex-wife, Angie King also made an appearance in the show. Grab a look!

Above all, Jo Koy’s child Joseph Herbert Jr. is certainly one lucky guy. Joseph Herbert Jr.’s parents, Jo Koy and Angie King might not be tied to the marriage contract, but Joseph Herbert Jr. never felt the need for them to be.

Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Education

Joseph Herbert Jr.’s family is a devoted Catholic. Similarly, Joseph Herbert Jr. went to a catholic junior school. Joseph Herbert Jr. followed the St Mel School in Woodlands, California. Joseph Herbert Jr. graduated sophomore in the year 2017.

After registering in junior high, both his father, Jo Koy, and his mother, Angie King indicated their happiness on social media platforms. Jo Koy shared a humor skit-like video where Jo Koy is seen crying as his son, Joseph Herbert Jr. leaves for university.

It is something seeing your kid growing up. There was someday when you’re dropping them off at the kindergarten and the next thing you came to know know, that your child is graduating from college.

Joseph Herbert Jr. often appears in his father Jo Koy’s live shows:

Unlike other celebrity kids who rarely ever make public impressions with their popular parents, Joseph Herbert Jr. usually comes out with his father, Jo Koy on the shows.

In addition to this, Jo Koy’s son, Joseph Herbert Jr. is usually the center of his jokes. One of Jo Koy’s humor specials is all about life as a solo dad with a teenage son. In the special, we get to see the fatherly side of Jo Koy and other personal details of the Father-and-son relationship.

Similarly in an exclusive interview with LasVegasSun, Jo Koy talked about how his son, Joseph Herbert Jr. is also a great part of the act. Jo Koy said, “My son, Joseph Herbert Jr. oh god, I think every consecutive year I’m getting 25 to 30 minutes of material by speaking about him. Joseph Herbert Jr. just keeps growing.”

Is Joseph Herbert Jr. dating?

Going by Joseph Herbert Jr.’s Instagram account, which has almost 52.3k followers, Joseph Herbert Jr. doesn’t seem to have any boyfriend or girlfriend for the matter. The child is involved with his studies so Joseph Herbert Jr. might not be curious about dating or maybe Joseph Herbert Jr. has not met the right one.

Whatever the issue may be, Joseph Herbert Jr. is enjoying his single life, living the life that many people dream of. However, that doesn’t mean that Joseph Herbert Jr. is like one of those bad rich kids. Joseph Herbert Jr.’s mom, Angie King, and dad, Jo Koy have raised an outstanding man who is simple and knows where he appears from.

To whom is Jo Koy in a relationship now?

As mentioned above, Jo Koy is well-known for being on the Chelsea Lately show, and it seems Jo Koy is now more than just good friends with the show’s leading lady, Chelsea Handler.

That’s right, Jo Koy is dating Chelsea Handler.

Angie King is a big part of Jo Koy’s life as the mother of his son, Joseph Herbert Jr. Even though this ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend broke up years ago, they are now famous as #ExCoupleGoals! The comedian, Jo Koy is well-known to involve his family in his stand-up content, but Jo Koy keeps their private details confidential. Nonetheless, Jo Koy and Angie King make their relationship as co-parents known on social media. Case in point: Angie King is very well known to encourage her ex-husband, Jo Koy’s comedy tours and specials. The Media is always interested in the funny man’s relationships.

Angie King Is an Entrepreneur and Musician:

Joseph Herbert Jr.
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Angie King presently lives in Los Angeles, where Angie King’s businesses are based. Angie King is primarily a songwriter-singer inspired by her dad, who was an opera musician.

Since Angie King start in church ensemble when she was a child, Angie King followed music professionally under the name Nura Luca. In March of 2020, Angie King released her debut single, “Night Lights.”

Angie King and Her Boyfriend Have a Clothing Line:

Angie King has been in a relationship with Los Angeles-based designer and artist, Gino Perez at least since 2011. In a contract with each other created an L.A.-based clothing line, Mexican UFO.

Net Worth of Jo Koy:

Let’s check out Jo Koy’s Net worth and income, salary as per the 2021 report. All the details about Jo Koy’s net worth are given below.

The total of Jo Koy’s Net Worth in 2021 is between $1 Million – $5 Million (Approximately).


Jo Koy’s Education

Jo Koy completed his High School education with Good Grades from the University.

Jo Koy’s Wikipedia

At this time no more Wikipedia data about Jo Koy.


Now at this moment, Jo Koy’s relationship with Angie King remains strong and there are no signs of problems and complications. They also have mutual affection and love for each other even if they broke up.

How Tall is Jo Koy? His weight & Body Measurement

Jo Koy stands at a good height with favorable body measurements and also Jo Koy has a reasonable body weight to match with the height.

Jo Koy’s Social Media

Since the past few months, Jo Koy persuaded a lot of fame from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with having a large number of active followers.


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