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Millie Williams, born Mildred Williams, is the ex-wife of Hugh Hefner, an American magazine publisher. Millie Williams is the first wife of the founder of Playboy magazine. Moreover, Millie Williams has also arrived in a documentary film 60 Minutes, based on the life of her ex-husband.

Unfortunately, Millie Williams separated from Hugh years ago. But how is Millie Williams’s life at present? Did Millie Williams marry again after her divorce from her first husband, Hugh Hefner? Does Millie Williams have any children from her matrimonial relationships?

In this article, we will discuss some untold facts about her net worth, her career & many more interesting facts. Let’s get started.

Millie Williams Early Life, Biography, Education

The gorgeous Millie Williams was born Mildred “Millie” Williams, on the 10th of March in 1926, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. As per the media, Millie Williams had a decent childhood, where Millie Williams lived along with her parents. But unfortunately, Millie Williams has not disclosed much about her mother and father.

Talking about Millie’s education, Millie Williams did her education at a local school in her hometown. Millie later studied at Northwestern University where Millie Williams studied sociology before dropping out after the initial semester.

Millie Williams Has Appeared In Documentaries:

Mildred is not an experienced actress, but Millie Williams has come up in a few documentaries. Back in 1993, Millie Williams was a part of a documentary series named 60 Minutes. Based on the life of Mildred Williams husband and the founder of Playboy magazine Huge Hefner, the series characterizes their life together.

Later, Millie also became part of another documentary E! True Hollywood Story in the year 2006.

Millie Williams/ Mildred Williams Is The First Wife of Hugh Hefner

Millie Williams married her college boyfriend Hugh Hefner on the 25th of June in 1949. At the time of their marriage ceremony, Millie Williams and Hugh Hefner both the couple were both 23 years of age. Well, the couple were in a married relationship for almost 10 years before they separate their ways on the 18th of March in 1959.

But, when and how did, Millie Williams and Hugh Hefner, the former couple first meet? Well, they first meet when they were studying at North-western University. While still in college, Millie Williams and Hugh Hefner became very close to each other and started dating.

The romantic relationship soon turned into a marital bond.

Millie Had Two Children With Hugh Hefner:

Hugh Hefner’s first wife Millie Williams is a mom of two kids. Both of Millie Williams’s children were born from her relationship with the late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

Millie Williams’s first child is a daughter whose name is Christie Hefner was born on the 8th of November in 1952. After Three years, Millie gave birth to her second child, a son whose name is David Hefner on the 30th of August in 1955.

All Millie Williams’s children are well-settled and doing good in their careers. Christie Hefner is faultlessly handling her family business. Christie Hefner reportedly assisted as the chairperson and CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. from 1988 until 2008.

Christie Hefner is the daughter of Millie and Hugh Hefner the founder of the adult entertainment company ‘Playboy Enterprises’. Christie Hefner did her bachelor’s grade in English and American Literature from Brandeis University and started her career as a writer.


Later Christie Hefner engaged in her father, Hugh Hefner’s company, and rose to be its chairperson and CEO. Christie Hefner made an effect on the company’s functioning by changing its focus from the picture media to the internet to keep it abreast with the shifting technique. Christie Hefner is known for beginning Playboy.com and Playboy TV.

Christie Hefner also shut Playboy Clubs and fired surplus staff of the company. Under Christie Hefner’s able leadership, Playboy Enterprises attained control over other related mechanisms and became the world’s number one grown-up fun enterprise. As time went by, Christie Williams was affected by Barrack Obama and determined to leave the company and draw away her interest in social causes.

Christie Williams organized the Hugh M First Amendment Award and assisted raise $ 30 million for the first outpatient faculty for AIDS. Christie Hefner also went on to get concerned with the beauty and wellness industry and was nominated as the administrative chairperson of the Canyon Ranch Enterprises and Hatch Beauty. Among Christie Hefner’s several other portfolios, Christie Hefner became a partner of the board of RDO Companies and is working on the advisory board of the Springboard Enterprises.

Today, Christie Hefner is one of the most America honored residents and a reputated unit of its Civil Liberties Union.

Why Did Millie Williams Divorce with Hugh Hefner?

Millie Williams
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As per the reports, Millie Williams and Hugh Hefner’s marriage came to an end because of their affair. It was back when the couple, Millie Williams and Hugh Hefner was still a bachelor and Hugh Hefner was in the Army that Millie got entangled in a relationship.

Out of sorrow for her affair, Millie Williams let Hugh Hefner have an extra-marital affair even after getting wedded. The Hollywood Reporter covered the news years later after Millie confessed her blunder writing, Hugh Hefner’s first real grief came before tying the knot when Millie confessed to confronting in a relationship during his time in the Army.

In an attempt to diminish her shame and preserve their bond, Millie allowed the coming mogul to become entangled with other women during their wedding.

Later, Hugh Hefner too implied how devastating it was to find out his wife, Millie conspiracy. Hugh Hefner noted that he had refrained from sexual affairs with any other women and had saved himself for his wife, Millie.

Hugh Hefner said I had conserved myself for my wife, Millie but after we had coupled she told me that she’d had a relationship with somebody else. That was the most devastating period in my life. My wife, Millie was more sexually trained than I was. After that, I always felt a feeling that the other guy with whom my wife is having an affair was in bed with us, too.

Mildred or Millie Married Again After Divorce With Her First Husband, Hugh Hefner:

After getting divorced from Hugh Hefner in 1959, Millie Williams lived single for a pretty long time. Eventually, Millie tied the knot for the second time with a man whose name is Edwin Gunn.

Edwin Gunn even accepted Millie Williams’s kids after their wedding and Minnie and her kids changed their last name to Gunn. But unfortunately, this time as well, their marriage didn’t last for a long time. After a few years into their matrimonial relationship, the couple separated after which the kids of Minnie altered their last name back to Hefner.

Hugh Hefner Had Two More Kids From Other Marriages:

Millie’s ex-partner Hugh Hefner married twice after getting a divorce from Millie Williams. Almost 30 years after his divorce from his first wife, Millie, Hugh Hefner married for the second time to actress and American model, Kimberley Conrad. The two, Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad tied the knot in 1989 despite the gap in their ages being 36 years.


From their marriage, Hugh Hefner and Kimberley Conrad had two kids, Marston Hefner and Cooper Hefner. While Cooper Hefner was born on the 4th of September in 1991, Marston Hefner was born on the 9th of April in 1990. Just after a few years of the birth of their kids, Kimberley Conrad and Hugh Hefner got divorced in 1998. Kimberley Conrad ultimately documented a divorce in 2009, which was confirmed in 2010.

Millie Williams
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Hugh Hefner tied the knot for the third time to a model, and TV personality, Crystal Harris. Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris walked down the aisle in 2012 and were joined until his demise in the year 2017.

The demise of Millie Williams’ Ex-husband Hugh Hefner:

A successful American publisher Hugh Hefner died on the 27th of September in 2017, at his home in Holmby Hills, in Los Angeles, California, when he was 91. According to the reports, Hugh Hefner died of sepsis brought on by an E. coli illness.

Hugh Hefner’s body was consigned to the grave beside Marilyn Monroe at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles. Hugh Hefner had reportedly paid $75000 back in the year 1992, to book an area beside the late Monroe. Talking about the related to Los Angeles Times in 2009, Hugh Hefner said, Spending time next to Marilyn Monroe is a chance too beautiful to pass up.

Is Hugh Hefner’s First Wife, Mildred Williams Still Alive?

Well, Millie is still alive and kicking. Millie is 95 years of age in 2021 and is reportedly healthy. However, Millie has kept herself entirely away from the spotlight. Millie Williams is not even on social media platforms, Like Instagram and Facebook which makes it harder to track Millie’s life at present.

That said, we hope, we will get to see Millie Williams soon in the coming days or future.

Millie William, Hugh Hefner’s wife Net Worth:

As the ex-wife of Hugh Hefner, Millie inherited great wealth as a part of her divorce concession. But unfortunately, Millie never disclosed the exact amount of her net worth in the media. But when it comes to Hugh Hefner, he was having around $45 million at the time of his passing in the year 2017.


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