Julian Corrie Broadus

Julian Corrie Broadus is into the celebrity real estate business as well as got into the profession in late of the year 2020. With his prosperity as well as thriving professional career at one end, Julian Corrie Broadus is broadly remembered as the son of a rapper named Snoop Dogg, born from his. extra-marital connection with his college fling.

Well, Julian Corrie Broadus is presently a grown-up as well as has happily agreed with the identity of a rapper’s son. Though Broadus, like his father, has an interest in music, he no more pursues music at the current but is rather into great real estate.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about some interesting explanations about Julian Corrie Broadus’s career, his connection with his parents, as well as a lot more unknown details. Let’s have a zoom-in on it.

Full Name Julian Corrie Broadus
Birthday June 18, of the year 1998
His Father is named Snoop Dogg
Mother Laurie Holmond
Siblings named Corde Broadus, Cori Broadus, Cordell Broadus
Age 24
Ethnicity African-American
Marital Status is Unmarried
His Net Worth is around $400,000

Julian Corrie Broadus Is The Son Of Snoop Dogg: Biological Mother

For those who are unaware Julian Corrie Broadus is the illegitimate kid of rapper named Snoop Dogg. He was born on June 18, of the year 1998, from Dogg’s connection with his high school fling Laurie Holmond.

Julian Corrie Broadus mom
Julian Corrie Broadus as well as his mother.
Source: Instagram
As per the report and sources, Snoop had been dating Laurie for a while until the rapper wedded his wife Shante Broadus. Well, Dogg had a physical connection with Holmond even after his marriage, leading to her pregnancy with Julian Corrie Broadus. Laurie has even stated that she finished up in bed with Dogg at Le Reve Hotel in Hollywood.

Julian Corrie Broadus With His Father named Snoop Dogg

Talking about her connection with Snoop in an interview with great Star Magazine, Julian Corrie Broadus’s mother named Laurie mentioned,

We had a great connection-until June of the year 1997 when I suddenly heard on the radio that he had gotten wedded. Calvin told me I wouldn’t understand, as well as he was right, I wished nothing to do with him.

The baby’s mother also mentioned that after she gave birth to her son, named Dogg instantly took responsibility. She told,

When I told Calvin I was pregnant, he told, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to tell Shante.’ But when great Julian was born, Calvin was right there, as well as he took responsibility like a cool man.

Who Is Julian Corrie Broadus’ Biological Mother?

His biological mother’s name is Laurie Holmond.

Siblings: Julian Corrie Broadus Has Appeared With His Brother In Dogg’s Music Video

Julian Corrie Broadus is the single son of Laurie, but he has three other half-siblings from his father’s marital relationship. He has two half-brothers named Cordell Broadus, and Corde Broadus, as well as a half-sister named Cori Broadus.

Well, he shares a good adhesion with all his siblings. Corrie has even appeared in his father’s music video, named Drop It Like It’s Hot, along with his half-brothers.

Julian Broadus Career: He Is presently Into Real Estate

Over the years Julian Corrie Broadus has tested his hands in different professions. While in high school, Julian was a huge basketball enthusiast as well as was even good at it. He has even stated his love for basketball in an interview with Stat Magazine telling,

I don’t want to be a great actor; I want to be a basketball player.

However, he later lost his interest in basketball as well as his interest shifted to music. He even stated his change of mind in one of his interviews. He told,

‘When I was a basketball player, I could only do so much, and I couldn’t be extraordinary. Everybody plays basketball, as well as this music stuff is what I love. I’m truly delighted God unlocked those doors for me.”Julian Corrie Broadus

Though he briefly pursued his love for music, he has been involved in the real estate business since the year 2020. The rapper’s son Julian Broadus is signed with a top-tier real estate corporation called “Agents Of LA.” With this real estate company, he will primarily deal with luxury real estate.

Talking to The Blast, Julian Corrie Broadus stated,

I am ready to make a name for myself as well as bring in the money, as well as I know the first person to call: Tai Savet

Talking of Tai Savet is the Founder as well as CEO of “Agents of LA.” Not only this, but he also serves as an executive producer of VH1’s hit reality show, named ‘Love & Listings.’

Hopefully, Julian achieved the expected prosperity in real estate.Julian Corrie Broadus

Julian Corrie Broadus’s Father Is A Successful Rapper

As we have already stated, Julian’s father Snoop Dogg is a successful and prominent rapper. Along with being a rapper, he has also appeared in movies as well as TV series.

Talking about his rapping career, he has released some successful albums such as Doggystyle, Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told, Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss, Doggumentary, and I Wanna Thank Me, as well as numerous others. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


Similarly, Julian Corrie Broadus has also occurred in movies as well as TV series such as The Wrecking Crew, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Falling Up, Just Shoot Me, The Cleveland Show, as well as numerous more.Julian Corrie Broadus

Who Is Julian Corrie Broadus’ Girlfriend?

The 24-year-old star child has remained tight-lipped about his love life. As per some online resources as well as reports, Julian Corrie Broadus doesn’t have a girlfriend as of the year 2021. But, the great star child is relishing a single relationship status in the dating department.


Julian Corrie Broadus Net Worth 

Julian Corrie Broadus has obtained quite a great amount of money from his budding real estate career. As per sources and reports, his calculated net worth is around $400,000 as of the year 2023.


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