Kate Norley

Kate Norley is a past war medic, an advocate for war veterans, and a Republican who is famously known as the wife of John Oliver, the host of the HBO series named Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Norley’s husband, named Oliver has proven to have one of the biggest characters in recent television.

It often comes as a big wonder to people that John Oliver is husband to Kate and the two seem to be very glad together contemplating Norley is a staunch Republican, while her husband, named John is a Democrat. Although among Oliver and his wife, the former is more recognizable, turns out, that Kate Norley is also a lot more delightful character.

Kate Norley is more of a heroic person with just as prominent a career. For starters, she performed in Iraq as an Army combat medic in extension to being an activist for veterans’ rights. And Oliver has been constantly more than glad to praise his wife.

Though the couple also prefers to keep their personal life under the hat. So who is John Oliver’s wife exactly? Know a comprehensive answer in the inscriptions below along with how she and Oliver are keeping it together despite their polarizing political assumption.

Kate Norley Isn’t British; She Rather Is An American

The American Nationale, Kate Norley was born on May 25, in the year 1978. While Oliver is of British nationality, his wife named Norley is a native of Arlington, which is in Virginia.

Kate Norley is the child of rich parents, but she has made it explicitly clear that money never made for an easy, lazy life for her. Her mother named Pam Mannion, and birth father named Walt Norley, who designs golf courses with Jack Nicklaus in Florida, divorced when Norley was 4 years old.

Ex-employee of The Daily Show with John Stewart, John Oliver with his wife as well as an ex-army medic, Kate Norley.
Veterans’ Rights advocate, Kate Norley, left with her husband as well as a comedian, named John Oliver.

Kate’s mother after separating Walt married Dennis Mannion, a senior vice president of business endeavors for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

The now 44 years old Kate Norley’s parents always encouraged her to cut her path. The Virginia-born depicts her mother as altruistic as well as the one who inspired her to serve others.

Kate Norley Education

Kate Norley accompanied boarding school at Episcopal High School in Arlington, which is in Virginia.

Kate Norley Survived A Severe Accident
Long before Kate enlisted in the military, she went through a horrible accident at 16 years old. Norley was wandering to a soccer game on her bike when a driver lost control of his vehicle as well as struck her.

In significance, Oliver’s wife encountered “severe head trauma” and afterward lost all of her cognitive proficiency which meant that she had to learn to read and write once again. Kate Norley credits her mother for helping her get back on her feet after the accident.

Kate Norley As well as Husband John Oliver’s First Meeting Is An Interesting Story

Kate Norley met her future husband named John Oliver in Sep in the year 2008 when the latter was struggling as a senior British Correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a correspondent.

Kate Norley was accompanying the Republican National Convention with fellow masters when she met Oliver. In the role of correspondent, Oliver would frequently go out in the field to title interviews in which he sincerely mocked people directly to their faces.

John Oliver with his wife as well as a military activist, named Kate Norley.
Birmingham-born comedian as well as HBO host named John Oliver with his wife and former army woman named Kate Norley.

Whilst doing so, one day, Oliver found himself in a rough situation during his Daily Show tenure and it had nothing to do with the kind of doubts he asked. Instead, when the Emmy winner was trying to gain access to politicians at the year 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota he reached a limited area.

Kate Norley

Shortly after, the defense became aware of Oliver’s existence and began persuing him planning to kick him out.

When the five-foot-eleven-inches tall Oliver and his camera crew began to get away, they came across a group of veterans who assisted them to hide and avoid arrest, as well as potential deportation.

Among the veterans, was fu future wife named Kate Norley. After that disastrous meeting, Norley and Oliver hit it off.

Kate Norley, As well as John Oliver, began Off Their Relationship Via Emails

After John Oliver and Kate Norley met in the year 2008, they began trading emails. They quickly became a couple. After dating for three years, Oliver, as well as Norley, married another in October in the year 2011.

The Birmingham-born host had recommended Kate in St. Thomasin in the year 2010. Two years after their wedding, at the end of the year 2013, after Oliver left the Daily Show, he as well as his wife Kate left for Afghanistan as part of the USO Tour.

Kate Norley

During their outing in the middle east, they slept in the barracks, and ate with the trooped, as well-executed as at more than half a dozen forward operating bases.

Kate Norley Has Two Children With Her Spouse and Both Sons

The ex-British correspondent as well as Norley are also parents to two sons. They had their first child, a son named Hudson in November in the year 2015, and their second child, also a son in June in the year 2018.

Kate had given birth to Hudson early, but the baby rose to be healthy.

Kate Military Career

Norley enrolled in the military quickly after graduating from boarding school at Episcopal High School.

Kate Norley

The Smurfs actor’s wife agreed to join after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She was then 19 years old.


Virginia native as well as an ex-army medic named Kate.
John Oliver’s wife is named Kate.
The girl from East started as well as completed her basic training in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Thereafter, Kate Norley enlisted for medical training in Ft. Sam Houston, which is in Texas.

Upon appearing in the military, Kate was with the 1st Cavalry Division of Fort Hood, which is in Texas training as a mental health specialist. Kate Norley first went to Iraq in December in the year 2003. Not long after, Norley became a combat medic in Fallujah as well as a mental health expert in Ramadi.

Kate Norley

Norley Was A good Counselor To Soldiers In the place of Iraq

Kate provided counsel to soldiers coming back to combat. She executed work as a counselor to the soldiers in Iraq as well.

Her role in the Gulf War was to guide soldiers experiencing war-induced mental trauma. In expansion, she also struggled with squatters living around Camp Blackjack, the 1st Cavalry Division’s base in northwestern Baghdad.

Despite the threat in Iraq, the English man’s wife, named Kate Norley told the Washingtonian on June 1, in the year 2008, that she wanted to remain there until achieving her mission.

Kate Norley

During her time in Iraq, Kate Norley motivated young women to help the nation with its rebuilding endeavors.


She also joined with eight University of Baghdad students after US forces captured Saddam Hussein. Kate Norley tells she saw all the spectacles of combat during that tour. In total, Kate did 16 months overseas.

Kate Norley’s Honors

For her unit’s efforts during the war, Norley obtained a 1st Cavalry Division lapel pin. People can periodically see her husband, named Oliver wear the pin on his coat.

Kate Norley also obtained the Combat Medic Badge for providing medical care while under fire. When she shifted from Iraq, John’s wife was assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Facility in the place of Washington D.C.



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