Manon McCrory Lewis

Manon McCrory Lewis is the teenage daughter of the British actor, named Damian Lewis and his late wife actress, named Helen McCrory. His father, named Damian is recognized for his roles containingU.S. Army Major Richard Winters in the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, which is in U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas Brody in the Showtime series Homeland, as well as Bobby Axelrod in the Showtime series named Billions.

As for Manon McCrory Lewis’s mother, the late actress Helen, she had credits in films encompassing The Queen (of the year 2006), The Special Relationship (of the year 2010), Charlotte Gray (of the year 2001), and the final three Harry Potter films (2009, 2010, 2011), Hugo (of the year 2011), Skyfall (2012), and others.

Manon McCrory Lewis is the first child of Helen and her husband, Damian. Know all regarding the growing teenager in the write-up below; her life as a celebrity child, if she is just as prominent as other Gen Z over TikTok and Instagram, and all.

Manon McCrory Lewis Bio, Ancestry

Manon McCrory Lewis was born through a c-section in Sep of the year 2006. McCrory in Oct of the year 2006 told Telegraph Manon just like her father was very easy as well as very calm as an infant.

Manon McCrory Lewis is a Welsh name as her maternal grandmother was from Welsh while her grandfather was a Glaswegian negotiator. Similarly, his great-great paternal grandparents were Welsh too. Her great-grandfather as well as Damian’s maternal grandfather was Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Ian Bowater, which is Lord Mayor of London.

British actor Damian Lewis with his daughter, Manon McCrory Lewis, and son, named Gulliver Lewis.

The Homeland actor named Damian Lewis with his daughter, Manon McCrory Lewis, and son, Gulliver Lewis. Wenn
Some of Manon McCrory Lewis’s ancestors include a doctor to the Royal Family, a naval shipbuilder, as well as a philanthropist. Moreover, She is also of one-sided Sephardic Jewish descent. His paternal grandmother (Damian’s mother) died in a car crash in the year 2001. Damian and Helen’s daughter, Manon McCrory Lewis evolved near Sudbury, which is in England.

Her Educational Background

Manon McCrory Lewis studied at St Christopher’s School in Belsize Park which is in North London. Her father, Damian Lewis March in the year 2013 threw his support behind a campaign to stop building endeavors next to his daughter’s school.

The Band Of Brothers actor named Damian Lewis with his and Helen McCrory’s teenage daughter, named Manon McCrory Lewis.
A billion actor named Damian Lewis with his as well as his wife named Helen McCrory’s daughter, named Manon McCrory Lewis. Tiktok

Manon McCrory Lewis Has One Younger Brother

As we said, her brother, named Gulliver was born on the 2nd of November of the year 2007. During the time, Damian was playing Charlie Crews in the great TV series Life. Cute Gulliver is only 14 months junior to her.

Manon McCrory Lewis’s Mom, Helen’s Death

McCrory’s actress mother, named Helen died on April 16, 2021, after what her husband, Damian called “a heroic battle” with cancer.

Skyfall actress as well as Damian Lewis’s late wife Helen McCrory.
Manon McCrory Lewis and Gulliver’s mother and Damian Lewis’ wife, Helen McCrory. AP

Later, Damian publicly declared the sad news of his passing, taking to social media to share an emotional tribute to his precious wife. The red-haired actor wrote:

Manon McCrory Lewis

I’m heartbroken to declare that after a heroic battle with cancer, the gorgeous, as well as mighty woman that is Helen McCrory, has died peacefully at home, surrounded by a wave of love from friends and family.

Lewis added,

She died as she lived. Dauntlessly. She blazed so brilliantly. Go now, Little One, into the air, as well as thank you.

On the circumstance of the first anniversary of Manon McCrory Lewis’s death, a memorable funeral service took place in March the year 2022 at London’s St. Paul’s Church in the posh district of Covent Garden.

Manon McCrory Lewis’s Mother, Helen McCrory’s Acting Career

Manon McCrory Lewis’s late actress-mother, named Helen as an actress was largely known for playing Polly Gray in Peaky Blinders. Helen, who was part Welsh had an important career both on stage as well as on-screen.

Manon McCrory Lewis

She splashed Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, Cherie Blair in two films, of the year 2006’s The Queen, and again in the year 2010 film The Special Relationship.

Her other films comprise Charlotte Gray, Hugo, and Skyfall. In the year 2017, the actress achieved an OBE in the year 2017 honors list for services to drama.

Helen’s Last Message To Her Daughter, Manon, As well as her Son, named Gulliver
Sometime after the death of Manon McCrory Lewis and Gulliver’s mother, named Helen, actor Damien, in April of the year 2021, dealt his wife Helen McCrory’s message to their children before her death.

Turns out she strived to help her kids come to terms with her passing and notified them “don’t be sad”.

Manon McCrory Lewis

British actor named Damian Lewis with his daughter, Manon McCrory Lewis, and son, named Gulliver Lewis.
The Life actor and Helen McCrory’s husband, Damian Lewis with his daughter, Manon, as well as son, Gulliver. AP
Damian quoting his wife’s letter disclosed,

She’s left our gorgeous children, Manon, as well as Gully, too fast, but they have been prepared for life. They have in them the courage, wit, curiosity, talent, and beauty of their mother.

Lewis said his late wife encouraged him and their children to be adventurous and not afraid. Helen reportedly instructed her children, Manon as well as Gulliver to not be sad. She told them while she was about to go she’d lived the life she wanted to.

Manon McCrory Lewis’s Parents, Helen McCrory, And Damian Lewis’ Relationship

Manon McCrory Lewis’s actor-parents, the late Helen and Damian celebrated an 18-year romance after meeting when they performed in a production of Five Gold Rings together at London’s Almeida Theatre in the year 2003. In the year 2015, Helen disclosed that Damian could make her laugh that first persuaded her to the Billions actor.

Manon McCrory Lewis

Dream Horse actor named Damian Lewis and Harry Potter actress named Helen McCrory.


A billion actor named Damian Lewis with his wife, Helen McCrory.
Damian and Helen tied the knot in a low-key Kensington as well as Chelsea registry office in the year 2007 within the circle of their closest friends as well as family.

Since Helen was pregnant with Manon, the Skyfall actress, as well as Damian, originally decided to wait until after her birth to tie the knot. The British pair greeted their first child, a daughter named Manon in the year 2006 and a son named Gulliver the following year.

Manon McCrory Lewis


Helen Didn’t Allow Manon As well as Her Brother To Use Technologies
Helen once forbade Manon as well as her brother from overusing technology as she worried they would be unable to express themselves. Seemingly, Manon McCrory Lewis during the year 2015 didn’t enable her children from using computers throughout the week and only let them use them for 10 minutes on weekends.

At the time, Manon McCrory Lewis was nine as well as Gulliver was eight. Their mother said the reason she constrained them from using technologies was that she liked her children to have less interest in staring at a computer screen and more enthusiastic in talking to people as well as their parents.


Manon McCrory Lewis’s Father named Damian Lewis’ Net Worth

Manon McCrory Lewis

While Manon McCrory Lewis’s father depicted an egotistical billionaire in the Showtime show, Billions, the actor in existence has a net worth far less than the prosperity of his TV character.

Nonetheless, since vacating ‘Billions’ during season 5, Lewis’ career hasn’t been hindered all of a sudden and he has been a millionaire for years.

Contemplating his more than dozens of stage, film, and TV credits, it isn’t that much of a wonder Manon’s father has a figure net worth of around $25million.



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