Keilani Bautista

Keilani Bautista is an American star kid prominent as the eldest daughter of former pro-wrestler as well as actor Dave Bautista and his first wife named Glenda Bautista. Keilani Bautista was born the same year her parents tied the knot in the year 1990. They were jointly for only eight years until the year 1998.

Her father Dave Bautista is one of the most prominent wrestlers of all time. He started his wrestling journey in the year 2000 with Ohio Valley Wrestling and later shifted to WWE in the year 2002. He contributed to WWE from the year 2002 to the year 2010 before repaying in the year 2014 only to leave quickly and rejoin it in the year 2018 until the year 2019.

Today we will concentrate more on Keilani’s lifeboats, her current career path, family, as well as more. Find out more regarding Dave Bautista’s oldest child Keilani Bautista.

Keilani Bautista Is The Daughter Of great Wrestler Dave Bautista

Keilani Bautista was born on 21st June in the year 1990 to retired wrestler Dave Bautista and his first wife Glenda Bautista. Keilani is 32 years old in the year 2022. Bautista has mixed ethnic descent- Filipino as well as Greek and holds the American nationality.

Dave Bautista’s Daughter Keilani Bautista is 32 years of age in the year 2022
Keilani Bautista is the oldest child of Dave Bautista as well as his first wife Glenda Baker

She is the oldest among Dave’s three children Keilani (herself), Athena born in the year 1992, and Oliver Bautista born In the year 2007. Besides this, Bautista has not disclosed any further information regarding her educational qualification as well as childhood.

Her paternal grandparents are Donna Raye Mullins and a hairdresser named David Michael Bautista.

Keilani Bautista

Keilani Bautista Is A Hawaiian Name

As per sources, Keilani Bautista is a Hawaiian name for girls. It means lovely, incredible, and regal.

Keilani Bautista Has A Half-brother
As mentioned above, the star kid has two siblings, one is her sister named Athena and the other one is her half-brother named Oliver.

Oliver was born to her father Dave and her step-mother Angie Bautista in the year 2007. Dave, as well as Angie, were together from 13th October 1998 to the year 2006. Oliver is 15 years old as of the year 2022.

Bautista’s Parents Dave & Glenda Were Married For About 8 Years

Keilani Bautista’s parents traded their wedding vows on 25th March in the year 1990 way before Dave had made a breakthrough as a wrestler. Bautista was born in the same year her parents married. Meanwhile, her sister named Athena was born two years later in the year 1992.

Keilani Bautista

Sadly, Dave and Glenda agreed to part ways after eight years of marriage as things were not going smoothly between them. They disconnected on 1st April in the year 1998.

Keilani Bautista Is A Mother Of Two kids Herself

Despite her father’s huge distinction in the WWE world, the star kid conserved a very private life most of her life. Similarly, she tends to keep her private information away from the spotlight.

Keilani Bautista has children with her husband: She has two sons

Keilani Bautista has two sons named Aiden as well as Jacob

However, she is a mother of two sons- Aiden as well as Jacob. While most of the online tabloids claim that the brothers are twins, named Keilani Bautista has not spoken regarding the matter herself.

Likewise, she has not disclosed any details of her husband or the father of her children. She is leading a beautiful life with her family in private.

Keilani Bautista Relationship

With the fact in mind that Keilani has two children, there is a lot of interest in her husband or partner. But unfortunately, she has kept every detail regarding her love life away from the media. It is ambiguous but Keilani Bautista is married to a husband.

Keilani Bautista

Moreover, there are also no reports of her past affairs or boyfriend according to sources. Always, we would love to see her married to an excellent partner.

Keilani Bautista’s Parents Both Re-married After Their Divorce

After divorcing her father, named Keilani Bautista’s mother Glenda tied the knot with her second husband named Chris Baker. The pair privately married in the year 2014 in a private ceremony.

Furthermore, her father went on to marry twice. He first married Angie Bautista from the year 1998 to the year 2006. He then married his third wife Sarah Jade in the year 2015 and separated in the year 2019. Dave as well as Jade’s divorce is yet to be finalized.

The father of three is presently dating a secret woman whose personality is yet to be confirmed by him.

Keilani Bautista’s Father named Dave Made A Smooth Transition From Wrestling To Acting

As most of us already know, Keilani’s father David ‘Dave’ Michael Bautista Jr. is an American actor as well as a good former skilled wrestler. He gained huge fame as well as name as ‘Batista’ in WWF/WWE.


Dave started his pro-wrestling career in the year 1999 and signed with then-WWF in the year 2000. He gained fame under his stage word Batista from the year 2002 to 2010. During this time, he became a six-time world champion earning the World Heavyweight Championship four times and the WWE Championship twice.

After almost a decade of a wrestling career, Dave made his profitable transition into the acting world with minor roles during the first phase.

Keilani Bautista’s father American actor as well as a former wrestler named Dave Bautista

Dave as Drax the Destroyer in the great Guardians of the Galaxy film sequel
He gained huge media attention as an actor in the year 2011 action movie named House of the Ring Sun playing Ray. Dave then entered another major role as Drax the Destroyer in the MCU film Guardians of the Galaxy.

Keilani Bautista

He duplicated his role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, as well as Avengers: Endgame. Furthermore, he will appear as Drax in the approaching Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder and Guardians f the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Bautista’s current substantial film credits are My Spy, Army of the Dead, as well as Dune. His other upcoming projects are Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery as well as Knock at the Cabin.


What Is Keilani Bautista’s Mother Glenda Up to These Days?

The mother of two is presently working as a Senior Director in Ad Products at Hearst Publishing Company since the year 2016. She has also worked for iHeartMedia as a Director in Monetization, Platform Products, and Advertising from the year 2014 to the year 2016.

Keilani Bautista

From 2012 to the year 2014, she fulfilled as the Director of Product development for AOL, CoPromote, and Adprime Media. Also, she worked as a general manager at WCDB as well as an Editorial Assistant for The Source.

Keilani Bautista Available On Any Social Media

The 32-year-old Keilani Bautista is active on Facebook and Twitter where her account is kept private. But she is not available on Instagram or any other social.

Bautista ascertained her identity on Twitter via her bio description where she wrote,

hey peeps yes this is me Keilani Bautista the daughter of WWE star named Dave Bautista there are fakes of me as well as my family on here but we hope to get them off.

Keilani Bautista

Keilani Bautista’s Net Worth

As Keilani Bautista has not disclosed her current profession, her exact net worth is under review. Though various online sources tallied her fortune at around $500k, she has not corroborated the news herself.


On the other hand, her celebrity father has a substantial amount of around $16 million to his name. Likewise, her mother Glenda acquires a net worth of around $200k- $300k in the year 2022.



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