Philip Sternberg

Philip Sternberg is a producer, director, writer, as well as also actor. He is especially prominent for his producing, directing, and acting work in the TV series named Workin’ Moms.


Apart from his career, Philip Sternberg is also famous as a celebrity husband after his marriage to the Canadian-American actress named Catherine Reitman. The pair even worked together in the notable series named Workin’ Mom.

Talking regarding his love life, Philip Sternberg tied knots with his partner in the year 2009 as well as has been together since then. The husband, as well as wife, have passed over a decade and their marital relationship still sailing smoothly. Likewise, his spouse even phones herself a loyal lover. Maybe, it is the lovebirds’ loyalty that is paying up occurring in their long-lasting bond.

So, let’s find out if belief is the only thing helping the mates go in with each other. Also know about Philip’s wife, kids, movies, as well as many more in the article below!


What Is The Age of Philip Sternberg?

Born in the year 1978, Philip is 44 years old in the year 2022. He celebrates his birthday on April 10. Being born in LA, which is in California, he holds American citizenship and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Moreover, the producer pursues Christianity as a religion.

While the details regarding his early life aren’t much in the media, Philip Sternberg reportedly had a comfortable childhood. He is also a nicely-educated person.

Philip Sternberg and Catherine Reitman’s Wedding

Yes, Sternberg is the husband of the outstanding Canadian-American actress Catherine Reitman. His spouse has featured in many films like Knocked Up ( of the year 2007), I Love You, Man (of the year 2009), and Friends with Benefits (of the year 2011), to name a few.

Philip Sternberg as well as her spouse actress named Catherine Reitman
Philip Sternberg alongside his wife named Catherine Reitman
Source: Instagram

Philip Sternberg

Talking about their wedding, the favorite celebrity couple exchanged their vows in August in the year 2009. They married at great Catherine’s parent’s house in Santa Barbara California. Their low-key event was followed by their close friends and family members. To celebrate their honeymoon, Philip, as well as his wife Catherine, went to the place of Italy.

The pair, like most pairs, dated for some time before their nuptials. Still, their first meeting wasn’t that good like most of theirs. Wish to know how? A glance at the subheading below!

How Did Philip Sternberg As well as His Wife Catherine First Meet?

Philip Sternberg as well as Catherine’s relationship is open to everyone, however, how the couple first met is a paradox to many. Well, we are going to unravel the riddle for you all revealing the duo’s very first meeting.

Philip Sternberg

The Canadian-American actress once discussed her relationship and how they came across each other. Well, according to her, Catherine saw her now-husband named Philip when she went to earn a paycheck for a friend which was transmitted by Philip. The pair promptly clicked despite her being outfitted quite ridiculously when they first saw each other.


Regardless, the duo neither exchanged numbers nor any means of connection at that time. Later, Philip and Catherine again jerked into each other in an event after three months. This time they agreed to hold onto one another and soon began dating.

Philip Sternberg Exchanged Ring With His Girlfriend

After six months of a romantic relationship, the Workin’ Mom’s producer Philip agreed to exchange a ring with his girlfriend. He proposed to Reitman after a long drive from the place of Los Angeles to San Diego near a beach.

The actress remembered that her then-beau asked her to walk over the fencing onto the cliff’s edge nearby. She further told that she had believed he was either going to propose or murder her,

Philip Sternberg


I took the risk. He suggested a nearby beach. It was hard to see through the hurricane, but there, in the grit, he had written out Will You Marry Me? painted with cool white seashells and long-stemmed roses.

Philip then as a romantic boyfriend, lowered to his knee with a ring. The Workin’ Moms writer communicated that saying yes to her partner was the most creative move she has ever made.

Philip Sternberg Have Two Kids

The producer has two kids with his wife named Catherine, in their marital bliss. Philip is the proud father of two children named Jackson Sternberg as well as Liam Sternberg with his wife of a decade.

Philip Sternberg children

Philip Sternberg’s sons Jackson Sternberg as well as Liam Sternberg
Source: Instagram

Yet, the mother and father have not disclosed anything about their babies other than their names. Not their birth dates. But, the mom of the sons occasionally posts their photos on her Instagram.

Philip Sternberg

Sternberg’s Wife named Catherine Had Postpartum Depression (PPD)
When the mother of two was happy to have sweet kids in her life, the actress also drove through postpartum depression (PPD). The actress underwent PPD twice after providing birth to both her sons.

For those who don’t understand what PPD is, it is baby blues encountered by new mothers, after childbirth. It encompasses mood swings, anxiety, and other numerous difficulties.

Catherine later communicated how much she struggled in that period. She felt she wasn’t herself anymore after giving birth to a child. Also, she would dream of regarding stuff like her hitting by a car and comprehending a gas leak that would knock her off. The only thing, the actress wanted at the time was to be cared for as well as get rid of all her responsibilities for some time.

Philip Sternberg

Philip’s wife recollected she was painfully alone, yet surrounded by several people. She would go out with friends and laugh, only to find herself crying for the whole drive home. The Workin’ Mom writer wished someone had told her about the temporary hormonal state she was going through as well as how to bear with it.

Is Workin’ Moms Based On a True Story?

Workin’ Mom is a sitcom, which is regarding working mothers who try to balance their jobs and family lives. It is motivated by Philip’s better half, Catherine Reitman’s own experience. So yes, we can tell it is established on a true story.

Philip Sternberg as well as Catherine Reitman’s Workin’ Moms Cast

Stars of the TV sitcom Workin’ Moms
At the time when Reitman was struggling with PPD, her husband Philip insisted she writes about all her experiences. It was then she started putting down her words regarding the scenes she had lived during the PPD. She wrote herself as four several characters who would outgrow this interval.


Eventually, Philip as well as Catherine with the help of their friends finished the shoot and made a beautiful series named Workin’ Moms. The writer has now overcome her depression and even if she feels dark on days, it is only to feel brighter the other day.

Philip Sternberg Career

As we stated earlier, Philip Sternberg has worked in many movies as a producer, director, actor as well as a writer. As an actor, he has been in TV series such as City Guys, Firefly, First Flight, Southland Tales, as well as Workin’ Moms.

Likewise, he has worked as a producer in Divorce Corp (of the year 2014), The Super ( of the year 2011), and numerous other series and documentaries. Additionally to this, the multi-talented Philip is not only a producer but also a writer for Divorce Corp and The Super.

Philip Sternberg

Moreover, he also served as President of Candor Entertainment for around five years. He likewise produced pilots for Vh1, History Channel, as well as Discovery Channel to name a few. The producer likewise organized Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment ULC. to generate Workin’ Moms for CBC, with his spouse named Catherine Reitman.

Philip Sternberg’s Social Media Handles

The actor, as well as a producer, have social media accounts on Instagram as well as Twitter under the name #pzsternberg. Yet, he is not available on any of them.


The 44-years-old has around 1841 followers on his Insta but hasn’t published anything on his feed. Similarly, Philip Sternberg has around 2475 followers on his Twitter with his last tweet on August 20, in the year 2019.

Meanwhile, his bride Catherine is quite active on her Instagram with around 235K followers and around 645 posts as of the year 2022.

Philip Sternberg

Philip Sternberg’s Net worth

Being pertained to multiple prestigious fields, Philip certainly is making millions from his career. He has a net worth of around $1.5 million as of the year 2022.

Also, Philip Sternberg and Catherine reportedly bought a house for around $2.6millon in Los Angeles. California, in March the year 2012. Meanwhile, his partner Catherine has amassed total assets of around $1.3million.



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