Kevin Fontana bio

Kevin Fontana bio is an Ohio-born husband of great Bern Nadette Stanis, the actress well known for playing Thelma Ann Evans Anderson in NBC’s comedy series, named Good Times. Fontana’s the New York-born actress’ fourth spouse but also the one with whom the actress has sliced the longest.

Kevin Fontana bio as well as Stanis have been husband and wife for more than four decades; the pair has been together since the early 80s as well as together also share a daughter.

Kevin Fontana bio as well as his actress spouse, however, have always kept the details of their relationship behind the cupboard. What’s more, next to nothing is known regarding the husband of the N-Secure actress’ husband. Get a hold of his life (before becoming the friend of Bern Nadette Stanis), his career, as well as even the remotest.

Kevin Fontana bio Is From Cleveland: Parents, Age, Education

Although not much regarding his history has been discussed, Kevin Fontana bio is supposed to be a native of Cleveland, which is in Ohio. He further is one of the three children of his great parents. His siblings encompass a brother, named Joseph or Joe Fontana, as well as Kim Fontana fully Kimberly Fontana Hayes.

From left, Good Times actress, Bern Nadette Stanis’ husband, named Kevin Fontana bio, his father, his sister, named Kim, and his brother, named Joseph.
Black Jesus actress, named Bern Nadette Stanis’ husband, Kevin Fontana with his father, his sister, Kim, and his brother, named Joseph. Facebook

While quotations vary from date to date regarding Kevin’s birth specifics, his close aliases on Facebook have often hoped him his birthday on July 21st.

The suchlike obscurity is also rampant when it arrives to his upbringing or his parents. Though as per insiders from Fontana’s family and friends, the Cleveland native’s father, often pertained to as Waddy Mr. Fontana, used to be a great football coach.

Kevin Fontana bio

As for his mother, she seemingly died at 73 years of age in June of the year 2014.

Kevin Fontana bio with his brother named Joseph Fontana.

The brother duo, Kevin as well as Joseph. Facebook

Kevin Fontana bio allegedly studied at St. Henry’s School (though now renamed as great Bishop Lyke School). Furthermore, he is also thought to have been a member of the school’s choir team.

Though Fontana’s recent profession is exclusively up to reckonings as well as estimations.

Kevin Fontana bio Relationship With His Wife, Bern Nadette Stanis

While Fontana and the one-time Black Jesus actress Bern are yet to reveal how or when they met each other or even when they tied the knot, the couple is thought to have tied the knot on July 19, in the year 1981.

Though some other reports claim Fontana wedded Bern on December 27, of the year 1981. Bern Nadette once said having a tremendous partnership with her husband, named Kevin is her biggest goal.

Kevin Fontana bio

Kevin Fontana bio with his wife and Good Times actress named Bern Nadette Stanis
The Parenthood actress named Bern Nadette Stanis with her husband as well as Cincinnati native, Kevin Fontana. Instagram

Clarifying further, the Hidden Blessings actress affirmed her desire to impart hopefulness through her undergoing marriage with Kevin.

Stanis believes the man-woman relationship is very important to her because she refers herself to as the type of person who thinks that men and women should work to be together.

Kevin Fontana bio Daughter With Bern Nadette Stanis Is A College Student

Bern Nadette as well as Kevin Fontana, together, also share a daughter named Brittany Rose Cole. Kevin’s daughter, named Brittany is a University student as well as allegedly is a member of Beta Kappa Chi National Honor Society.

Brittany reportedly deems her father a huge inspiration. She often remembers her father encompassing her actress/author mother on her socials telling them how pleased she is to have them.

Kevin Fontana bio Wife named Bern Nadette Stanis Was Married Thrice Before

Kevin is not the first man Stanis had wedded. The Car Hoppers music video model was first the wife of Thomas Fauntleroy from the year 1974 to the year 1978. Thomas was Bern’s sweetheart from high school.

The Situations 101 writer once chatting about her first marriage said it was interesting because she was then still a virgin and a new woman who didn’t comprehend how it labored.

Kevin Fontana bio

Well, my first marriage was fascinating because I was a virgin. I was an untrained woman and didn’t understand how it helped.

The ever first marriage of the now 68 years old, however, would end after around four years. Clarifying the split, Bern, in an interview, said she had married a man who wasn’t very kind in words towards her as well as was also often harsh with her.

Good Times actress as well as Brooklyn native Bern Nadette Stanis.
Kevin Fontana bio wife and actress, named Bern Nadette Stanis.


Kevin’s longtime partner though acknowledges her first wedding made her strong and because of it she also got enthusiastic in relationships.

After her official divorce from Thomas, Bern went on to become a little more cautious as well as intended to make sure she wouldn’t marry someone inappropriately. A year after her divorce from her first husband, named Bern married her second, named Darnell Johnson in Jan of the year 1979.

Stanis’ second partner, named Darnell was a nightclub owner from Brooklyn. This marriage of the Last Night writer too would end not so in an amicable way; though Stanis protected the justification behind the separation very emotionally.

Kevin Fontana bio

Bern then went on to wed a mechanical engineer, Terrence Redd. Stanis, however, would once again face divorce as well as this time with Redd. Bern’s this marriage, in any way, generated a daughter, named Dior Ravel, the first child for the New Yorker artist.

Almost a year after divorcing her third husband, Redd, Stanis would once again stroll down the aisle. And this period it was with Kevin. Different from her last courtships, the ex-pageant contestant’s union with Kevin would last significantly longer and has been going powerful still.

Stanis Says Her Marriages Changed Her
Bern Nadette’s in one of her books composes her view on love and life altered over the years through all of her weddings During an interview in the year 2009, the Julliard school graduate said,


Being older as well as wise, you can almost see it. You can see who loves you and who doesn’t and when I was newer I didn’t comprehend that. If you say you love me then you must love me. But now I can see the discrepancy.

Kevin Fontana bio

With Kevin Fontana bio, Bern would also have her second child as well as daughter no 2, Brittany Rose. Speaking of daughters, named Stanis now is also a grandmother through her eldest daughter, named Dior.

How Rich Is Kevin Fontana bio Wife, Bern Nadette; What Is Her Net Worth?

While Kevin Fontana bio longtime partner, named Stanis hasn’t had achievement related to when she was on NBC’s Good Times as Thelma, the Brooklyn-born actress, arises to be quite a rich celebrity, nonetheless, with a net worth of around $6 million.

Kevin Fontana bio spouse may not be a normal cast in any of the modern series, but she, in any case, is still in the league of millionaire actresses. Furthermore, the Good Times alum has still governed to remain in the municipal attention through her books, podcasts, as well as others.


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