Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates is the additional child and only son of Microsoft cofounder as well as billionaire Bill Gates and his ex-wife, Melinda Gates. His father is one of the most prosperous men in the world.

As a child, he grew up in an elegant mansion in Washington alongside his sister. Despite being born to one of the richest men alive, Rory will not inherit his parent’s enormous fortune.

How rich is Rory John Gates presently? How much will he inherit (millions or billions) from his cool parents? Also, is he proposing to anyone? Find out more regarding the only son of Bill Gates, Rory John Gates.

Rory John Gates Is The Only kid Of Bill as well as Melinda Gates

He was born in Seattle, Washington, the United States on 23rd May of the year 1999. He recently turned 23 in the year 2022. As we said before, he is the son of great Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his former wife named Melinda French Gates.


Rory John Gates Parents

Rory John Gates wrapped as a honey bee for Halloween.
Rory John Gates grew up along with his older sister Jennifer Kathrine Gates as well as his younger sister, Phoebe Adele Gates. Jennifer got wedded to Egyptian equestrian Nayel Nassar in October of the year 2021.

Rory John Gates Ethnicity As well as Family Details

John is an American as per his nationality and has a blended ethnic background. His ethnicity from his father’s side is English, German, as well as Scottish-Irish.

His paternal grandparents are the late American attorney as well as philanthropist William Henry Gates II aka Bill Gates Sr. and a late businesswoman named Mary Ann Maxwell Gates. Similarly, his maternal grandparents are Raymond Joseph French Jr. an aerospace engineer, as well as Elaine Agnes Amerland, a homemaker.

Rory John Gates Graduated With A Double Major & Masters

John reportedly took off to the private/independent Lakeside prep school located in Seattle, which is in Washington. This is the same school that his father named Bill went to as well.

Rory John Gates sisters Jennifer Gates and Phoebe Gates

Rory alongside his two sisters- Jennifer as well as Phoebe on his graduation day

Though most of the online tabloids claim that he earned his MBA in Computer Science as well as Economics from Duke University and also enrolled at Fuqua School of Business, he certainly graduated with a double major and completed masters from the University of Chicago.

On 6th June, his older sister named Jennifer posted a beautiful picture of them from his graduation ceremony congratulating him on his achievements.

Rory John Gates And His Siblings Were Allowed To Use Phones After 13

As the son of one of the richest couples in the world, many may have comprehended the Gates children to be spoiled brats. However, Bill and Melinda put up their kids with ground rules any other kids have to pursue.

During a great interview with Mirror, Rory John Gates said, We don’t have cellphones at the table when we are having a feast. We didn’t give our kids cellphones until they were 14 and they disagreed other children got them earlier.

The three siblings were authorized to use cell phones only after they entered 13/14 with limited screen time. That being said, Rory got his first phone in the year 2012 after he turned 13. Further, he was reportedly asked to take out the trash as a part of his outstanding chores.

Rory John Gates Grew Up In Around $131 Million Worth Mansion-Details Of his residence Xanadu 2.0 As well as Its Features

Rory John Gates
Bill and Melinda built them around a 66,000 sq ft mansion in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington taking seven years with around 300 construction workers. It reportedly cost around $63 million to build with around $1 million in tax only.

Furthermore, as per sources, almost 500-year-old Douglas fir trees, and materials from the Pacific Northwest region were used to build the house. The house comprises a home theatre, a 20-car garage, a trampoline room, a spa, a 60-foot pool, 6 kitchens, 24 bathrooms, an around 25,000 sq ft gym, and a reception hall that can accommodate up to around 200 guests, and around 2100 sq ft library.

Rory John Gates as well as family
Rory John Gates evolved in Seatle alongside his sisters and billionaire parents

In addition, the house even has a beach with sands introduced from the Caribbean. Also, an automated high-tech sensor system is inaugurated to regulate the room’s climate and lighting.

The family of five had been residing in the multi-million dollar mansion for an extended time.

Rory John Gates

Will Rory John Gates End Up Working At Microsoft?

As we’ve already remembered before, Rory is the only son and heir to Bill Gates’ fortunes. The 23-year-old recently graduated with a twice major master’s from the University of Chicago, many are contending that he will join his father’s company anytime soon.

Nevertheless, as John took law courses as one of his majors, he might pursue a varied career path. As for presently, it is ambiguous what Rory has decided to maintain in near future.


Rory John Gates Is Philanthropic Just Like His Parents

According to Melinda Gates, Rory is sympathetic and curious. She told,

He’s intelligent as well as well-read and deeply informed about the wide range of issues that attention him. He’s a great son as well as a great brother. He’s inherited his parents’ obsessive love of puzzles. But one of the things that give rise to my proudest is that Rory is a feminist.

Rory John Gates

The Chicago University alumn once wandered to East Africa along with his great mother to see some of the work the Bill, as well as Melinda Foundation, was doing in the place of Malawi.

Rory John Gates and his mother named Melinda Gates

Rory John Gates, as well as Melinda, are quite close
The three siblings have certainly inherited their parent’s excitement for philanthropy.

Is Rory John Gates as well as His Siblings Inheriting Their Parent’s Billion-dollar Fortunes?
As vicious as it may sound, Bill Gates is not planning to give his teenagers not a single dollar of around $10 million in inheritance. The tech genius is planning to donate his presently around $152 billion fortune to the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation.


Instead of a billion-dollar worth trust fund, Bill plans to set off his teenagers with good education to kick begin their respective businesses. He said,

Rory John Gates

Our youngsters will receive an enormous education and some money so they are never going to be poorly off but they’ll go out as well as have their career.

According to numerous sources, Rory John is worth around $20 million as of mid of the year 2022.

Is the 23-year-old Rory Gates Dating Anyone?

Unlike other celebrity children, Rory John lives a very private lifestyle and verges to keep information relevant to their love life away from the spotlight.

His Instagram account with around 267 followers and around 55 posts is also private giving rise it hard to keep up with his social media presence.


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