Leanne Goggins

Leanne Goggins is well-known as an actor named Walton Goggins’ late wife. The couple was wedded for a couple of years before Leanne’s untimely demise. Besides, her husband is popular for his work in Justified (of the year 2010-15), Vice Principals (of the year 2016-17), as well as The Hateful Eight (of the year 2015).

Leanne Goggins, who was from Canada, shifted to the US after she married Walton. Everything was going nicely in their relationship before tragedy struck, and Leanne Goggins died.

What caused Leanne Goggins’ demise?

Before her passing, what was her profession? Where was she from? We will examine all you need to know regarding the late celebrity spouse.

Leanne Goggins Bio

She was born Leanne Knight in the year 1967 in New Brunswick, in the place of Canada as the daughter of Robert Brian and Peggy Knight who distinguished herself some times after her birth as well as married other people.

Leanne Goggins pertained to English ancestry and had Canadian-American nationality. She spent her childhood in Fredericton, of the place York County, NB, from where she also completed her formal education. After her parent’s separation, she was grown up by her mother and her step-dad named Arnold Kaun.

How many siblings did Leanne have?

Her mother and father separated ultimately after she was born. Before separating, however, they also greeted a son named Jason, who presently lives in Australia. Aside from him, she also had a step-brother called Scott.

Leanne Goggins

Her childhood was plagued by illness
According to tabloids, Leanne Goggins’s formative years were marred with illnesses such as jaundice. Her condition not only affected her it also influenced her family as they were not able to retain a proper death for Leanne Goggins. In addition, her illness had made her immune system quite frail which led to more nature issues, draining more from her parent’s finances.

Leanne Goggins Obituary

Leanne Goggins spent her early childhood facing lots of diseases.

The financial scarcity even led to Leanne skipping out on school while also hindering her early education. Regardless of all the issues she faced, Leanne Goggins didn’t give up and completed high school.

What was Leanne Goggins’ profession?

The beautiful celebrity spouse was a businesswoman who acquired a dog walking business based in Laurel Canyon. She was Canyon News’ first advertiser. From a young age, Leanne had an affinity toward animals, particularly dogs. Fortunately, she was able to work with what she adored the most.

Leanne Goggins

While working as a dog walker, she usually nurtures the goofballs with love as well as care. This ultimately made her a favorite amongst the dog community. Not only that, but a close friend of hers also stated in an old excerpt that Leanne Goggins was an extremely sweet individual who made everyone feel special. During her time on earth, she caressed so many lives. In her work, she was popular as someone who you could rely on when the time comes.

One time, while grabbing her dog for a walk in Hollywood Hills, she establishes a dead body of an actress. Upon finding the body, she shortly reported it to Canyon News which later disclosed that the actress was murdered. A close associate of hers stated that Leanne Goggins was grief-stricken when she found the body. Her friend said,

She knows so various that would not walk to somebody in threat for fear of their threat. Leanne didn’t think twice regarding herself, but for the good of others, not only then but always.”

Leanne Goggins’ and Walton Goggins’s Relationship

The couple was in a marital relationship for around three years, from the year 2001 to the year 2004, specifically. Before marrying, the lovebirds were in a relationship for several years. After dating for some time, Walton thought it was about time they resolved for good and proposed to her.

Leanne Goggins Young

Leanne Goggins shifted to LA after she married Walton.

Leanne Goggins

She said yes and they tied the knot in the year 2001 in an extremely private ceremony. Back then Walton had already ascertained himself as a terrific actor and his fame was far-reaching, still, he was able to keep his and Leanne’s nuptials a big mystery.

For the plurality of time of their relationship, the duo lived in LA alongside their pet pooch, Beulah.

How did Leanne Goggins and Walton Goggins meet?

From the start, Walton made sure his relationship remains behind sealed doors and he frankly, he succeeded in it. However, there is some fragmented evidence air first came to be. According to reports, they first came across it while Walton was shooting for Shangai Noon in the place of Canada.  During the time,  Leanne Goggins was still living in a North American country.


Walton Goggins’s wife named Leanne Goggins

Leanne Goggins’s husband is a popular American actor.

Leanne Goggins

Upon meeting, they immediately struck a chord between them. Subsequently, they began talking and the rest as they say is history. The couple didn’t have any kids between them.

Leanne Goggins’ Death

It was on November 12th, in the year 2004, at around 4. p.m. on Friday when we all got that Leanne has died. At first, her cause of death wasn’t disclosed, but later it was found that she had jumped off of the 17th Floor building she was in. Her oblivious body was found by a passerby and she was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital where she perished to her injuries maintained from the fall.

Leanne Goggins Walton Goggins’s Wife

Leanne Goggins died in the year 2004 after committing suicide.
Around the same time, it was disclosed Leanne was suffering from chronic depression which led to her taking such severe action.


She had filed for divorce a couple of days before her death

Leanne Goggins

Several days before her divorce, Leanne Goggins had filed for divorce from her husband Walton. According to stories, she asked for a divorce because of Walton’s busy professional life. What’s more, a couple of her friends asserted that Leanne’s mental health was taking its toll as she didn’t want to live in LA but due to her spouse’s work responsibility she had to live there.

Tragically, no one knew what kind of mental state Leanne Goggins was handling e she took such a harsh decision.

Meanwhile, presently her husband has remarried Nadia Conners. They exchanged vows in August in the year 2011 and are a parent of one son named Augustus Goggins, born in the year 2011.


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