Sophie Swaney

Sophie Swaney is a cute American social media influencer as well as an adventurer. She has accumulated millions of followers across different social media platforms where she endorses various brands. She originally earned attention with her posts regarding guns, trucks, and other outdoor explorations.

Besides, Sophie Swaney also operates her website where she shares exclusive content with her fans only. We can see her sharing bold subjects on her social sites while she time and again states she shares more private and unseen photos on her website.

Lately, Sophie Swaney was in the news because of her charge of DUI and two more offenses. So, what occurred with her? What is she doing nowadays? Let’s explore all these things here, encompassing all the other details regarding her early life, family, as well as relationships.

Sophie Swaney Early Life and bio

Sophie Swaney was born Sophie Phelps Swaney to her parents named Randall Swaney and Grace Swaney in Eads, Tennessee on September 7, in the year 1994. Sophie is just 27 years old as of the year 2022. The Instagram influencer’s father is the owner of Marshall Steakhouse, however, details regarding her mother are not available as of yet.

Sophie Swaney

Sophie Swaney’s mother keeps up away from the limelight and isn’t active on social media publicly while her father, Randall is quite active on Facebook where he continually shares posts. Sophie Swaney grew up in Arlington, Tennessee with her sisters. Talking about her education, Sophie Swaney finalized her high school education at Houston High School. Afterward, she accompanied the University of Memphis, however, it’s not obvious if she graduated from there or not.

She Has Four Sisters, encompassing One Half-Sister

Sophie Swaney has three sisters as well as one half-sister. Her three sisters Natalie, Sara, and Jorja are older than her while her half-sister, named Harper Swaney is her younger. Two of her older sisters, Natalie as well as Sara are happily married with children while her sister Jorja is not married and presently pursues her career in Dallas, which is in Texas.

Sophie Swaney with her sisters as well as her stepmom

Swaney with her three older sisters, one half-sister, as well as stepmom
On the other hand, Sophie Swaney’s half-sister, named Harper is just 9 years old (born October 8, in the year 2012) and she is accompanying her primary school. Harper was born to her father as well as Randall’s marriage to Lori Burks Swaney. The husband, as well as the wife, have been leading a happily married life since March 31, in the year 2011.

Sophie Swaney

Sophie Swaney’s Grandmother Passed Away in the year 2019

Sophie Swaney is quite close to her family members from her siblings to her stepmom. Furthermore, she shared a special bond with her grandmother, named Lois Swaney Shipp who sadly passed away on January 9, in the year 2019. Sophie Swaney’s dad, Randall took to Facebook to declare the news of her passing.

Days later, Randal again disseminated a post starring a handful of photos of his mother where he also thanked all the people for their prayers as well as messages following her death. They hosted her funeral on the 12th of January.

Sophie Swaney Relationship Status

Sophie Swaney is a social media star and being a social media icon, she shares a lot of things about her life. Nonetheless, she has always refrained from sharing her love life with her fans. However, we came to know that she had been dating a guy named Johnny Justice for some years until the year 2021. She used to refer to her boyfriend named Austin. She hasn’t opened up much about her relationship with Justice, however, it occurs they began dating back in the early 2010s.

Sophie Swaney

In a Facebook post she shared in November in the year 2021, she stated that she and Justice got their first dog together in 2014 and named the dog Bentley. Meanwhile, it is ambiguous if the pair are together in the year 2022. Justice had suffered a serious brain injury in an accident in May the year 2021. The socialite didn’t give any update on her beau’s situation.

She was Arrested Over DUI Following The Accident in which Her Boyfriend Maintained a Severe Head Injury

The 27-year-old outdoor brand influencer was arrested and charged with DUI and two other offenses in May in the year 2021. She was reportedly accused of possession or casual exchange, driving under the influence of alcohol, and custody of a handgun.

As per the court report, she was charged on May 1. As it happened, Sophie as well as her boyfriend, Justice got into a verbal argument over her previous photoshoot during which Justice got up from the passenger window and fell on his head maintaining a severe brain injury. Metro Nashville police responded to an emergency call regarding an accident with an injury and took Justice to a local hospital.

Sophie Swaney

During the investigation, Sophie Swaney told officers she had drunk a Moscow mule as well as a Michelob beer earlier. They also found a Glock 43, and a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle which Swaney conceded she smoked occasionally.


Later on, Sophie Swaney took to her social media to reveal her boyfriend’s situation. She wrote in the story that she is too secretive when it comes to her personal life, however, this time, she needed her fans to know what she had been going through. Swaney disclosed Austin was in the trauma department of a local hospital.

Sophie Swaney was arrested for DUI

Sophie Swaney was charged with DUI and possession in the year 2021
Talking about the case, Swaney is presently out on bail; she paid a bond of around $5000 and her next court appearance is scheduled for December 15, the year 2022.

Sophie Swaney Career


As we stated earlier Sophie Swaney is a full-time social media influencer, so she does photoshoots for her social media content. She put her first step in her career in her early 20s after moving to the place of North Carolina. After relocating there, she began sharing photos of her fishing and hunting which began earning the attention of thousands of people.


At the same time, Sophie Swaney got a chance to model for local brands. Later on, she went on to work for some popular brands such as Hostile Wheels, Tate Bros Tires, Yeehaw Cowboy, Freedom Holster, as well as Rein Lashes among others.

Her Engagement in Social Media

Sophie Swaney is existence on many social sites. She has more than a million followers on different social media platforms. Sophie boasts close to around 120k followers on Instagram, around 620k on Facebook, and around 87k on Twitter as of June of the year 2022.

Besides, Sophie is available on TikTok where she has around 541k followers and around 6 million likes. Swaney shares her outdoor adventures, her time with family, and friends, as well as other intriguing stuff from her day-to-day life.

Sophie Swaney’s Net Worth

Sophie Swaney has attained a good sum of money from her career as a social media influencer. She has been active in this field for a few years now. Although Swaney’s exact net worth is yet to be detailed, we can believe it falls in hundreds of thousands of dollars if not in millions.


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