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Matthew Brown bio is a truth star known for previously being one of the leads of the Discovery Channel’s docudrama-style reality television series, named Alaskan Bush People. He is among the five sons and two daughters of the show’s main characters, Billy as well as Ami Brown. Alaskan Bush People from the Discovery Network pursue a definitively large family, Brown’s story of a struggle to live a life far remote from civilization. The show also copies the family’s ordeal of not seeing any outsiders for many months.

The show shows the defiance of the Brown family toward contemporary society’s welfare as well as their survival stories through the wilderness. Matthew while the eldest son of the show’s lead star, Billy Brown, and his wife, named Ami, hasn’t appeared on the series for a while. A lot has transpired in Matt’s life since the Brown family left the wilderness of Alaska. From the news of his substance abuse to his sudden exit from the show, Matt has always been the subject of interest.

There are also a few or two scandals about him comprising accusations of rape and explosives. Whatever the case, he has been lying low since his hasty exit from the show. While Matthew Brown bio has been a finished no-show on Alaskan Bush People since season 8, he has also been more clear and vocal about his reasons. Read why he is often one of the most talked about stars from Alaskan Bush People. Latch onto some details of Matthew Brown bio’s shocking allegations, his detachment from the show as well as his family, his net worth, what’s he doing now, and also whether he has a girlfriend or not.

Matthew Brown bio Was grew up In The Corner of Most Part Of Alaska

On his YouTube channel, Matt, who is now 40 years old, declared that he grew up in the most remote parts of the great Alaskan wilderness.

Matthew Brown bio depicts the place as growing up on another planet and something of a feeling such as time warping to the stone age. He admits to those times partially coming to him like the wild west as well as partly a post-apocalyptic movie.

ex-Alaskan Bush People cast as well as Billy Brown’s eldest son, Matthew Brown bio or Matt Brown.
former reality star from Alaskan Bush People, Matthew Brown bio, or Matt Brown. From Facebook

Matthew Brown bio, fully Matthew Jeremiah Brown, who was born on Sep 7, of the year 1982, is the son of the late Billy Brown and his wife, named Ami Brown.

Matthew Brown bio Family As well as Siblings

Matthew Brown bio’s father the Brown family patriarch, Billy Brown perished in Feb of the year 2020 at the age of 68 following a seizure attack. His mother too fought a lung cancer diagnosis in April of the year 2017, stage three which she, however, endured.

Matthew Brown bio’s siblings comprise four brothers, named Gabriel, Bear, Noah, and Joshua, and two sisters, Bird or Snowbird, as well as Rain.Matthew Brown bio

Matthew Brown bio Story Of Substance Abuse And Alcoholism

As mentioned, Brown has had quite a reputation for his substance abuse as well as alcoholism which mostly happened during his time in Alaskan Bush People. The addiction was so severe that Matthew, in the year 2016, joined a rehab center.

Former drug addict and Billy Brown’s eldest son, named Matthew Brown.
former Alaskan Bush People star as well as ex-drug addict, Matthew Brown.

Things were looking good for the ex-Discovery star when he first began his time in the correction facility and had even managed to get out of it. Matthew, nonetheless, after leaving rehab relapsed as well as entered it for the second time in Sep of the year 2018.Facebook

This time, his treatment took place at the Betty Ford Center for addiction in the place of California.

Matthew Brown bio Blames The Production Of Alaskan Bush People For His Addiction Problem

For years, Matt didn’t talk publicly regarding his addiction problem but in April of the year 2021, he did disclose what particularly led him to succumb to drug dependence as well as chronic drinking. He has some people to blame for his addiction.Matthew Brown bio

In an Instagram video lasting 10 minutes from April of the year 2021, the once an outsider charged the Alaskan Bush People production of giving him as well as his family drugs.


Matt ruled Alaskan Bush People is the leading cause of almost all of his problems. The one-time wilderness inhabitor told the production team gave his family cocaine.

The now 40-year-old Matthew Brown bio told the production lied to Discovery about how he as well as his family lived with no electricity and television when in reality the Browns used all of those as well as occasionally. These lies, Matt said, were the reasons why he began his addiction. The former Bushman also became estranged from his parents after swooping into substance addiction.

Matthew Brown bio’s rehab stint was completed in Jan of the year 2019 and by March he was entirely sober. The reality star for over seven seasons celebrated one year sober on March 21, of the year 2021. He commemorated a year anniversary by sharing a video on Instagram with a great caption.

Matthew Brown bio
Brown Tells He Was Broke Despite Being The Cast Of Alaskan Bush People

In the aforesaid recording, Matthew also told his family stole his money. The then recording also comprised the ex-Alaskan saying he had gone broke as well as had hardly anything to eat.

In the video, Matthew Brown bio grumbled despite the Alaskan Bush People being a victory, he didn’t have any money or anything. He said his family precisely his father Billy kept most of the money.

How Rich Is Matthew Brown bio; His Net Worth?

While in the past, Matt has acknowledged going broke as well as having nothing to eat, whether his situation has changed since then is quite a brain teaser. Although he acknowledges his family made a lot of money off Alaskan Bush People, Matt tells he didn’t receive anything out of it. According to him, as spoken of, the money all went to his father.

Though he as well as almost all of the show’s fans have admitted that the Brown family has a combined net worth of around $60 million. The family already had accumulated that figure by early of the year 2020. What’s more, the Browns also have a mansion in the place of California.Matthew Brown bio

As for Matthew Brown bio, some reports indicate he is still in talks with his family members to get the money that Alaskan Bush People owe him. This sounds contrasting particularly when in the year 2020, it was reported that each of Billy and Amy’s children at the least earned over $60,000 each for filming the Discovery show throughout that special year.Instagram


To have a bit of a perspective, Matt’s sister, Snowbird made calculated around $60,000 a year according to the year 2021 reports.
Back then it was also apparent that Matthew himself had a net worth of over $150,000.


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