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Michael Tell is an American rock promoter. Michael Tell is famously recognized as the ex-husband of a late American actress named Patty Duke. Both of them married in the early ’70s made titles after they parted their ways immediately after walking down the aisle.

Even though it’s been decades since both of them parted their ways, Duke’s fans are still interested to know about Michael Tell. So what is Michael Tell doing presently? Where is the residing? Did he marry after his weak marriage to Patty? Who is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell rose to the spotlight in the years of 70s after he married a famous actress named Patty Duke. After their relationship ceased, Michael Tell has been keeping his lifestyle totally out of the media and he is keeping everything secret.

He hasn’t been available on social media as well which has made his lifestyle a mystery as he hasn’t revealed anything.

Moreover, there aren’t any details about his life before he met The Miracle Tell Worker actress. His age, birthday, as well as his career expansion, are also under the media radar as of yet.

Michael Tell’s Marriage to Patty Duke Ended

Michael Tell didn’t date actress Duke for quite a long time before he tied the knot with Duke. Michael Tell and Patty got married in June of the year 1970.

As per the sources and reports, the Academy Award-winning actress married Michael in a manic state. She impulsively wed Michael Tell who had been subletting her apartment.

People announced Patty had just found out she was pregnant with her son before she exchanged vows with Michael Tell. Michael Tell and Duke isolated just 13 days after their marriage and they annulled their relationship later.

Career and Professional life

Michael Tell is professionally an American Rock Promoter. Furthermore, he is well known as the ex-husband of popularly known late American actress named Patty Duke. Duke has been appearing in the acting sector since she was only 15 years old.

Moreover, she has worked for many television series as well as movies. She has worked for movies such as Country Music Holiday, Happy Anniversary, Gifts of Greatness, Prelude to a Kiss, The Miracle Worker, The Daydreamer, you’ll Like My Mother, and many others.

Similarly, she has also worked for many television shows such as Armstrong Circle Theatre, Kraft Television Theatre, The United States Steel Hour, DuPont Show of the Month, The United States Steel Hour, Once Upon a Christmas Time, Journey to the Unknown, and many others.

Patty Duke Married Four Times

Late Oscar-winning actress named Patty Duke was married four times in her lifetime. She was first married to director, Harry Falk in the year 1965. Her first husband was 13 years senior from her. Just four years after their nuptials, they divorced in the year 1969.

Michael Tell
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After finalizing the first divorce, Patty Duke tied the knot with Michael Tell which ended just 13 days after. After the futile second marriage, Patty began dating actor John Astin whom she married in the year 1972.

They gave birth to a son, actor Mackenzie Astin in the year 1973. Patty and Astin terminated their marriage 13 years later in the year 1985.

Patty’s fourth marriage was with a drill sergeant, named Michael Pearce. They married in the year 1986. The couple continued together as husband and wife until she died in the year 2016.

The couple didn’t give birth to any child, however, they adopted a son named Kevin who was born in the year 1988.

Michael Tell’s ex-Wife Patty Duke Died at the age of 69

Michael Tell’s former wife Patty Duke died on 29 March in the year 2016 at the age of 69. Patty, who is popular for her portrayal of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker died because of sepsis from an exploded intestine.

Patty’s agent Mitchell K. Stubbs declared her death. Meanwhile, Patty’s son, named Sean Astin disclosed a statement on behalf of the family that read This morning, their beloved wife, mother, grandmother, the matriarch, as well as the exquisite artist, humanitarian, and master for mental health, Anna PATTY DUKE Pearce, closed her eyes, quieted her pain, and she soared to a beautiful place.

The statement further stated that they celebrate the infinite love as well as attention that she shared through her work and compassion throughout her life.

Earlier, Duke battled bipolar disorder in the year 1982.
Born Anna Marie Duke on December 14, in the year 1946, in Elmhurst, which is in New York. She began acting in her childhood and her first major role came in the year 1959 when she depicted Helen Keller on Broadway.

Michael Tell
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Is Michael Tell the Father of Sean?

Actress Patty Duke gave birth to her son Sean on 25 February in the year 1971. Patty Duke gave birth to her son less than a year after her marriage to Michael Tell terminated. So, many of her fans considered Michael Tell as the father of Sean for many years.

Meanwhile, Patty’s relationship with Michael Tell lasted just a few days and she also had relationships with a couple of other men at the time. So there was confusion regarding who Sean’s real father was.

Patty ultimately came up to the conclusion that an actor named John Astin was the father of her baby, Sean.


The actor was married at the time so they kept their relationship quiet secret for a while. After he parted ways with his first wife, named Suzanne Hahn, John and Patty married in the year 1972.

After many years, when Sean was just 14 years old, his mother Duke confessed that his real father was Desi Arnaz Jr., who already had two daughters named Haley Arnaz as well as Julia Arnaz.

After that, an actor named Sean Astin went on to make his relationship better with Arnaz. Meanwhile, when Sean was around 26 years old, Sean met a relative of Michael Tell’s who said they were somehow related.

Following that, Sean determined to find out his biological father as well as underwent a DNA test between him and three of the possible men. The paternity test exhibited Michael Tell was his biological father.


People reported that Sean told the outlet In the year 2001 that If anyone want to know who he is, John Astin is his father, Michael Tell is his biological father.

Michael Tell
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Body measurements

Michael Tell is tall as well as a handsome guy. Talking regarding his body measurements, he stands about 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs about 70 kgs. Similarly, Michael Tell has a pair of dark brown colored eyes as well as has black hair.

Net worth 

Talking about achievements, Michael Tell has not been able to win any awards or nominations. Furthermore, we can assume he will get some in the following days. Michael Tell is an American Rock Promoter. Talking regarding his net worth, his estimated net worth is estimated to be around a 100k-1million USD.



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