Paula Bongino
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Dan Bongino is a multi-faceted personality. The 46-year-old American journalist, Dan Bongino has had a successful career as a political commentator, conspiracy theorist, radio show host, as well as author.

Besides, Dan Bongino has also formed a couple of prosperous businesses with his wife named Paula Bongino. Paula Bongino, as well as Dan Bongino, have been together for around two decades. Their relationship is still growing strong day by day.

Paula Bongino’s husband has been in the media for many years. Dan Bongino is a pretty prominent face in the entertainment industry.

His fans are always interested to know regarding his personal life which encompasses his married life as well as his children. In today’s episode, we are going to talk in detail about Dan’s wife Paula Bongino. Let’s have a deep look.

Paula Bongino’s Married Life

Paula Bongino and the Fox News correspondent named Dan have been married for around 18 years. Paula Bongino and Dan got married on August 30 in the year 2003.

The couple exchanged their vows in a personally organized wedding accompanied by their friends as well as family.

They have spent around two decades as husband and wife as well as their relationship has only evolved stronger over time. Their love, as well as respect for each other, is the great ingredient for their successful married life.

Dan has time and again expressed his gratitude to his wife Paula Bongino on his social media platforms. Besides, he also shares several photos of the husband and wife on Instagram.

He never forgets to wish her on her birthday or their anniversary which exhibits the affection they have for one another.

How Did Paula Bongino Meet Dan Bongino

Paula Bongino and Dan met for the first time in the early years of the 2000s and they hit it off soon. If the sources are to be recognized, they met on a blind date at Sullivan’s restaurant which is in New York City.

Coincidentally enough, their first meeting was sheer two weeks before the popular 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center. Bongino remembered the moment after the attack, He kept calling her at her office over and over.

Paula Bongino worked at Ground Zero at the Securities Industry Association at that time. So he was nervous, really panicked.

However, Paula Bongino, his future wife at the time, was thousands of miles away living in Nevada. Paula Bongino was there to meet her mother. They missed contact for a while and then ultimately reunited.

After a couple of years, Dan Bongino took Paula Bongino to the same restaurant where they had met for the initial time for dinner.

At that time, he got down to one knee and then asked his then-girlfriend to be his wife. She replied yes and was very emotional. Paula Bongino said remembering the moment.

She further added that Even though she could tell when he pulled me up from the train station that day something was up. He was a Secret Service agent, but she could always read him like a book.

Dan didn’t have to do any hard work to soften his future wife’s heart, however, it was difficult for him to win his future mother-in-law’s approval.

Bongino said his mother-in-law didn’t like him the first time when she met him. However, Dan Bongino said that he got to know that she eventually started liking him.

Paula Bongino Has Two Children

Paula Bongino and her husband of nearly two decades, Dan are blessed to be parents of two kids. They are blessed with two daughters, named Isabel Bongino as well as Amelia Bongino.

Paula Bongino
Source: The Sun

The couple gave birth to their first daughter, Isabel on January 15, in the year 2004, less than a year after their marriage.

More than seven years later, Paula Bongino and Dan welcomed their second daughter, Amelia on January 20, the year 2012. Their second daughter is aged nine years as of the year 2021 while their firstborn is 17 years old.

Isabel is presently in high school and she will graduate high school in the year 2022. As per Dan Bongino’s Instagram post, Isabel walked on to high school in May in the year 2018.

Meanwhile, Paula’s youngest daughter named Amelia is in her primary level. She graduated from pre-school in June in the year 2017.

Paula Husband’s Battle with Cancer

Paula Bongino’s husband Dan was diagnosed with the early stage of throat cancer back in September in the year 2020. On 23rd September Dan declared to a 7-centimeter tumor was found in his throat, however, it was uncertain if it was cancerous or not.

Paula Bongino
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He also said that he was flying to NY for the next screening. And on October 2, he declared that he received a bad phone call from doctors. After the diagnosis, he underwent surgery on October 7 and the whole tumor was expelled from his throat.

Further, on October 16, Dan revealed that he was officially diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and said he would be obtaining continual treatment in consultation with his doctors.

Paula Bongino Bio, Siblings, and Education
Paula Bongino was born Paula Andrea Martinez in Cali, which is in Colombia. Paula was born in August on 2nd, however, the year she was born is still ambiguous.

However, we have come to know that she is in her early 40s as of the year 2021 which makes her birth year be in the early 1980s. She is a naturalized US citizen when it comes to her nationality. She belongs to the Hispanic ethnicity.

Well, there isn’t much info about Paula Bongino’s parents, however, we do know that she has a brother named Juan Martinez. Juan resides in Las Vegas which is in Nevada.


Talking regarding Paula’s education, she has quoted in her Facebook bio that she studied CIS at Baruch College and graduated in the year 1998.

Paula Bongino
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Paula Bongino Social Media Presence

Even though Paula Bongino is a popular celebrity spouse as well as a businesswoman in herself, she doesn’t involve in sharing her life on social. She is not available on Instagram where she has accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Still, Paula Bongino hasn’t updated her profile in recent days.

Bongino has around 5.5k followers on Twitter where her last post date back to August in the year 2019.

She used to share photos with her husband and children in the past on Twitter as well as Facebook, however, she hasn’t done it in recent years.

Moreover, her husband, Dan Bongino is pretty available on all three major social media platforms. He has around 1.5 million followers on Instagram whereas his Twitter account has even more followers i.e., 2.4 million in July in the year 2021.


He repeatedly shares his work-related photos and he time-to-time updates his fans with his images as well.

Paula Bongino
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Professional Endeavours of Paula Andrea Bongino

With her formal education in computer science, Paula Bongino is a professional web developer as well. As per Facebook bio, Paula later worked at SIFMA, a securities industry. There are no details regarding her work after she met her now-husband, named Dan.


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