Morgan Lee Ketzner

Morgan Lee Ketzner is a first-year college student from Charlotte North Carolina who is also well known as the grandchild of the veteran WWE wrestler Ric Flair. Ketzner is Flair’s granddaughter through his eldest daughter named Megan Fliehr.

Ric often mentions as well as gives shoutouts to his granddaughter named Morgan Lee Ketzner on his social media accounts. In recent years he has congratulated Ketzner on her many high school achievements. Flair also wishes his granddaughter her birthday as well as occasionally shares pictures of him hanging out with his granddaughter.

Keep scrolling to learn more about this young celebrity relative containing details about her parents, her connection with her well-known grandfather, her college life, as well as further.

Morgan Lee Ketzner Grandparents Were From Minnesota As well as North Carolina

Thanks to her mother’s no celebrity lifestyle, not much about Morgan is known comprising her childhood as well as family history, particularly concerning her father’s.

Nevertheless, according to few public records, the paternal ancestry of Ketzner has roots in St. Paul Minnesota, as well as North Carolina presumably in Charlotte.

Ric Flair granddaughter named Morgan Lee Ketzner in Oct of the year 2013

Charlotte North Carolina native named Morgan Lee Ketzner in the month of Oct of the year 2013. Facebook

Her paternal grandmother, the late Barbara Jean Ketzner although initially from Minnesota later retired in the place of Charlotte North Carolina. She reportedly labored for 20 years at Factory Motor Parts in Eagan in the Accounting department.

Morgan Lee Ketzner also has an uncle, named John Ketzner (her father’s brother) who resides in the place of Clear Lake Wisconsin.

On the other hand, from her mother’s side, Morgan has ties in the place of Memphis Tennessee, where her famous grandfather Ric Flair was born. He later, nonetheless, would grow up as well as reside in places comparing Edina, Minnesota, as well as Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

2004 born Morgan Lee Ketzner  in June of the year 2016

Ric Flair granddaughter named Morgan in June of the year 2016

Speaking a bit about ancestry, Morgan in part (maternally) belongs to ethnicities including English, Welsh, French as well as Scottish. Moreover, since her grandfather, named Ric was assumed it is not sure if ni morgan Lee Ketzner carries the aforesaid roots.

How Old Is Morgan Lee Ketzner?

Ric Flair’s granddaughter, named Morgan Lee Ketzner was born in the month of April of the year 2004.

Morgan Lee Ketzner Grandfather, named Ric Flair Is A Veteran Wrestler
Quite obvious is the fact that Morgan’s maternal grandfather named Ric Flair is a revered wrestler whom people have frequently regarded as one of the best in the industry. He has had a career spanning around 50 years.

Throughout his career as a professional wrestler, Flair has competed in formats comprising Jim Crockett Promotions (JCP), World Championship Wrestling (WCW), the World Wrestling Federation (WCW), the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, later WWE), as well as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Ric moreover won many of his titles during his tenure with JCP and WCW. Ric is also the first great two-time WWE Hall of Fame inductee. WWE officially acknowledges him as a 16-time world champion.

Morgan Lee Ketzner great aunt, Charlotte Flair Is Also One Of The Greatest Wrestler

Morgan’s aunt as well as Ric Flair’s daughter, named Charlotte Flair, real name, Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr is also a famous WWE wrestler who is the presently SmackDown Women’s Champion.

WWE Smackdown diva champion named Charlotte Flair

Morgan Ketzner wrestler aunt named Charlotte Flair. WWE
She has been holding the title for a record of great seventh reign. Charlotte, a second-generation professional wrestler, in entire is a 14-time women’s world champion. She is also a record six-time as well as a seven-time winner of the Raw Women’s Championship.

Morgan Lee Ketzner Was A famous Star Athlete

Morgan Lee Ketzner

Flair’s granddaughter named Ketzner was a varsity athlete when in high school for The Providence High School Panthers, which is in Charlotte,  North Carolina. Furthermore, she was also her team’s captain. What’s more according to some reports, Ketzner was also into high school tennis as well as reportedly had won Player of The Match in a win against West Mecklenburg HS in Aug of the year 2018.

Ric Flair granddaughter named Morgan is a captain of her high school volleyball team
Providence High School student named Morgan Lee Ketzner. Facebook
Morgan graduated from great Providence High School in the year 2022. She presently is a freshman at the University of Alabama. Ketzner additionally is a member of the Delta Zeta sorority as well as a fraternity.Morgan Lee Ketzner

Morgan Lee Ketzner  Parents: Who Is Her Father; Is He Still Married To Ketzner’s Mother?

Although not markedly about her father, named Mark Ketzner is known, some public logbooks told he labours as a whole global multichannel strategy consultant at great Acxiom Corporation. He is believed to be residing in the place of Charlotte North Carolina. Ketzner’s father is a graduate of St John’s University, which is in Collegeville Minnesota.

Morgan Lee Ketzner ‘s mother named Megan with her current husband Conrad.
Megan with her husband named Conrad. Facebook
It is unclear when Mark as well as Morgan’s mother, named Megan Fliehr married but Morgan’s parents now are no longer together. It is also unclear when Mark, as well as Megan separated. Besides, the latter currently is married to great Conrad Thompson.

Ketzner’s stepfather, named Thompson is a mortgage broker, professional wrestling promoter, as well as podcast host. He presents as well as co-hosts several wrestling-oriented podcasts. He moreover promotes the Starrcast wrestling convention. Morgan’s mother as well as Thompson married each other on Oct 13, of the year 2018.Morgan Lee Ketzner

Meanwhile, Morgan’s mother (and Ric’s eldest daughter, Megan Fliehr) works as an administrator at great South Care Therapy Inc, Wilmington, which is in North Carolina. In the past, she also appeared in a few WWF TV Specials comprising WCW Monday Nitro as well as WrestleMania XXIV TV specials. She has also been in the year 2017 documentary TV series 30 for 30 as well as additionally has credits in the year 2002 WWE Royal Rumble as well as the year 2021 Most Wanted Treasures.


Is Morgan Lee Ketzner On Social Media?

Although great Morgan Lee Ketzner is presently very much in her late teens, which well known is an ideal age to have your presence or get practical with hangouts such as Instagram, as well as Facebook, the WWE Hall Of Fame grandchild has only a handful of cameos on such platforms.

Morgan Lee Ketzner

Former Providence High School student Morgan Lee Ketzner in the far left with her relatives as well as friends and her grandfather named Ric Flair in Dec of the year 2020
Retired WWE wrestler Ric Flair, in the far right, with his family comprising his granddaughter Morgan Lee Ketzner in the far left. Facebook
While Morgan Lee Ketzner does have an great Instagram handle, the teenager has rather made it exclusive to good friends as well as family. Nonetheless, she occasionally springs up on her grandfather, named Ric’s socials as well as on her friends’.She is on Facebook and on Twitter.


It accordingly is a puzzle what Morgan Lee Ketzner is doing besides her college.


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