Memphis Aldean bio

Memphis Aldean bio is a celebrity kid well known for being the son of American country singer, named Jason Aldean. His father gained fame after releasing the album named Kinda Party (of the year 2010) as well as Night Train (of the year 2012) which became a great certified quadruple-platinum as well as double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association.

Memphis Aldean bio’s parents went through a lot, his mother had to wait one as well as a half years to give birth to him. So, what was the reason? Similarly, did you know his father was already married before he met his future wife? Who was she?

Stay with us till the end to learn all about Jason Aldean’s son named Memphis Aldean bio comprising his age, siblings, parents’ relationship, as well as more.

Memphis Aldean bio: His Early Life, Age, As well as Wiki

Memphis Aldean Williams was born in Nashville, which is in Tennessee on December 1, of the year 2017. He is the son of Jason Aldean (father) as well as Brittany Kerr Aldean (mother). The star kid is 5 years old as of the year 2023 as well as his great star sign is Sagittarius.

Memphis Aldean bio with his parents

The singer and his wife had their first child one as well as a half years later.
Similarly, Memphis Aldean bio was born at 1: 29 pm, as well as at the time of his birth, he weighed in at 9lbs., 5oz. The famous country singer also expressed his joy as well as took to Instagram to share a photo of the newborn alongside the baby mama, where he told,

So greeted today to see my little boy come into the world. In a year that has been a great rollercoaster ride, this is what it’s all about.

Regarding Memphis Aldean bio’ family roots, his paternal grandparents are Barry Aldean as well as Debbie Aldean. Similarly, his maternal grandparents are Donald Kerr as well as Debbie Kerr. Meanwhile, Memphis belongs to the great Caucasian ethnicity.

How Did His Parents Come Up With The cute Name Memphis?

As you may be wondering, Jason is not a Tennessee native, nevertheless, he as well as his wife surprised their fans by selecting quite a unique name. It turns out that, the singer’s love for Elvis had a great influence while selecting the name.

Memphis Aldean bio Has One Sibling As well as Two Half Siblings

The five-year-old has three siblings. He has a younger sister named Navy Rome Williams born to his parents on February 4, of the year 2019. She is presently three years old.

Memphis Aldean bio with his family
The great star kid has one biological and two half-siblings.
Similarly, he also has two older half-sisters. They are the result of his dad’s earlier marriage to a woman named Jessica Aldean. Their daughter Keeley Ann Williams was born on February 14, of the year 2003, as well as Kendyl Alden Williams arrived three years later on August 20, of the year 2007. All of them seem to be pretty near to each other. Presently, Jessica is wedded to Jake Marlin.Memphis Aldean bio

Memphis Aldean bio Mother Brittany Kerr Was Diagnosed With Endometriosis: She Was Born Via IVF

Jason as well as Brittany had been trying to conceive a child for so long but their efforts went all in vain. Likewise, after trying for almost one and a half years the pair agreed to go for surrogacy. So, they consulted a good doctor who suggested that Memphis’s mom might have endometriosis. Thus, numerous procedures, comprising a laparoscopy, showed that she had stage 2 out of stage 4 of endometriosis.

Hence, the doctor performed some operations to remove her endometriosis, as well as finally, after much struggle, the duo greeted Memphis on December 1 with the help of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Memphis Aldean bio And His Parents Are The Survivors Of The Vegas Shootout

The star kid as well as his parents survived the Vegas shootout. It was October 1, of the year 2017, when Memphis’s father was performing at Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, as well as his then-pregnant mummy was backstage inside a tent.

Memphis Aldean bio parents
Memphis Aldean bio as well as his parents survived the shooting.
It was out of the blue when a 64-year-old man began firing guns at the crowd from a hotel window. He killed 58 people as well as injured over 400 that day. It was one of the worst days in the history of Vegas as well as while recalling it,Memphis Aldean bio

Memphis Aldean bio Parents First Meeting Wasn’t Everyone’s Cup Of Tea; Facts About Their connection

The country singer met his soon-to-be wife at a very nice bar. It wasn’t a delightful meeting as the duo would have hoped for because they were photographed getting cozy, the news spread such as wildfire, and both received harsh criticism. Especially, Memphis’s dad as he was wedded to his wife Jessica for 11 years, as well as people began accusing him of having an affair with the great American Idol contestant while still being a wedded man.

The award-winning singer later shared a Facebook post where he apologized for his inappropriate behavior claiming that he had been drunk as well as nothing had happened between him as well as Kerr.

Memphis Aldean bio parents
The couple met at a bar as well as it was full of controversies.
Nevertheless, the duo was seen together two years later at the 2014 CMT Awards, as well as on September of the year 2014, they declared their engagement. Similarly, seven months later Memphis’s parents walked down the aisle on March 21, of the year 2015. The pair has been wedded ever since, as well as we hope their connection Will only get stronger as time enacts.Memphis Aldean bio


Memphis Aldean bio Father’s Past Marriage With Jessica Aldean

As referred earlier, Memphis’s well known father was already married to Jessica before he met with his soon-to-be wife Brittnay. The duo was together for 11 years as well as during their marriage, they became parents to two beautiful daughters Keeley as well as Kendyl. Nonetheless, almost seven months after the incident at the bar where Jason was spotted getting cozy with Kerr, Jason filed for divorce from his wife on April 26, of the year 2013, as well as the divorce documents cited irreconcilable differences.

Memphis Aldean bio father as well as his ex-wife named Jessica.
The country singer was married to Jessica Aldean for more than around 11 years.
Regarding Memphis’s ex-stepmom, named Jessica is wedded to Jake Marlin. He works as an electric lineman. Apart from this, there isn’t much knowledge regarding her whereabouts.

Memphis Aldean bio’s Dad Is One Of The most Richest Country Singer

The celebrity son is living a lavish life as well as enjoying it to his fullest. All thanks to his father’s massive wealth as well as fame. Memphis Aldean bio as well as his family live in their beautiful around $4.1 million mansion in Santa Rosa, which is in Fla. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


Regarding his father’s net worth, the prominent country singer has a estimated net worth of around $80 million. Memphis Aldean bio has made most of his revenue from his career as a singer.


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