Morty Coyle

Morty Coyle (aka DJ Morty Coyleac) is one of the skilled DJs in Los Angeles, which is in California with over 15 years of experience in Dajing as well as almost 30 years in the music world.

He has worked as a DJ at nearly every famed club based in Hollywood as well as has also done hundreds of high-profile parties. Morty Coyle is presently the singer and a very good songwriter of the band All Day Sucker.

But, on top of that, Morty Coyle is popularly known as the ex-husband of Jodie Sweetin, an actress who is popularly known for her role in the ABC series Full House. The retired flames married in the year 2012 and separated a year after their nuptials. What was the reason behind their divorce? Also, know regarding their battle over their child support.

Well, here are various other hidden facts you need to know regarding musician Morty. Let’s get started!

Morty Coyle Birth Details as well as College

Morty Coyle was born on the 7th December in the year 1968, in Las Vegas, which is in Nevada. His age is 53 years in the year 2022. Growing up in his hometown of Las Vegas, the ex-celebrity spouse pertains to American nationality as well as has Caucasian ethnicity.

However, the details of his family background aren’t accessible so far. On the other hand, his former wife named Sweetin was adopted by her uncle Sam Sweetin after her mom, as well as her dad, weren’t able to care for their daughter when they were in jail at the time.

As for his education, Morty Coyle finished his graduation from University High School.

Morty Coyle Career

Morty Coyle is a DJ by profession. As we stated earlier, with several years of experience in DJing, the veteran artist can stir any genre of dance music from Hip Hop, Party Bangers, to mixing classic Rock n’ Roll.

As per his Linkedin profile, Morty Coyle has specialized as a DJ in several famed clubs in Hollywood, California. Similarly, Sweetin’s ex has done several parties as well as private events for several popular celebrities.

Morty Coyle is a DJ

In addition to DJing, Morty Coyle has also been a singer as well a songwriter for the musical band All Day Sucker since April in the year 1986. The classic pop band which shaped in high school gave The Wallflowers their first gig at Gazzari’s.

The band has also published a handful of songs like Life in the Passing LaneNobody SomewhereLand of Canyons, as well as more.

Morty Is The Father of One Child With His Ex-Wife named Sweetin

Before the former flames got fixed, they became parents first. Morty Coyle’s then-girlfriend Sweetin gave birth to their cute daughter named Beatrix Carlin on 31st August 2010. At the time, the proud dad said People,

Jodie was incredible and is doing great. We are now the proud, delighted parents of Miss Beatrix Carlin Sweetin Coyle.

As per the sources and reports, the baby girl weighed around 7 lbs., 4 oz., and was around 19 inches long at the time of her birth.

The Fuller House star named Jodie’s rep Stella Alex announced that the actress was anticipating her child with her boyfriend of one year in April in the year 2010.

Morty Coyle Proposed To His Girlfriend At Her 29th Birthday Party

Jodie Sweetin’s then-boyfriend named Morty popped the question in quite a shocking way. The veteran DJ proposed to his partner with 2½-carat oval sapphire, enclosed by 18 diamonds at her 29th birthday celebration in front of all their party guests. The party took place at the Kibitz Room in the place of Los Angeles.

After getting an enormous gift on her birthday, the actress told People, “It was a complete wonder. We are just excited and I am in scare still!”

The venue was already full of guests but Jodie didn’t have any idea regarding the plan. Besides, their then-5-month-old cute daughter also witnessed this great event.

They Declared Their Wedding A Year After It Happened

Talking regarding their marriage, Morty Coyle as well as her fiancee named Jodie exchanged their vows in a personal wedding ceremony in Beverly Hills on 15th March in the year 2012. But, the duo disclosed the two got married a year after their marriage.

The Fuller House actress said People,

We had wanted to keep it quiet and confidential for a while, but felt that on our first wedding anniversary, it was time to share!

Morty Coyle

Jodie also characterized their big day as an incredible, intimate celebration with each other and our families.

Coyle’s All Day Sucker bandmate as well as longtime songwriting partner named Jordan Summers officiated their big event. The actress opted for a  tea-length Oleg Cassini dress.

Are Morty Coyle as well as His Wife Jodie Still Married? Their Short-Lived Marriage

Although their marital relationship was a smooth ride originally, it busted up after a slight bit more than a year of marriage. Sweetin filed for divorce from her husband in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences as the explanation behind their separation.

Morty Coyle

In her court papers, the actress requested sole custody of their daughter named Beatrix as well as the ownership of the year 2000 Toyota Avalon.

Their Divorce Finalization

Sweetin and her spouse Morty Coyle’s divorce proceedings took over three years to be completed. Although Jodie initially sought sole custody of their girl, the court later awarded the two equal custody of their daughter.

During the time, the tabloid reported the exes would also equally divide the income as well as assets they made as a married couple.

Are Morty Coyle as well as Sweetin’s Battle Over Child Support Ended?

The former flames who officially divorced in Sept in the year 2016 were encompassed in the battle over monthly child support in the year 2021. It all occurred after Morty Coyle’s ex-wife filed in court to mitigate the child support payments the actress pays to her hubby for their daughter. She used to pay around $2,800 monthly to her ex-spouse as child support.

Jodie, 40, cited a huge fall in income after the Covid pandemic behind her reduction petition. She also alleged the cancellation of the Netflix show was her huge loss.

But, her former hubby Coyle answered her request, saying that the actress had a lot of acting gigs in the year 2020 and was also making at least around $200k at the time.

The DJ further told me he took care of their daughter Beatrix while she was out for filming. He also alleged that he is unemployed at present.

Afterward, the two notified the court they entered a private financial settlement, meeting Coyle’s demand for an improvement.

Morty Coyle

Sweetin Married Twice Before Morty Coyle

As a matter of a fact, the actress already went through two failed marriages before it captioned the third one with Morty. She first married Shaun Holguin, who was a police officer in the year 2002, and separated in the year 2006.

For the second time, Sweetin married  Cody Herpin, a film transportation coordinator in July in the year 2007 and separated in April in the year 2010.


Where is Morty Coyle Now? His Love Life After Divorce

Currently, the skilled DJ Morty resides in Los Angles, California with his daughter. Needless to state, the father, as well as the daughter duo, shares a great bond. The doting dad has posted several photos of his daughter on his social media handles.

His relationship status after his divorce from his ex-wife, named Morty has remained quite confidential. He has since never appeared with his love life publically.

In the meantime, his former spouse is now engaged to her fiance named Mescal Wasilewski.

Morty Coyle

What is Morty Coyle’s Net Worth?

His estimated net worth is around $500,000 in the year 2022. He has mostly racked the abovementioned fortune from his career as a DJ as well as a musician. Besides, his ex-wife Jodie has a wealth of around $2 million. Her main source of income is her work in movies as well as TV shows.


Social Media Presence

Morty Coyle is available on social media. He has Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram accounts. However, the DJ has kept his accounts private. But, he regularly keeps revising his Facebook as well as Twitter handles.


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