Patricia Noah

Patricia Noah is a South African media attitude. She is prominent as the mother of Trevor Noah. Her son is a comedian, TV host, actor, as well as political announcer.

Trevor is the announcer of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program on Comedy Central. He recently also hosted the talk show named Tonight with Trevor Noah on M-Nt as well as DStv.

Trevor Noah’s mother named Patricia grabbed media attention even more after her 38-year-old son disseminated his autobiographical comedy book Born a Crime in the year 2016. The book is about Trevor’s upbringing in born South Africa when having mixed-race babies was deemed a crime.

Well, here are several unknown facts regarding Patricia Noah encompassing her tough childhood, education, and work. Also, find out how Trevor was assumed in the apartheid era?

Who Is Patricia Noah? Details Of Her Parents as well as Childhood

Patricia Noah is a South African media personality as well as the mother of distinguished comedian Trevor Noah. She was born in the place of South Africa to Temperance as well as Nomalizo Frances Noah.

South African businesswoman Patricia Noah

Patricia Noah is a South African business owner as well as the mother of great comedian Trevor Noah
Source: Instagram
She holds a South African nationality and has Xhosa or Nguni racial descent. As per reports, Noah was a central child who was sent to live with her father. However, her father overdue sent her to reside with his sister (her aunt) at Transkei.

While Trevor was at Transkei, the celebrity mother shared the hut with 14 other cousins from various parents encompassing her aunt’s children.

Where did Patricia Noah Grow Up? She Attempted To Put Food In Her Belly As A Child

Noah evolved in the slums of South Africa let alone alongside 14 kids of her age. As the government allotted very little land to the public, the residents were forced to live in a very tiny space.

Without electricity, water, proper food, as well as infertile soil, sustaining one’s life was a severe sport. As money was limited, people maintained themselves with low-level agriculture.

Patricia Noah with her mother named Nomaliza Noah and her relative

Patricia(left) pictured as a baby alongside her mother named Nomaliza Frances Noah as well as her cousin
Source: Daily Mail
Well, Noah also had to earn for herself. She would help with fieldwork. Even then, there was barely sufficient food for all of the kids. She had to fight with others to get a bit of food.

Sometimes, when they didn’t have food, Patricia would snatch animal foods, scraps, or anything she would get her hands on to replenish her belly.

Patricia Noah

Noah’s Saving Grace Was The Missionary School

As she grew former, Patricia Noah decided to learn how to read and write, hence, joined the still-operational missionary school. And after learning how to read as well as write, she landed a job at a factory nearby where she earned a meal per day as payment.

Not to forget, Noah had lived almost 12 years along with her aunt as well as her other cousins. She went back to Soweto after her aunt fell sick, but during this period her stay was short-lived as she moved to Johannesburg soon. She moved to Johannesburg to flee from the cycle of poverty and to avert the ‘Black Tax’.

During the era when not several jobs were available for black people, Noah luckily landed a typing job. These sorts of jobs were usually earmarked for the whites or any other qualified jobs or administrative positions.

Patricia Noah

At the age of 22 years, Patricia Noah reportedly landed a job to work as a secretary for a huge pharmaceutical corporation in the white area of Johannesburg.

Patricia Noah Managed To Live In Johannesburg

Although the future comedian’s mother landed a respectful job in the area, it was still deemed a crime for black people to live there. Hence, Noah began glancing for alternative ways to spend the night.

South African comedian Trevor Noad with his grandmother named Nomaliza Frances Noah

Trevor alongside his late grandmother named Nomaliza Frances Noah back in the place of South Africa
Source: Instagram
At first, Patricia Noah spent the night in public restrooms and here as well as there. After that, she met some Xhosa prostitutes who instructed her on a sleek way to live in the city. They educated her to conceal herself as a maid as well as do her job as undetectable as feasible.

Sadly, Patricia Noah was often grabbed and arrested by the guards despite her training and concealing efforts. But as she received enough money, she would pay the fine and go on doing a similar thing.

Patricia Noah  Met Trevor Noah’s Father In Hillbrow

While residing in Hillbrow, Noah met a Swiss-German descent man named Robert Lloyd. Robert was double the age of Noah as well as saw her as a casual friend. But one night, Patricia inquired Robert to have an infant with her even though they were not romantically correlated.

Patricia Noah

Patricia Noah also warned him that he doesn’t have to pay for child support or be in the child’s life if he didn’t hope to be in it. At first, Robert decreased the offer saying he didn’t want a child but later on agreed with Noah.

During that time, having an interracial baby was a crime for black as well as whites with a jail time of 5 years. Nonetheless, the pair greeted Trevor Noah on 20th February in the year 1984.

Despite having a baby together, named Patricia Noah and Robert never spent time or lived together as a pair. Quickly after having Trevor, she walked to the place of Joubert Park.

Patricia Noah

Also, Robert would go out of his way to discern his son every once in a while. Later on, he shifted to Cape Town and lost touch with Trevor for various years.


Patricia Managed To Escape Jail Time

As remembered earlier, having colored babies during that time was a criminal act. Hence, to conserve Trevor’s personality, Patricia told the doctors that the father of her child was from several countries.

Patricia Noah

The doctors thought her story as well as filled ‘another country’ in her son’s birth certificate for the nationality of the father. Furthermore, the occupation of the father was left empty.

South African comedian as well as TV show host Trevor Noah

An image of Comedian Trevor Noah as a cute newborn baby
Source: YouTube
After this, Patricia concealed her son’s identity as much as she could by fastening him in a swaddle to cover him up. When Trevor started growing old, she behaved as a maid to Trevor’s declared parents.

Trevor’s alleged parent was a white lady residing in the same building who freely agreed to help Patricia. While going out with her son and the lady, she would call her Queen and delude to be her maid around the police officers.

Patricia Noah virtually put forward Trevor in confinement and isolation from the world to escape prison time.


Patricia Noah’s Marriage To Her First Husband named Abel Ngisaveni: They Have Two Children

Back in the year 1992, Noah crossed paths with Abel Ngisaveni when her Volkswagen car demanded repairs numerous times. As time went by, she and Abel fell in love and they agreed to take their connection to the second level.

Abel as well as Patricia Noah became husband and wife after signing the marriage papers. At that time of their marriage, cute Trevor was just 8 years old. Also, he didn’t like Abel much as well as had a bad feeling regarding him.


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