Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker is the late theater performer, actress, as well as acting coach who is note worthier as the ex-wife of the Grey’s Anatomy actor, named Patrick Dempsey.

While she had substantially minor films and TV credits than her former husband, named Dempsey, turns out Rocky Parker was quite a pivotal person in the primitive phases of the Emmy-nominated actor’s career. Something that also achieved much advertency from the people during their togetherness was the retired couple’s age difference. On one hand, Dempsey was just in his early 20s, while, on the other hand, Rocky Parker was already bossing into her ’50s.


Read up on how they came to be husbands as well as a wife in the first place, how long they remained married, why they repatriated, Rocky Parker’s life after the divorce, her death, and much further.

Rocky Parker Was Born In The ’40s

The Enchanted actor’s ex-wife, named Rocky Parker, originally, Rochelle “Rocky” Parker was born on February 26, of the year 1940, in Brooklyn, which is in New York.

Rocky Parker whose middle name is Natalie was the daughter of Bernard Parker as well as Shirley Parker. Rochelle’s mother, Shirley was an actress known for films such as Mission Mars and The Minx. Patrick’s late ex-wife, named Parker evolved in Hopkinson Avenue. Later her family moved to the place of Bayside, Queens in the year 1949.

Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker Education

Rochelle studied at Martin High School in Queens. It, however, is ambiguous whether former Mrs. Patrick completed her education or not or if she followed college.

All Of Rocky Parker’s Family indulged In The Movie Career; She Was Interested In Acting From A very Young Age
Parker came from a family of actors. Allegedly almost everyone in her family had some connections to the exhibit industry. This ultimately led Rocky to formulate an income in acting. It, however, was her aunt Ida, who established her fascination for the performing arts.

New York native late actress named Rocky Rochelle Parker With Her Family

The late actress, named Rocky Parker, is the tightest one with her family.
Ida when Rocky Parker was seven was helping at Movie Star Slips and she would send Parker clothes, pajamas, as well as things from the sets so that she could try them on. Rocky’s aunt would also seize her to watch Broadway demonstrates around the city.

After visiting all those stage shows, Rocky Parker ultimately became fascinated with the entertainment industry. Thereafter, Rochelle auditioned for High School Performing Arts in Manhattan and governed to ensure one of the parts.

Rocky’s mother, however, originally withheld her daughter’s decision, and the actor/racer’s ex-wife accordingly had to let go of her desire to act. Rochelle, nevertheless, would resume at the age of 17.

Parker Was Also An Ads Model

Rocky Parker while, well known for her association with acting and stage works originally started as a model. She had presented for magazines such as True Romance in the ’50s.

Rocky Parker in one of her early photograph ads for Virginia Slims

Grey’s Anatomy actor, named Patrick Dempsey’s former partner, Rocky Parker in one of her early print ads for Virginia Slims. Instagram
Rochelle besides was also a part of the Virginia Slim Campaign, You’ve Come A Long Way Baby. The New York native, nevertheless, would stop modeling after which she walked into the theater plays in the ’60s.

Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker’s Career As A Theater Actress

As a theater performer, Rocky’s early play was with the company, The Company. There she depicted Imposters Imposter by great Susan Barson.

Some of Rocky’s following dramas were What’s So Beautiful regarding A Sunset Over Prairie Avenue?, Miss Julie, The Last Chord, and others. Parker’s first Broadway show was The Survivor with David Marshall Grant as well as Zeljko Ivanek.

She in the meantime also acted in director, Neil Simon’s show, named Brighton Beach Memoirs. On the big screen, Rocky’s acting credits include the films like Boxing Helena, Can’t Buy Me Love (the year 1987), Happy Together (the year 1989), as well as In the Mood (the year 1987).

In addition to acting, Rocky has also directed, written, as well as coached some actors and actresses. She co-directed and wrote the year 1994 film, Ava’s Magical Adventure where her former partner, Patrick Dempsey worked in the role of Jeffrey. Many of the actors whom she has mentored encompass Joan Chen, Little Richard, Kelly Preston, Heather Thomas, Brad Garett, as well as many others.

Rocky Parker

Rocky Parker As well as his Husband named Patrick Dempsey Met During A Theater Play Production


New York native, Rocky met the Flypaper actor, named Patrick Dempsey on the production of the play Brighton Beach Memoirs. At the time, Patrick was still in his late teens while Rocky, then 44 r 47, interestingly, fiddled with his aunt in the play.

Despite the age difference, Rocky as well as the actor/professional racer began courting and after three years of relationship wedded each other in Aug of the year 1987. Some though report they in actuality fled to Santa Monica.

Patrick Dempsey with his late ex-wife as well as an actress named Rocky Parker
Boxing Helena actress, named Rocky Parker with her ex-husband and Grey’s Anatomy actor, named Patrick Dempsey. Shutterstock

They started their relationship by expending time together after the rehearsals. Rochelle would give the People’s Choice Awards winner career advice and later also evolved into her manager.


Patrick Dempsey Married Much Older, Rocky Parker

Patrick in an interview whilst clarifying his marriage to Rocky said he liked being in a relationship with someone who’s lived more than he had. He at the time also said how marrying someone his wouldn’t have helped anyway because of the inexperience from both sides.

Rocky Parker and Her Ex-Husband, Patrick’s Net Worth

Given Rocky had some more reverence than her ex-husband, named Patrick when the Scream 3 actor was beginning his career. Nonetheless, as he began prospering, Parker went on to become a sort of a has-been personality. As Dempsey began getting big-screen roles Rochelle’s string of acting in films as well as TVs a way halted wholly.

And by the time, Patrick became a household name in the ABC series, Rocky had dived into oblivion and perhaps only a few people knew she was the first wife of the Brother Bear 2 actor.

Rocky Parker

That said, it occurs less likely that Rochelle was anywhere nearly as well off as her ex-husband, named Patrick Dempsey.

The attention glances are even more real to life in light of Rocky Parker’s former spouse’s estimated net worth of around $80million. Regardless, Rocky could however have assets or means in the closeness of hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions during the last years of her life.



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