Pauline Sinclair
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Pauline Sinclair is the youngest child of an American actor named Vin Diesel as well as his long-term partner named Paloma Jiménez. 6 years old Pauline Sinclair is already hugely popular in the media, primarily because of her prosperous parents. Her mother is a great Mexican model.

Well, as the daughter of one of the most prosperous actors, Pauline Sinclair’s life has been a subject of huge interest. Many want to examine the childhood she is living. Here, we have brought to you every element including her career, relationship with her parents, and many other unknown details.

Pauline Sinclair Is The Youngest Child

As per sources, Pauline Sinclair is one of three children of father Vin and a mother named Paloma. She was born on March 14 in the year 2015, in Los Angeles, California. As of 2021, she is 6 years old and is presently studying in school.

As a star kid, she has been living a pretty elegant life with her parents. Not only this, but she also shares a great connection with both her father as well as the mother. She often appeared in the Instagram posts with both her parents.

Pauline Sinclair Has Two Siblings

Well, talking about Pauline Sinclair, she is not the only daughter of a Fast & Curious actor. She is blessed with two siblings, a brother named Vincent Sinclair & a sister named Hania Riley Sinclair.

Hania is the oldest of all three siblings and was born in the year 2008. Likewise, Vincent was born in the year 2010 and is 11 years of age in the year 2021. Pauline Sinclair has a great relationship with both her siblings.

Her Father was Named Pauline Sinclair After Paul Walker

Vin named his youngest daughter Pauline Sinclair after his Fast & Furious co-actor as well as friend Paul Walker. He died back on November 30, in the year 2013, in a car crash. Talking about his decision to name his daughter after his late friend, Vin mentioned that he was just about to cut the umbilical cord when his thought struck him.

During a conversation with Today, he said, that He was in the room. There’s no other person that he was thinking about as he was cutting this umbilical cord. He just . . . knew he was there. It felt like, you know, a way to keep his memory a part of my family as well as a part of his world.

Pauline Sinclair
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Her Parents Are Together From many Years

Pauline’s parents named Paloma Jiménez as well as Vin Diesel are together for years now. They began dating in the year 2007 when Vin was around 40 whereas Jimenez was 24 years old.

The couple is together for around 14 years and their love for one another has only increased day by day. Back in the year 2016, Vin was even accused of cheating on Paloma which proved to be completely false. Rather, the allegation appears to have only enhanced their bonding as Vin came up with a strong announcement post the rumors.

He said, that She’s everything. The perfect mother. She’s just so wonderful in so many ways, She’s so stunningly as well as beautiful, but the thing people don’t realize is she’s my rock, so she’s so stunningly beautiful on the inside.

Well, despite being together for so long, they have never decided to tie the knot as of yet. However, we hope we will get to see them as husbands as well as wives in near future.

The career of her Parents 

Both Pauline Sinclair’s parents are very prosperous in their fields. While her father Vin is an actor as well as a filmmaker, her mother named Paloma is a Mexican model. Talking of Vin, he began his acting career in the year 1990, appearing in Awakenings.

Ever since his debut, he has acted in several movies such as Strays, Saving Private Ryan, The Fast and the Furious, The Chronicles of Riddick, Fast Five, and various more.

Pauline Sinclair
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On the other hand, Paloma, as a model, has appeared for modeling agencies like ID Model Management, Kyoto Booking Models, Two Management, Look Models, etc.

Besides, she was also featured on the cover of the Mexican edition of Maxim Magazine in the year 2005.

Paloma Jiménez

Paloma Jiménez was a Mexican model. Also, she is an actress. Before shifting to the US, she was a well-known model in Mexico’s fashion industry. She was the brand ambassador of some world’s most productive brands such as Pantene, Honda, Coca-Cola, etc. She was also the cover girl for the Maxim magazine in the year 2005 and also for the Max magazine in the year 2006.

In the year 2007, at the Ready to Wear- Spring/Summer fashion show, she has shaped for Abel Ibanez, Nestor Osuna, Clara Gonzalez, as well as Pineda Covalin. In the year 2004, Paloma has also featured in, Otro Rollo con: Adal Ramones. It was a Mexican comedy as well as various television series.


Pauline Sinclair Net Worth

Pauline Sinclair is very young and has not begun her career professionally. Thus, she does not make her own money but got all fame. Nevertheless, on the other hand, her father Vin is pretty rich with around $225 million in net worth, as of the year 2021.

Pauline Sinclair Height And Weight

As all we know, fans are always interested to know about all the small things. They all knock them every moment such as how tall was Pauline Sinclair and what was her weight and many more questions. She has been able to achieve a height of 3 feet 4 inches which is also the same as 100 cm. She has also a good bodyweight that reflects her character and expresses her personality. Her body weight is estimated at around 25 kg which is identical to 55 lbs. As she was a little infant now her body weight and height will certainly change as time went on and she grows older.

Pauline Sinclair is fond of her dad’s voice and she loves it so much when her dad sings to her. Pauline was named in tribute to her father Vin’s close friend named  Paul Walker. She was the co-star of The Fast and the Furious who was died tragically During a car accident in the year 2013.

Pauline Sinclair
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Pauline’s mother named Paloma has been represented by two management in her career named, ID Model Management as well as Looks Models Agencies.


She has two siblings, both were elder than her named  Hania Riley Sinclair as well as Vincent Sinclair.

Pauline was not active in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram as she was too small to handle these sites and channels






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