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Rishia Haas is well-known as the ex-girlfriend of the prosperous culinary expert, Andrew Zimmern. Rishia Haas’s ex-husband hosts various famous TV shows like Bizarre Foods America, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and many more TV Shows.

Besides, Rishia Haas also helps as a beekeeper at the University of MN Bee Lab. Let’s know more about her career, education, net worth, many more interesting facts!

Rishia Haas’ Early Life and Education

Rishia Haas the ex-wife of Andrew Zimmern was born in Champlin, Minnesota, the United States. Rishia Haas belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Rishia Haas followed Anoka High School, in Anoka.

After schooling, Rishia Haas went on to study at Augsburg University, in Minneapolis.

The career of Rishia Haas: An old employee at The Retreat

Rishia Haas formerly labored as an entries coordinator at The Retreat: Alive with the Spirit of Recovery. The improvement center in Wayzata, Minnesota renders certificatory drug healing programs for those who clash with narcotic and dipsomania addiction.

After departing from The Retreat, Rishia Haas went on to merge with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation as an executive subordinate. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation was founded in 2014, the addiction organization has a habit research base and a graduate academy that concentrates on how to resist addiction.

Rishia Haas and their husband Andrew Zimmern dated for almost 2-year before the wedding.

As per media, Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern met in the late 1990s. Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern both were working at Minnesota’s cooking school. The couple, Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern tied the knot on the 26th of December in 2002.

Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern organized their post-wedding celebration a month later they got wedded. Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern’s relationship sadly ended almost after 15-years in 2018. The reason behind their break up is not known till now!

Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern share joint custody of their son after break up:

Rishia Haas
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Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern greeted their child, a son whose name is Noah Zimmern in 2005. Andrew Zimmern often shares adoring posts with his grown boy, Noah Zimmern flaunting his absolute love on social media. Tributing the 2016 Father’s Day, Andrew Zimmern shared a photo with his son, Noah Zimmern.

Since their break up in 2018, Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern are now co-parenting their son, Noah Zimmern after their divorce finalization.

How did Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern’s relationship end?

Andrew Zimmern had a shady past. Andrew Zimmern was once abandoned due to his addiction to drugs and alcoholism. Andrew Zimmern was already on a difficult path since his early teenage life.

Initially, it all started following a family hardship. Andrew Zimmern’s brother was once in an oxygen tent in a trance. Andrew Zimmern told the public, that It was just like trauma.

Andrew Zimmern added, “My parents had been not together for almost six or maybe seven years at that point, and it was kind of the seminal occurrence of my life.”

Andrew Zimmern followed Dalton School and after that enrolled at Vassar College. Andrew Zimmern was adjourned almost three times when he was at college. Seemingly, Andrew Zimmern also spent some time in prison.

Slowly, Andrew Zimmern started recovering from obsession. Earlier this year in 2020, Andrew Zimmern celebrated 28-year of solemnness.


Andrew Zimmern earned early popularity after his work as administrative cook of Café Un Deux Trois. There Andrew Zimmern spent four-and-a-half-year framing his culinary prowess.

Andrew Zimmern later built many famous TV shows that include Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern was released on Travel Channel on November 1, 2006. But the fame Andrew Zimmern earned in the successive years wasn’t good for his love life due to his busy schedule.

Andrew Zimmern told The New York Times, “I wasn’t there for my spouse, Rishia Haas and also I wasn’t there for my son, Noah Zimmern. My companion gave me a thousand opportunities to make it right”.

In an exclusive interview with Minnesota Post, the TV host, Andrew Zimmern stated that his wife, Rishia Haas, and son, Noah Zimmern are “victims of my popularity”.

After their divorce with his wife, Rishia Haas, Andrew Zimmern stated, “I want to be the best ex and the best dad I can be”.

And related to what Andrew Zimmern said, Andrew Zimmern and his wife Rishia Haas have a good relationship. Andrew Haas enjoyed the 2020 Mother’s Day publishing a beautiful picture of his late mom and wife, Rishia on Instagram.

However, they have preserved a very low-key about their private thing. Rishia presently lives in Edina, Minnesota.

Net Worth of Rishia Haas:

Rishia Haas has a net worth of approximately $500,000. On the other hand, Rishia Haas’s ex-hubby Andrew Zimmern has a figured net worth of $8 million. Andrew Zimmern has attained a considerable portion of his wealth from his versatility in numerous regions.

What is Andrew Zimmer’s ex-wife Rishia Haas doing after divorce?

Rishia is presently a beekeeper at the University of MN Bee Lab. It facilitates the diversity and health of bee pollinators through adequate programs and education.

Talking about her experienced career, Rishia Haas initially began working at a cooking school’s store. Coincidentally, Rishia Haas’s then future-husband Andrew Zimmern was a teacher in the late 1990s.

Son of Rishia Haas and Andrew Zimmern:

Rishia Haas
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Being born into a family of famous idols often leads one to get famous shortly. Similarly, Noah Zimmern is the one who came to the limelight as the son of a culinary expert, cook, director television personality, author, and restaurateur, Andrew Zimmern. Andrew Zimmern has attained a following among the paparazzi and the common public.

As a child of a celebrity, Noah Zimmern has been living an impressive life with his family. There’s a lot of information about personal life and family.

All you need to know About Noah Zimmern

Noah Zimmern was born on the 25th of February in 2005, in Minnesota, The United States. Furthermore, Noah Zimmern holds American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

Furthermore, Noah Zimmern is the son of a very famous producer, director, chef, entrepreneur, Andrew Zimmern. Andrew Zimmern is also known as the co-creator and host of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzare World. Noah Zimmern’s mother is Rishia Haas, who is a TV producer. Noah Zimmern is the only son of Andrew Zimmern and his former wife, Rishia Haas. And, Noah Zimmern has a prosperous relationship with his father, Andrew Zimmern and he often follows public occasions with his father, Andrew Zimmern.


Unlike other star kids, Andrew Zimmern wants to keep his son, Noah Zimmern media-friendly instead of keeping him low-key. And, the kid of celebrity is concentrating on his studies and admiring his teenage days. But the fascinating fact that is to see in the approaching days, either Noah Zimmern pursues his father, Andrew Zimmern’s footsteps or creates his mark on other businesses.

Is Noah Zimmern Dating Someone?

Well, the explanation to this query is possible ‘No’ because the kid of celebrity hasn’t yet dealt any sorts of facts about his girlfriend. Additionally, Noah Zimmern is still young, and Noah Zimmern is concentrating on his career rather than proposing to anyone at the moment.

The 16 years old celebrity kid is residing a very low-key life, and there are no features if Noah Zimmern is dating or in a relationship with anyone or not. Therefore, Noah Zimmern is concluded to be single as of 2021 and celebrating his single life with his friends and family.

Noah Zimmern’s Parents Relationship:

Talking about Noah Zimmern’s parents, his father, Mr. Andrew Zimmern, wedded his mother Rishia, an executive assistant at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Founded on the 26th of December in 2002. The lovebird tied the knot in a private procession held a day just after Christmas at St.Paul Judge Roseanne Nathanson, Minneapolis, among their close and loved ones.

And after six months of the wedding, the couple threw a great wedding celebration at their home in Edina, Minnesota. The passionate duo had the first encounter while following a food competition in Minnesota in the year 2001. Later, after occasional meetings, they finally fell in love. Surprisingly, both of them were correlated with famous food shows, Bizzare Doods, Andrew Zimmern as host, and his partner as well as his wife, Haas as a producer.

How wealthy is Noah Zimmern?

The adorable and young Noah Zimmern became the heartthrob of media as a son of Andrew Zimmern and Rishia Haas. However, Noah Zimmern’s profession has no precise facts, so his fortune is still unknown. Though born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Noah Zimmern enjoys a luxurious life from his parent’s earnings.

On the other hand, Noah Zimmern’s father Andrew Zimmern has marked an irreplaceable name in the heart of thousands of lovers. According to some online platforms, Andrew Zimmern’s totaled net worth is $8 million as of 2021, and Andrew Zimmern receives $35000 per episode from Bizarre Foods. Also, Andrew Zimmern acquires the Lucky Cricket restaurant, from which he earned thousands of dollars in revenue.

Furthermore, Noah Zimmern’s mother, Rishia Haas has gathered a total net worth of $1 million. The normal earnings of a TV producer are $67,451, so Rishia might obtain the same amount from her career.


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