Protests by truckers
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A convoy-style demonstration is beginning in California and closing in Washington. Protests by truckers blockade at the U.S.-Canada border are undermining supply chains for the auto industry.

Held hostage in my city:

Ottawa restaurants sit were empty as protests by truckers chunk customers. Police officials said that they are facing new problems in dismantling the occupation. All the Ottawa’s calls are turned down by Tow truck operators for help.

G.M. and Ford said that Canada protests by truckers and bridge closure were not hampering operations. Protests by truckers in Canada are inspiring copycat convoys in Australia and New Zealand. The truck blockade at the U.S.-Canada border is undermining supply chains for the auto industry.

The Ottawa lasted paralyzed for 2 weeks of protests by truckers in opposition to pandemic measures. The demonstrations continued to repeat beyond Canada, for the moment cutting off the country’s busiest border crossing. Copycat convoys are spreading to New Zealand as well as Australia, with plans for a third in the United States.

Smaller protests by truckers buffeted the core of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. The new protest was targeting the Ambassador Bridge to Detroit. The bridge was an important link for the automobile industry. It relies on the shuttling of parts and components across the border. It will keep factories vibrating in Ontario and the Midwestern United States.

The heavy trucks and private vehicles were blocking traffic in Canada. The bridge is listed as temporarily closed by the Canada Border Services Agency. But Traffic was again moving to the United States through a secondary entrance to the bridge.

Protests by truckers
Source: Wall Street Journal

Many Windsor protests were covered with flags and posters criticizing vaccine mandates. Mr. Trudeau said in the national capital that it had to stop the protesters, whom he accused of undermining Canadian democracy.


Plans of United States:

The United States was planning for a demonstration protests by truckers. It would be similar to the one in Ottawa that appears to gain momentum, assisted by online supporters.

Brian Brase said that route and timing of the demonstration, to protest pandemic restrictions were set to be announced on Tuesday. As per all the messages posted on social media, the route may be starting in Sacramento, Calif., and ending in Washington. Mr. Brase declined to comment on the details of the convoy without an official announcement.

It is unclear how large any such convoy should come to pass. Anti-vaccine activists started planning on popular forums on Facebook, Telegram, and messaging apps. The P.M. said to the House of Commons that the protests by truckers were harassing Ottawa residents. He said that they are trying to blockade their economy, their democracy, and their fellow citizens’ daily lives.

Mr. Trudeau said that hundreds of Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been mobilized to support Ottawa police officers. They promised that the Canadian government and city is going to employ resources to get the situation under control. The authorities in Ottawa announced a state of emergency on Sunday.


The prime minister faced new disagreement from within his party ranks. He spoke out against Mr. Trudeau’s said that people worried about the government’s policies have legitimate concerns.

Source: Toronto Star

He said Mr. Trudeau shouldn’t demonize people who are worried about pandemic limitations. Several hundred trucks continued to paralyze the city center in Ottawa. The continuous honking of last days appeared to have subsided. Reports in Ottawa said that the residents were able to sleep peacefully for the first time in a week. But many businesses had shuttered during protests by truckers which led to a loss of tens of millions of dollars.


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