Jose Trinidad Marin
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Jose Trinidad Marin, get fame after being married to the late singer Jenni Rivera, the man who was behind one of the most brutal and vile sexual abuse scandals of all time.

For several years, while he is in a relationship with Jenni, Jose sexually abused his sister-in-law & his daughter. The crude man finally got what he deserved and was sent to prison for 31 years.

It has been a long time since the trial unfolded. Most of the late singer’s fans are curious to know if Jose is still alive. Moreover, many of you are unaware of Jose’s early life so stay tuned as we have all the facts that are mentioned below today!

All you need to know about Jose Trinidad Marin:

Born on February 15th, 1964, in Mexico, Jose Trinidad Marin first came to media prominence after he married American songwriter-singer, Jenni Rivera. During the initial phase of their relationship, the duo keeps their relationship secret about their marital life because of which there’s a little less info about Jose.

Although, Jose belongs to the Mexican ethnicity and has American-Mexican nationality. His parents initially raised him in Mexico before moving their way to the US.

There’s no info about when he moved to the states. That being said, if we consider his first meeting with his wife while studying in high school, we can say he was fairly young when he moved to the states.

Age, Height & Zodiac sign of Trinidad Marin:

Well, he is having 67 years of age as of 2021. Likewise, currently, he stands 5 feet 10 inches. And for his zodiac sign, he is an Aquarius.

Professional career of Jose Trinidad Marin

At that time when he and Jenni first started dating, Jose worked in many odd jobs to make ends meet. Around the same time, he acquire a job as a restaurant manager from where he started earning a decent amount of money.

He had also told Jenni Rivera not to study in college and stay at home taking care of their family & kids. Naturally, Rivera didn’t agree with him and eventually, it led to physical abuse.

Besides, after the divorce from Jenni Rivera, he moved on in his life and started a new life in Riverside County.

When did Jose & Jenni Rivera tie a knot?

Jose Trinidad Marin
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The lovebirds tied the knot in the year 1984. At that time of their marriage, Jose was only 20-year-old and Jenni was only 15. At the time of their marriage, Jenni was already pregnant with their first child.

When you marry the person whom you have loved with your whole heart, you somehow expect everything to work out. Likewise, Jenni was hoping her marriage would also, work out. Unfortunately, their marriage life was full of problems and constant abuse.


Her husband didn’t only physically abuse her, but he also sexually abused their own two daughters and her sister-in-law.

How many children did Trinidad Marín have with his ex-wife Jenni?

According to the media, they became a parent for the first time when Jenni was studying in high school. She gave birth to her oldest child on June 26th, 1985, who is a daughter named Chiquis Rivera. Although Jenni became a mom in her teenage life, she quite managed to graduate high school and provide for her child.

Several years after the oldest came, Jenni and Marin welcomed their second child on November 20th, 1989, is also a daughter named, Jacqueline Rivera After a few years, on September 11, 1991, they became again became parents of a baby boy named Michael Rivera.

All three of them are doing great in their particular career. The oldest one Chiquis Rivera trod the same path as her mother and became a singer. Meanwhile, the other two became actors who work primarily in English and Mexican series & films.

When Did Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera divorce?

After years and years of mental torture & sexual harassment, Jenni finally decided to call for divorce. She filed for divorce somewhere in the initial 90s and it was finalized in 1992. The custody of her three kids including 2 daughters & 1 son was given to Rivera.

Initially, Jenni stated that she filed for divorce with Jose Trinidad Marin due to the emotional & physical abuse that he inflicted on her. It was several years after the divorce, maybe in the year 1997, when she found out about her ex-husband’s sexual abuse immoral behavior.

Jose Trinidad Marin sexually abused his daughters & sister-in-law

Jose Trinidad Marin
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For many years, the previous husband of Jenni Rivera was sexually exploiting Jenni Rivera’s sister Rosie and his own two daughters. It all began with his sister-in-law Rosie and afterward he started molesting his own two daughters as well.

In 1997, Rosie first disclose the Jose’s wrongdoings. Back then she claimed Marin molested her and also their oldest daughter Chiquis Rivera. When the results of the physical examination came out, it was also found that he also abused his other daughter, Jacqie Rivera.

As soon as Jenni Rivera heard the dreadful news, she filed a complaint against her husband. Thereafter, the court ordered him to appear, however, he ran away and became a refugee. He had also started his new life in Riverside County with a new identity and all.


However, all his efforts disappear or went in vain as in April 2006 the authorities finally arrested him.

When did Marin got arrested?

After almost a year of legal battle, Jose was found guilty of sexual harassment. The court sentenced him to 31-years of life in prison.

What is Marin’s Net Worth?

Late singer, Rivera’s ex-husband Jose was unemployed as soon as his all bad comings were exposed. However, his net worth is approximately to be around $600,000 to 800,000.

Is Jose Trinidad Marin still in jail?

In 2018, there were rumors that Jose is getting released from prison for good behavior.

When did his ex-wife Jenni Rivera die?

In 2012, Mexico. Her plane crashed & her body was taken back to her hometown, where she got buried at The All Souls Cemetery.



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