Renata Notni: Her Career, Boyfriend, Net worth & more Facts

Renata Notni
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Renata Notni is a Mexican actress and a well-known model for her works in Un gancho al corazón, El Dragón: Return of a Warrior, & others. Recently, she is in the media for her appearance in the Netflix series The Five Juanas as Juana Valentina.

Well, over the years, she has achieved honorable fame and fortune as a model & an actress but what about her love life? Is she dating or married or having a boyfriend? Here, we will find out some untold facts about her professional & personal life.

Let’s find out.

All you need to know about Renata Notni:

A film actress of Mexican TV, Renata Notni was born on 2 January 1995 in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. She is the daughter of mother Liliana Notni & father Alfredo Martínez Guerrero.

Well, like any child, she shares a healthy relationship with her parents, especially with her mother. She loves spending time with her mother and oftentimes she also shares photos of her on her Instagram account. In addition, she also has a younger brother named Hector. She shares a great relationship with E.Martinez Notni.

Talking about her education, she did her schooling in her hometown in a local school. Just after that, to pursue her love for acting, she took acting lessons at CEA Infantil, a drama school. The school is run by Televisa in the city, Mexico. In 2014, she also enrolled in an acting course at Stella Adler Acting Studio, in New York.

Height & Age:

Renata Notni
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If we Talk about Renata’s age, she is 26 years of age. Likewise, her height is 171 cm, which is 5.6 feet.

She started her acting career when she was 10. So far, Renata Notni has appeared in dozen of TV series & movies. She made her debut as an actress when she wasn’t only 10 years old, appearing in a telenovelas Código Postal in 2006.


Since then, she has come into view in 8 different telenovelas which include La Rosa de Guadalupe, Un gancho al corazón, Mar de Amor, Amorcito Corazón, to name a few.

Similarly, she has also appeared in some long-term shows including Love from the Hood, where she was seen in over 110 episodes. Apart from these, she has also appeared in some other famous TV series like Yo Quisiera, Quiero amarte, Mi adorable maldición, & El Dragón: Return of a Warrior.

The Five Juanas, the popular series of Renata Notni:

Lately, Renata is in the limelight due to her appearance in the Netflix series, The Five Juanas. The series is based on the life of five girls who all have nearly the same names and similar birthmarks.

In the series, the character played by her is Juana Valentina. The series also glares Oka Giner, Juana Arias, Zuria Vega, & Sofia Engberg, in the lead.

Is Renata Notni dating anyone right now?

It looks like Renata has found a man. As per, she is dating her boyfriend who is a Mexican actor, Diego Boneta. The actors have been together for a long time but had been keeping their love affair discreet.

Though they kept their relationship secret for a long time, they seem to have revealed it finally. Renata and her boyfriend Diego have made their relationship obvious on September 23, when they shared photos of their romantic Cappadocia balloon ride in Turkey. In the caption, the couple mentioned “Kismet” which means “kiss” in Spanish.

Besides, the couple also went out on an outing to different locations in the world. Reportedly they went on a long holiday in Spain, France, England, Turkey, and Greece in the summer.

Apart from those, the couple has also come into view in a few events together which include the Platinum Awards in Madrid. Further, they also have appeared on the red carpet at the Starlite Festival.

Renata Notni
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Renata Was Engaged In The Past!

Well, Renata’s relationship with Diego is not her only well-known relationship. Before Diego, she was in a relationship with Andrés Rivero. They were even engaged and had plans to get married.

However, things did not work between them leading to a breakup after 2.5 years. Talking about the reason behind their breakup.

Renata said, ‘Yes. The truth is that after 2.5 years we ended our relationship. I’m very relaxed, we ended up on the best terms, but you need to be mature enough to know that when two paths lead to different places, there is nothing to do. It remains a memorable memory in my life.’ The former couple had 10 years gap in age.

What is Net Worth of Renata Notni?

She has done dozens of movies and TV series, her net worth is expected to be huge and so is the case. She leads a luxurious & beautiful life with all the wealth she has. But what in reality is her fortune? Well, her net worth as per sources is approximately $2 million.


Most of her worth comes from roles in movies & TV series. Further, she also adds a lot to her wealth from her music videos & modeling.

In 2017 she was the lead actress in the series ‘Mi maldición’. She took part as Aurora, a business girl, and everyone believed that she was cursed.

Social Media life of Renata Notni:

Likewise any other celebrity, Renata is fond of social media. She is also on Twitter not only on Instagram and has a huge following on both platforms.

As of 2021, she has approximately 4 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, on Twitter, she has 109k followers. She is very much active on both platforms, where she gives insight into her professional & personal life.

Awards & nominations:

In 2011 she was nominated for an award, Best Young lead actress, but she didn’t win. Although in 2017 she was again nominated & also won. In an area where fortune & fame are the hallmarks, Renata Notni is doing very well.



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