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Sandi Graham bio (nee Sher) is the mother of the rapper as well as the Degrassi actor named Drake. The Canadian pop artist’s declaration of his love, as well as gratitude for his mom, has carried Graham her share of fan following.

Drake’s parents, particularly her mother — have featured prominently in his life as well as he is not afraid to sing her praises.

Here is everything you need to understand about Sandi Graham bio. En route, also know about her as well as her prominent son’s struggle; how the two managed on their own, their life after celebrity, as well as much more.

Sandi Graham bio Is From An Ashkenazi Jewish Family

Sandi Graham bio was born on January 28, of the year 1960, to a great Jewish-Canadian family (an Ashkenazi Jewish background). Her mother, named Evelyn Sher, died away on Thanksgiving Day in the year 2012. Sandi Graham bio’s son, named Drake was extremely close to her. The Degrassi star has cited her as his inspiration in different tracks whilst also talking about how Sandi Graham bio helped grow him. Some of his songs even comprise voicemails from her, such as his year 2011 song Look What I’ve Done.

Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham bio
Drake’s mother is named Sandi Graham bio. Source: Getty
Paying a tribute to her, Sandi Graham bio’s son opened sports as well an as entertainment club named Called the SherClub in his home city of Toronto, which is in Canada. A year earlier, Sandi had lost a brother in the year 2011.

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Sandi Graham bio Married A great American Drummer From Tennessee

Sandi Graham bio as well as Dennis met in a bar where Dennis was working. Her ex-husband, named Dennis is a Memphis-born former drummer as well as a practicing Catholic from Memphis, which is in Tennessee.

Sandi Graham bio’s former husband comes from a musical family in Memphis as well as had been a drummer for artist/rock as well as roll trailblazer, Jerry Lee Lewis at one point. He relocated to Toronto in the eighties as well as met Sandi at a nightclub named Club Bluenote, again the place where he was an employee.

They later divorced when Drake was around five years old. Drake during an interview revealed his father’s early careering was the primary cause behind his separation from Sandi.

Drake’s parents, Sandi Graham bio as well as Dennis Graham

Drake’s parents, Sandi Graham bio as well as Dennis Graham at the backstage of the year 2021 Billboard Music Awards on May 23, of the year 2021, in the place of Los Angeles. Source: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU

Ms. Graham got full custody of good Drake after theit separation. The mother-son duo then remained in Toronto while Dennis shifted back to Memphis. Graham grew her son mostly in Weston Road in Toronto, a working-class west side of the city.

Later, when Drake was in the sixth grade, his present 61-year-old mother shifted with him to a wealthier part of town, Forest Hill.

Drake’s parents were also jointly together when their son won the Artist of the Decade at the Billboard Music Awards in May of the year 2021.

Drake Has Talked About His Mom, Sandi Graham bio In Several Of His Songs

Drake doesn’t hesitate to dedicate lyrics, songs, as well as social media posts to his mother. The Hotline Bling singer has referred his mom, Sandi Graham bio, over a couple of his songs. He has expressed a lot about her as well as their family situation in some of his musical creations.

Some of the songs in which Drake gets personal comprises Successful, Must Hate Money, Look What You’ve Done, You & The 6, and From Time, to mention a few. The 34-year-old rapper conferred mom named Sandi Graham bio with the Best Rap Album Grammy he had won for — Take Care in February of the year 2013.Sandi Graham bio

Graham’s Cutest connection With Her Son Drake

Over the years, it has been lovely apparent, Drake’s love for his mother, named Sandi Graham bio, and her for him, is a gorgeous personification of a mother-son connection goal. The singer has always put herself first as well as Sandi never misses wishing her son his birthday, song’s release, and achievements, as well as a son. He is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.


As such in September of the year 2021, Sandi Graham bio lavished her rapper son with flowers as well as encouraging sweet notes in the lead-up to the release of his album, named Certified Lover Boy. Drake shared the image of the bouquets of red roses as well as messages that his mother sent him in the days before he fell his new collection.

Over the countdown of the album’s discharge, the Canadian mom began again to pour her wishes for the rapper. Whilst doing so she spoke of how being his mother had been her life’s greatest treat. She also characterized the long hard road they’d taken together.

Drake shows the blossoms his mother sent him
Drake shows the blossoms his mother sent him. Source: Instagram
Her singer son has often talked about his and his mother named Sandi Graham bio’s struggling days. With Drake to look after, Sandi establish half of a cottage they could live in.

The other populace had the top half while the mother, as well as the son, had the bottom half. Drake lived in the basement, as well as Sandi on the first floor. During one interview, Drake explained it was not big, it was not elegant but it was all that Sandi Graham bio could have afforded. He remembered how his mother would often evolve sick as well as that they were very poor.

Sandi Graham bio Liked Serena Williams To Be Her Daughter-In-Law

In Aug of the year 2014, amidst the rumors regarding Drake as well as Rihanna’s rekindled romance, a Hollywood Life report told Sandi Graham was believing Wimbledon star named Serena Williams was “the one” for him. At the moment, the tennis player had been documented to have a thing with the rapper.Sandi Graham bio

Drake’s mother named Sandi Graham bio liked her son as well as Serena Williams to be a supporter for long term
Drake’s mother Sandi Graham bio liked her son as well as Serena Williams to be partners for the long term. Source: Getty
A source then told Drake as well as his mother is truly tight as well as like the good mensch, he is, he listens to her. The source distant expanded Sandi Graham bio wasn’t truly searching for anyone best for Drake , but if she had to choose one woman he’s been with it would be Serena, Sandi adored her athleticism as well as told she’s as sweet as well as wholesome girl.


Sandi Graham bio Net Worth

Unlike her son, named Sandi Graham bio’s net worth is yet to be made shared. But deeming the love as well as care, she’s been obtaining from her wealthy son, that should barely be of concern. Drake very clearly wouldn’t think for a second even if she were to pour out all of his enormous fortune (close to around $ 200 million) on his mother, named Sandi Graham bio.Sandi Graham bio

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Whatever the topic, Drake’s fans can rest ensured with the topic that his as well as Sandi’s days of occupancy below the means are long gone. As of the present, Sandi Graham bio numerous conceivably varieties with her son in an insane Toronto estate worth over $6 million.


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