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Many kids become popular very early in their lives. For kids born to stars, these kids don’t have to do anything to become popular. The prosperity from their star parents just rubs off on them, and the kids are making the news as newborns.

Taylin Gaulden is the third son of an American singer, rapper, Youtube star, NBA Young Boy. Young Boy, Taylin Gaulden recently became famous because of his Youtube earnings and music sales. Taylin Gaulden has billions of lovers across the world and several billion followers on Instagram as well.

Although Taylin has star parents and has been the topic of debate in the past, many details about Taylin Gaulden’s life are unfamiliar to the public.

Education and Early Life:

Taylin was born and grew up in Louisiana, USA, on the 19th of March 2017. Taylin Gaulden’s father is an American singer, rapper, and sports fan, NBA Young Boy, and Taylin Gaulden’s mother’s name is Nia. There is hardly any detail about the kid, Taylin Gaulden’s upbringing or education, but it is determined that Taylin has a prosperous life, gratitude to his parents.

In terms of schooling also, there is no evidence relating to Taylin.

The career of Taylin Gaulden:

Taylin Gaulden has no business of his because Taylin is still a small child. However, it is Taylin Gaulden’s father’s career that has attracted attention to their beings.

Between the years, 2015 and 2017, NBA Young Boy successfully released up to eight dominant mixtapes and progressively gathered a large number of lovers through his music album. Young Boy got approved by Atlantic Records in the year 2017, and they distributed two more mixtapes.

Young boy’s single, Outside Today, which was broadcasted in January of 2018, peaked at 31st rank on the Billboard Hot 100 graph. The music was the lead sole for Young Boy’s debut music studio album Until Death Call My Name, which was also published in the year 2018, and it peaked at 7th rank on the US Billboard 200. Young Boy has also published singles like Valuable Pain, Slime Belief, and Genie.

Young Boy Never Broke Again is the most profitable project on the graphs is AI Young Boy 2 (2019) It peaked and debuted at 1st rank on the Billboard 200. The body of work starred singles like Slime Mentality, Self Control, and Make No Sense.

Young Boy also struggled with the rapper Juice Wrld who is dead now in the music album Bandit. The music became one of his top-ten ones. Previously in April of 2020, Young Boy broadcasted his sixteenth mixtape, 38 Baby 2, which debuted and peaked at 1st rank on the Billboard 200. Also, in the year 2020, Young Broadcasted his additional studio album, Top which came to be his third album on exterior the tables in less than a year.

Sweet Little Taylin Gaulden Has Six Half-Siblings:

Taylin Gaulden
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Taylin Gaulden is not the only child of Young Boy. Taylin Gaulden is the third kid of Young Boy and has six other brothers and sisters, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, Kayden Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kentrell Gaulden Jr., And Kacey Alexander Gaulden. The latter Kentrell Gaulden Jr. is the youngest kid of NBA Young Boy who came from his matrimonial relationship with Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna Mayweather.

Taylin Gaulden’s father has had several relationships:

Apart from his real mom Nia (Trinia “Nia”), Taylin Gaulden’s father has three more relationships.

While it is insisted that Young Boy had just a one-night relationship with Nia, Young Boy had quite a long-term affair with the rest of his ladies.

Here is the list of Young Boy’s Girlfriends:


Taylin Gaulden’s father Young Boy has been in a relationship with Nisha since Young Boy was only 15 years old. From Taylin Gaulden’s father, Young Boy’s relationship with Nisha, Nisha and Young Boy greeted Kayden Gaulden.

Second Girlfriend Starr Dejanee:

Young Boy had a long-term relationship with Starr Dejanee. The two, Young Boy and Starr Dejanee even greeted two kids together, Kamiri and Kamron.
Talking about Starr Dejanee, Starr Dejanee is a businesswoman and has a large fan following on Instagram.

Jania Bania- third Girlfriend:

Jania Bania and Young Boy started their relationship in the year 2018 and greeted their son Kacey in the year 2019, a few months after Jania Bania broke up with Young Boy.


Talking about Jania Bania’s experienced life, Jania Bania is a social media blogger and is quite prominent on Instagram.

Taylin Gaulden’s Car Accident: Taylin Gaulden Almost Lost His Life:

Taylin Gaulden car accident: he almost lost his life in a horrible car accident on the 24th of June in 2018. The tragedy happened when Taylin Gaulden’s father Young Boy lost control and finished up collapsing into a car.

Though the car turned over, Taylin, Young Boy, and his sister who was also existing in the car were luckily untouched.
Taylin Gaulden’s Father, Young Boy Has Been in Extended Legal Issues:

Taylin Gaulden’s father, a rapper Young Boy has filed into several legal cases and Young Boy has also spent some time in jail as well. Young Boy was previously arrested on the 28th of November in 2016 after Young Boy had flipped out of a moving vehicle and unwrapped fire on a group of people on a South Baton Rouge street.

Then Young Boy was convicted to prison for attempting first-degree murder. Young Boy was discharged in August of 2017 on three years of active probation.

Just a few months later in February of 2018, the rapper, Young Boy was again sentenced for the attack, kidnapping, and weapons violations. Young Boy was expelled on the 15th of March in 2018, on $75 thousand bails.

Taylin Gaulden
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Again, on the 12th of May in 2019, rapper Young Boy was entangled in a shooting program in Miami. At that time, a shooter put fire thereby wounding Young Boy’s then-girlfriend and murdering a person standing nearby. In response, Young Boy put the fire.

The young boy was not arrested for shooting in the incident, Nonetheless, Young Boy disobeyed the constraint of his probation for which Young Boy spent almost 90 days in prison and Young Boy was outlawed from executing for the upcoming 14 months.

Net Worth of Taylin Gaulden:

Taylin presently doesn’t have any type of experienced career or any other well-known company in his name, but Taylin Gaulden’s approximated net worth is $300,000 from his father, Young Boy’s growing wealth in the leisure industry over the years of Young Boy’s working career.

Taylin Gaulden’s father, NBA Young Boy’s wealth is calculated to be more than $10 million amassed from his catalog shows, concerts, sales, YouTube earnings, among other undertakings endeavors.


There is however a long way to go for Taylin to start his career and attain money, but so far, it looks like the young boy, Taylin has everything he needs.

Conclusion of Taylin Gaulden’s article:
Although Taylin Gaulden has often been published on social media by his parents, most of Taylin Gaulden’s life has stayed unknown so far.

Taylin is most famous for being the child of the American Rapper NBA Young Boy. Taylin has been off the news for the excessive part, none other than when there was a debate about his paternity and when Taylin was entangled in an emergency with his parents.


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