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This Is Us – the finale has shown an awful end to Kate Pearson & Toby Damon’s love story. Here’s everything about what went on to Toby on This Is Us.

The season 5 finale of This Is Us has taken an engaging turn. Fans of the show desperately want to learn if Justin Hartley aka Kevin Pearson and Caitlin Thompson aka Madison Simons to say ‘I do to each other. However, now in a tragic turn of events, the season’s finale has shown an unfortunate end to Chrissy Metz aka Kate Pearson, and Chris Sullivan aka Toby Damon’s love story.

What happened to Toby on This is Us? 

In the finale episode of This is Us, fans can see Kate and Toby going on odds. Toby has been proposed a new job that expects him to move to San Francisco three days a week. Initially, Kate consents to his decision and agrees to move with him for his happiness. She tries to resign from her to maintain proportion in her home life.

However, her boss Phillip rejects her resignation. He tells her that initially, he wasn’t a fan of her, but, after the lack in her education and training, Kate evolves to be glorious at her work. He asks Kate not to resign. And post this she is seen saying to Toby that she cannot quit her job. While doing so, Kate also puts in that she expects Toby to fulfill their ambitions.

Kate persuades Toby that she would like to spend four days of a week with him instead of deciding to spend seven days with someone else. The duo agrees to make it work. Then in a flash-forward, five years later Kevin and Madison can be seen getting prepared together for a wedding. At first, fans guessed that it could be their wedding until their heart is mashed with another heart-breaking shocker.

Madison and Kevin are merely accompanying Kate’s wedding. In the following scene, Kevin bumps into Phillip and it becomes obvious that Kate and Phillip shared more than an employee-boss relation. What happened to Toby on This is Us is yet not revealed. It appears that the duo couldn’t retain their long-distance relationship which might have concluded in their divorce. The incidents that lead to their divorce will only be understood in season 6 of the show.

What’s planned next? 

The writers said – we’ve realized that this was the path for so long and when we were going to do it for so long that it was almost like past the point of, “Should we, or should we not?” because that was just what gives to them. It was more about: How exactly will we perform this? Very early on — not just at the onset of this season, but many seasons ago — I realized what the final moment of this episode was taking off to look like and feel like. And I knew it would be the finale of the season. So when you know that, then you stop announcing “but…” and you start saying “how” a little bit further.


And we have certainly good writers and us just kind of forecasted it. It’s meant to be a shock, and then you’re implied to process it. And we don’t want people who love the couple to certainly love it right away. We’re trying to catch something we haven’t done on the show, which is a lovely married couple maybe not making it all the way. And it’s something that occurs very commonly.  More mutual than not in the human experience. It was something we always knew we were going to discuss in our final season.




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