Jessica Samko

Jessica Samko is an American reality TV star who became well-known for her work in the series, Shipping Wars. Her two seasons on the show were more than enough to make her a fan dear. We all understood her exhibit of women’s strength and ability in accomplishing in the most severe of situations.

Unfortunately, the show was abolished in the year 2015 after which people became increasingly interested in what happened to their favorite star. Well, after wrapping up with the A&E network show, Jessica Samko began again her work as a trucker.

Moreover what about now? What is Jessica Samko performing? Is she wedded? Who is her husband? Find out answers to these questions encompassing some fascinating facts about her life.

Jessica Samko

Who is Jessica Samko? Her Early Life and Wiki

She was born on June 1st, in the year 1982, in Amsterdam, which is in New York. Jessica Samko belongs to the American nationality as well as his Ukrainian ancestry. Samko is the daughter of cute Christina Buczkowski. Her parents separated some time ago as well as of now, her mother is presently married to Kevin Buczkowski.

Jessica Samko

Jessica Samko Parents

Jessica Samko with her mother, named Christina.

Apart from herself, she has one brother, named Matthew aka Samko. Her brother presently works as a Realtor based in the place of Fort Myers, Florida. Recently, he too worked as a truck driver at Hill and Markes, Inc.

Talking regarding her education, well, she studied at a local school in the place of Amsterdam.

Jessica Samko Profession

It is not rocket science to realize that Jessica is a trucker girl. From the beginning of her life, she knew someday she want to hop on a big truck and provide goods for a living. As well, as they say, fortune favors the brave, she pursued her dreams, something which is relatively challenging for everyone, and became a trucker.

Besides, it was her courageous nature that influenced her decision of evolving into a trucker. When she was a kid, she always dreamt of working on a trip and traveling across the globe. However, after falling in love with a trucker, she began wondering if she wants to see the world inside of a cab of a big rig or from a ship, and she selected the former.

Jessica Samko Now

Jessica Samko is popular for her appearance in the show, named Shipping Wars.

While talking about her ruling to become a trucker, named Jessica told OverdriveOnline,


It’s decent of both worlds. I get to see the country, I get to do a job that I love, as well as now I get to see everything with my boyfriend.

Jessica Samko

In the beginning, she began working for Landstar, a company that transmits goods all across the country. Thereafter, she joined her husband Derek Smith at this company DMS Transport LLC. She then began her own company JMS Transport LLC, where she is presently working.

She likes adventure

Before even she began working as a female trucker, Jessica always liked standing out, be it by driving motorcycles or going to rock concerts, she was an autonomous streak. In an interview with Overdrive Online back in the year 2013, she said,

I like going to rock concerts. I love rock—I love the energy it provides me—but sometimes I don’t glance as I fit in there either.

Jessica Samko additionally jests,

Most of them have mohawks or 90 percent of their body coated in tattoos, and I’m almost there on the side.

Jessica Samko

Thankfully, she liked all the awareness.

How did Jessica become a part of Shipping Wars?

Well, Jessica’s journey toward becoming a part of the series is relatively fascinating. So back when she was making a lot of head turns, her boyfriend Derek thought it would be a decent idea to enter her into Overdrive’s Most Beautiful contest. There were a lot of gentleman female truckers who also joined the competition.

Although Jessica couldn’t care less if people didn’t like her not, her photo just provided her a chance of a lifetime. You see, around the same time, a producer at A&E network was casting for the sixth as well as seventh seasons of Shipping Wars. After staggering Jessica’s photos, the producer agreed to call her up, and the rest as they are history. When she increased country-wide fame, Jessica didn’t forget to thank Overdrive for furnishing her with the opportunity.


She captioned in the show for two seasons and quickly became a fan favorite. Her strict attitude is what drew fans toward her. We were all so interested to see more of her in the show, but unfortunately, it was cut short as the show got canceled in the year 2015. As for the reason, reports indicated it was due to monetary issues.

Jessica Samko Boyfriend

For a long time, Jessica was in a relationship with a fellow trucker named Derek Smith. Her boyfriend is also the owner of DMS Transport, where Samko used to work before unlocking her own transport company. It is not realized how the lovebirds joined but we can somehow determine they must’ve met while doing something, trucky, IYKWIM.

Jessica Samko

Jessica Samko Husband

Jessica’s ex-husband named Derek Smith.
After dating for some time, they even got engaged and exchanged vows some times after. Around the time when Jessica was headlining in Shipping Wars, she was wedded to Derek.

Nevertheless, their relationship couldn’t maintain for long as well as the pair divorced, as evident from their Facebook account. They don’t stake any kids between them.

Jessica Samko


Jessica Samko Relationship

Jessica is presently single.
As of now, she is appreciating her single life with herself as well as her pet pooches.

Jessica Samko’s net worth

At present, her total net worth stands at around $750,000. She earns the majority of her income through her work in transportation. In addition, she also earned a hefty paycheck from her work in Shipping Wars.



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