Zooey Jeong

Zooey Jeong is the daughter of the famous The Hangover actor Ken Jeong as well as his long-time wife, named Tran Jeong. Zooey Jeong is one of the cute couple’s twin daughters. Zooey Jeong, who is in her mid-teens has yet to put her step into her career, nonetheless, she has already made her way into the glamour world being the daughter of a distinguished actor as well as a comedian.

Zooey Jeong doesn’t make her media impressions as much which is why people are unaware of several things regarding her. Even though her father shares her photos on social sites sometimes, he hasn’t discussed much regarding her as well.

So, in today’s episode, let’s analyze the nitty-gritty of Zooey Jeong’s life.

Zooey Jeong’s Birthday, Early Life as well as Family

Zooey Jeong was born on May 26, in the year 2007, to parents Ken Jeong and Tran Jeong in California, the United States. She has a twin sister, named Alexa Jeong. Born in America, Zooey Jeong pertains to Asian roots as both her parents are from eastern Asian nations.

Zooey Jeong’s father, Ken has South Korean descent. Her father was born in the USA while her paternal grandparents, D.K. Jeong as well as Young Jeong were from South Korea. Jeong’s grandfather, D.K. was a scholar who had amassed his Ph.D. in economics from Wayne State University. Similarly, D.K. was an economics educator at North Carolina A&T State University.

Tran Jeong and her husband named Ken with their twin daughters

Zooey Jeong with her parents as well as twin sister, named Alexa Jeong

Meanwhile, her mother, named Tran is of Vietnamese descent, however, details regarding her maternal grandparents are not well reported as of yet.

Zooey Jeong Education

Zooey Jeong is 15 years old as of the year 2022, and she is currently in her sophomore year. As per her father’s meeting back in the year 2015, Zooey was enthusiastic about acting and other things. The doting father said Zooey was doing children’s theater as well as some swimming classes besides her school.

Both Her Parents Are Doctors – Her Father’s Career

Zooey Jeong’s parents Ken as well as Tran are medical professionals. Her great-mother is a family physician while her father is an internal medicine physician. Ken earned his M.D. in the year 1995 at the UNC School of Medicine although cute Tran is a David Geffen great School of Medicine.

Both of her parents exercised medicine for a long time before Zooey’s father, named Ken changed his career path and began seeking his dream of becoming an actor. Tran had a big role in Ken’s acting career.

She motivated him to chase his dream leaving his medical career behind when he was in dilemma. Furthermore, Tran encouraged him and encouraged him to work even when she was battling breast cancer. Ken ratified the role for The Hangover when his wife’s therapies were going on.

Zooey Jeong


Later on, Ken disclosed that he used his role in The Hangover as a therapy where he got to channel all his anger as well as frustration into the character which eventually defined his career.

Zooey Jeong’s Parents Are Married for around Two Decades

Her parents Tran and Ken Jeong have been together for over two decades as well as they are married for nearly two decades. The couple who met while they helped at Kaiser Permanente in the year 2002, hit it off soon and began dating.

Tran Jeong as well as her husband Ken Jeong
Tran as well as her spouse named Ken Jeong, have been married since the year 2004

After several years of dating, Zooey’s parents got married in a personal ceremony. Tran as well as Ken reportedly tied the knot in September of the year 2004.

Zooey Jeong


Zooey Jeong was Just One Year Old during Her Mother Suffered from Breast Cancer
In the year 2008, when Zooey Jeong and her sister, named Alexa were just one year old, their mother, Tran was analyzed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. The news was overwhelming for the family as they have infant children who wanted their mother by their side almost all the time.

Tran underwent sixteen chemotherapy sessions as well as a mastectomy followed by radiation. The journey was dehydrating for the doctor herself, however, she was always confident that she would win the battle. Ken, 53, lauded his wife’s spirit in a long blog post on Huffington Post back in the year 2011. There he organized She battled back against cancer with everything she had for our girls so that they would evolve knowing a mother’s love, a mother’s instinct, as well as a mother’s sense.

Also, Ken wrote that he was too scared to think about what would happen if he lost his wife and how would he clarify it to his daughters. Luckily, Tran won the battle as well as she officially became cancer-free in the year 2010, around two years after her diagnosis.

Zooey Jeong Follows Her Mother’s Footsteps

Every parent likes their child to follow in their footsteps and achieve even more than they could, however, not all kids want to do the same thing as their parents. But, Zooey, here appears to love her mother’s profession. Although it might be a little soon, Zooey Jeong has shown her income in the medical field.

In a conversation in the past, Ken disclosed that his daughters wanted to be like their mommy. “I don’t mind what they do. It would be hypocritical for me to care what they do. But they need to be like Mommy. I could not be much happy, said by the great father.

Zooey Jeong Lives in Calabasas

Zooey Jeong is 15 years old as of the year 2022, and it might be a few years before she begins her career. As of now, she understands a lavish lifestyle as her parents attain well from their respective careers. Her father helped as a doctor for a long time before switching his career to acting. As of the year 2022, Ken Jeong has a net worth of around $4 million.

Zooey Jeong


Zooey Jeong lives in Calabasas with her parents as well as her twin sister
Zooey Jeong lives in an around $3.95 million home in Calabasas with her parents as well as sister
On the other hand, her mother, named Tran has been working as a family physician for over two decades. She also receives a good sum of money, however, her precise net worth is not understood until now.

The pleased family of four presently resides in their lavish Calabasas home that Tran, as well as Ken, bought for around $3.95 million in the year 2016. The year 2006-built Tudor-style house has more than around 6,700 square feet of living space and encompasses a private screening room, a modern chef’s kitchen, two offices, as well as a temperature-controlled wine cellar.



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