Zhuri James bio

Zhuri James bio is a celebrity child who came to the spotlight as the daughter of LeBron James and his wife Savannah James. Zhuri James bio father is one of the nicest American professional basketball players in the NBA and is also realized as “King James.”

As the youngest member of the James family, Zhuri James bio is satisfied by all the members. Despite her young age, she has won million of souls with her cute but dashing personality and course her dance shifts. While her parents in her early days didn’t post most images of her maintaining her privacy, she appears all over their Instagram feed these days. She occurred on her dad’s Insta with her catwalk that went viral.

The little one never stops amazing the public, be it with her activities or her expressions like in her brother named Bronny’s prom. Like her dad, Zhuri James bio also plays basketball sometimes but she is yet to find out if she is completely into it. So, dive into the piece below as well as discover everything regarding LeBron James’ daughter, Zhuri James bio. Also, know about her age, birthplace, school, height, as well as net worth. Stay with us till the end!

What Age Is Zhuri James bio?

The celebrity child was born Zhuri Nova James in the year 2014, making her 8 years old in the year 2022. Born under the great birth sign Libra, she blows candles on 22 October. Furthermore, Zhuri James bio was born and brought up in the same birthplace as her father named LeBron James in the place of Ohio, US.

Zhuri James bio believes songs to mixed ethnicity as both her parents are from multiracial African-American ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, the little girl holds American nationality.

Zhuri James bio

Talking regarding the kid’s name, it is of Swahili origin which has a meaning to it. According to this, Zhuri means “beautiful” as well as Nova means “new.” Looks like the parents have certainly given a thought before giving her name.

What Is Her Height?

Zhuri James bio is a little girl who has a height of around 3 feet as well as around 9 inches tall.

Zhuri James bio
Education: Where Does Zhuri James Attend School?

Dissimilar to most celebrity kids, Zhuri is not homeschooled. The eight years old attends Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, which is in Los Angeles for her primary education. Her brothers were also enlisted in the same school.

How Many Siblings Does Zhuri James bio Have?

Zhuri James bio is the youngest of the James family with two brothers above her. Nonetheless, both her siblings were already born before her parent’s wedding. She was the only one to be born after the marriage.

The celebrity child’s eldest brother Bronny James was born on October 6, of the year 2004. Just Like his father, he is a very good basketball player. He is outstanding as an American high school basketball player who accompanied Sierra Canyon School with his brother as well as his sister.


LeBron James daughter Zhuri James as well as sons; Bronny and Bryce
Zhuri James bio’ alongside her brothers named Bronny James as well as Bryce Maximus James
Source: Instagram
Similarly, Zhuri James bio’s younger brother is Bryce Maximus James born on June 14, in the year 2007. Stares like both her siblings following in her dad’s footsteps like Bryce is also keenly enthusiastic about basketball. He also plays for great Strive for greatness in his high school.

Zhuri James bio Steals The Show On Bronny’s Prom

The oldest cute bro of 8 years old, Bronny, is at the end of high school. Their momma posted some pictures from his prom on May 19, the year 2022. In the first and second pictures, Savannah was fixing her son’s bowtie as well as a shirt whereas, in the last picture, her son seemed with his date and Zhuri James bio in the front with a manner.

Though it was Bronny’s prom, the little cute girl stole the show. People were remarking on her expression telling; Zhuri James bio with the “I’m about to become a meme “face” while some were telling her She ain’t flirting regarding her brother.

Zhuri James bio

Her cool Parents: Zhuri Is The Daughter Of NBA Player LeBron James

LeBron James is a very outstanding name in the sports world; Zhuri is the only baby girl of him with his wife Savannah. He is an American professional basketball player for NBA who is also known as “King James.” James has won many accolades encompassing four NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards, four great NBA Finals MVP awards, three All-Star MVP awards, as well as two grand Olympic gold medals. In addition, he was also named as NBA’s most valuable player four times as well as is the youngest in NBA history to reach around 30,000 career points.


Similarly, her mother named Savannah James is a businesswoman and a philanthropist. She has launched a furniture line with her husband with American Signature called Home Court by LeBron James. Similarly, she is looking after her family and managing the schedule of her three kids.


Zhuri James bio’ Mother, As well as Father, Were High School Sweethearts

Yes, LeBron, as well as Savannah, have been together ever since they knew each other. The couple first met around the year 2002 when the now-wife was only 16 years old. During that time they were still in high school as well as James was a year senior studying in a rival school.

It was the basketball player who first approached her by inquiring about the phone number of one of her friends. But rather than giving her number, the mother of three then took his number.

Zhuri James bio Is Daddy’s Princess

Though Zhuri James bio’s impression is somehow like her mother’s, she is daddy’s little girl. The tot even mimics her dad’s expression and can be deemed as his heart. Being the youngest in the family, she is satisfied by all the members, even her brothers.

Zhuri James bio Social Media Handles
The cute, confident, as well as attractive looks of the youngest James, have enticed much of the public to her. She was already outstanding before she was born as she was the first child of the duo after their nuptials.

Zhuri James bio

Zhuri James bio has a good number of around 399K followers on her Instagram under the name “allthingszhuri.” Her account is dealt with by her parents with the Insta feed being full of her stylish images.

Zhuri James bio preparing for YouTube video

Zhuri James bio baking in the kitchen with her dad
Source: Instagram
Besides, she also has her own YouTube channel “All Things Zhuri” with around 205K subscribers. The young as well as talented kid posts videos of baking, yoga, paintings, as well as DIYs on it. However, she doesn’t seem much available on her channel these days. Maybe she is busy with her studies as of now.

Zhuri James bio

Meanwhile, she is also seen many times on TikTok despite not having any her account on it. She mostly occurs with Candice on her TikTok account flaunting her dance.

What Is The Net Worth Of Zhuri James bio?

The star kid though of small age has already begun making millions. She as a YouTuber, a media face as well as a celebrity kid with her Insta page has a net worth of around $1.5 million. While she is lavishly appreciating her early days, Zhuri is also unknowingly making earnings already.

Furthermore, her father is a billionaire with a total fortune of around $1.2 billion. James has made his worth through his NBA career as well as from brand endorsements, business investments, as well as his own production company. He recently on August 18, the year 2022, re-signed a new two-year contract with the LA Lakers for a total of around $97.1 million, earning him the highest-paid NBA player in NBA history.



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