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Not all are lucky enough to be born into a famous, Luxurious, rich & well-to-do family. But Cassius Riley, an 11-year-old boy is one of those very fortunate. Cassius Riley is the first son of English-American singer Domino Kirke with ex-partner Morgan O’Kane.

Although, his mother is currently married to Penn Badgley, the lead actor from the Netflix series You. But why did his parents get separated?

Here are some interesting details you should know about Morgan O’Kane’s first child, Cassius Riley.

All you need to know about Cassius Riley:

Cassius Riley was born in 2009 to his mother, Domino Kirke, and his father, Morgan O’kane. After the separation of his parents, Cassius grew up with his single mother, Domino Kirke.

11 years old, Riley has a simple family background with a decent dominance in the media. He is the grandson of Lorraine Kirke & her Husband Simon Kirke, an English Drummer.

Likewise, his great-grandparents, Olive May & Vivian Percy Kirke also had decent media recognition. Additionally, Cassius is the cousin of Memphis Kirke Mossberg & Rafaela Israel Mossberg.

Is He Close to His Father?

Cassius Riley
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Cassius Riley’s father, Morgan O’Kane, doesn’t appear in the media more often, so his relationship with his son & lifestyle might be out of your sight. But he is an adventure-loving man with whom Cassius Riley shares a close bond. He loves spending his vacations on adventures trip with his dad.

We can see Riley going on rock climbing, hicks, and several other trips with his dad on O’Kane’s Instagram. In most of the photos, Riley also participates in some breath-taking adventures along with his father.

Cassius Riley is a Nephew of Jemina Kirke & actress Lola

Cassius Riley is the nephew of Jemina Kirke & actress Lola. Jemina Kirke is an actress and director who rose to prominence following her performance as Jessa Johansson on the HBO series, Girls. Besides, she has worked in some famous films like The little Hours, Tiny Furniture, and Untogether.

On the other hand, Riley’s aunt, Lola, is an actress and songwriter/singer. Lola is known for her role in the Amazon Studios TV series Mozart in the Jungle. Besides, she has worked in films like American Woman, Gemini, Viper Club, and Another happy day.

His mother got married after breaking up with his dad. Domino Kirke met Morgan O’Kane, who is a singer in 2007. They started dating after their first meeting, and within a couple of years, they welcomed their first child. Domino Kirke was in her mid-20s when she became a mother. In an exclusive interview, she said she was 25 years old when she became pregnant. She also said that she was the first one to get pregnant among her siblings.


Domino Kirke and O’Kane separated in the early 2010s when Cassius Riley was an infant. However, the exact date of their breakup is not available. Meanwhile, the ex-pair has never talked about the reason for their breakup in the media. But Domino Kirke wanted to pursue a career as a Doula following her son’s birth, which might have become the reason for conflicts between the couple.

As for now, Domino Kirke is happily married to actor Penn Badgley. They started dating in 2014, and after 3 years of courtship, they got married in 2017 on the 27th of February.

Cassius Riley’s Mother is a Doula

Riley’s mother, Domino Kirke rose to prominence as a singer. But, she changed her profession and became a doula in the year 2009. In an exclusive interview with Hey Mama, Kirke revealed that she always had a plan to become a midwife. She had planned to do midwifery if her music career didn’t work. And after she gave birth to her first child, Cassius, she mentioned that she was pushed to start her journey as a Doula.

Cassius Riley

She had been practicing Doula solo for a while, and then she met Samantha Huggins, who was doing the job at The Natural History Museum. Domino met her at a local kids’ clothing store. There she told Samantha she had a home birth, and upon seeing her interest in the topic, she gave her advice to become a doula. After that, they started working together, and after a while, they initiated Carriage House Doulas.

Riley became a big brother in 2020. His mother, Domino Kirke gave birth to her first child with actor Penn Badgley. After weeks of media speculations, the British musician, Kirke took to her Instagram on September 20, revealing her child’s birth. In the caption, Domino also revealed that she gave birth to the kid 40 days ago.

Kirke and her husband Badgley announced that they were expecting their first child together in February of 2020. While announcing her pregnancy, Kirke shared a picture of revealing her growing baby bump on Instagram. Kirke also revealed that the pair had suffered two miscarriages in a row before they finally could announce their arrival happily.

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How did Cassius Riley become famous?

Cassius Riley’s popularity grew after his mother became well-known for her appearances in Coven (2006) & Abandoned (2011). Domino Kirke is an Actress, American Musician & a Doula.

Cassius Riley with Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley, born on 1 November 1986, is Cassius’s stepfather and an actor and musician from the US. He played a role as Joe Goldberg on Netflix’s series YOU from 2018 to the present & he had also played Dan Humphrey in The drama Gossip Girl from 2007 to 2012. Penn is also a singer of MOTHXR.

What is Cassius Riley’s Net Worth?

He does not make his own money, as he is still in school & hasn’t decided on his career yet. But born in a rich & successful family, he lives a luxurious& beautiful life. His mother reportedly has approximately $1 million in total wealth. Likewise, his step-father Penn Badgley has a net worth of $8 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.



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