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Biden to nominate Black women: All the Black women thank Biden for a pledge to nominate a Black female to the Supreme Court.

Biden committed that he will present a Black female by the end of February. The host Trey Gowdy urged President Biden on Sunday night in Ame to cast identity politics aside during nominating a candidate to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court. Underscoring on his show that there is a difference between picking someone who is supremely qualified and happens to be Black, and picking someone because she is Black.

There are around 25,000 Black women attorneys in America. There is much reason to believe that President Biden’s nomination procedure will benefit by focusing on that extraordinary group of the United States Supreme Court.

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A promise has been made by Joe Biden to make a Black female the next Supreme Court Justice. All the Americans including a majority of Democrats are of opinion that all the nominees should be considered by Joe Biden. He should look for the most qualified candidates, period, Mr. President.

He said he is fully assured that some of the names in that list would be Black women. Biden to nominate Black women and he recalled many names like Michelle Childs from South Carolina. She can be a great competitor for all the applicants and she has a good chance of getting Republican votes.

The people who know her had conversations with her, met her always praise her for her personality, brainpower, attitude, and work ethic. In South Carolina, she was elected to a state court not because she was a black woman but because she was the most qualified candidate. She was also elected by a Republican-dominated legislature, which is not known for its affirmative action, or set-asides.

Biden to nominate Black women
Source: CNN

Later she was confirmed by the U.S. Senate, by voice message for a federal judgeship. All the senators supported her. From the group of all the supporters, there was former Senator Jim DeMint who consider being the grandfather of the Tea Party movement.


It was not the quotas or a belief in affirmative action that motivated Senator DeMint to support Judge Michelle Childs. She was selected only because she was supremely qualified for the role. All this has been proved by her time on the federal bench. There is a great difference between selecting someone because she is black and selecting someone who is highly qualified and appears to be Black.

Joe Biden said that he was going to find the highly qualified person for the role, period. That list would have doubtlessly included many Black women, and he could have selected one of those Black women. But he didn’t do that.

Biden to nominate Black women
Source: Sangri Today

He wanted to make a governmental point. He wanted to help himself, and in the procedure, he sent an inaccurate message. Black women do not need to be a competitor only among themselves for one to win. Biden to nominate Black women, he said they can, and should win no matter the competition. I’ve seen it countless times. One should look for it themselves.

Biden’s pledge helped him to secure notable endorsements in the state, moving forward to victory, but it also recognized the wishes of Black women political leaders whose power were skyrocketing and urged the Democratic party to respond in kind.

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Joe Biden now claims he wants a court that looks like America, even though he scented when he could have done that in the past. In the procedure, he has refused to do the one thing that looks the very most like America– picking the highly qualified person. Biden to nominate Black women, he said that he is very confident that a highly qualified Black woman is going to be selected.


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